By Philip J. Victor,

This week in the Tri-State area, we saw the continuing fallout from the Bronx bus crash that left 15 people dead, witnessed an unprecedented prosecution of ACS workers and received another visit from an unwelcome guest — old man winter.

Here is the Week In Review for 3/21/2010-3/27/2010:

Driver In Deadly Bronx Crash Speaks Out

ophadell williams11 The Week In Review: Taylor Sentenced, Bus Driver Speaks & Winter Flashback

Ophadell Williams (Photo/CBS 2)

On Monday, the driver of the tour bus that crashed in the Bronx on March 12 spoke out for the first time since the deadly accident. Ophadell Williams said only that he was “hurt about the whole situation” before having an apparent anxiety attack and returning to his home. His lawyer said that he believed authorities were more interested in “assigning blame” over “fact finding.” According to his lawyer, Howard Lee, Williams still contends that he was struck by a tractor-trailer, which caused him to swerve the bus before it hit a post that sheared the top of the vehicle. Williams’ wife, Holly, said “It’s terrible for all of us.” Williams’ license was suspended over infractions he received under the alias, Eric Williams. Questions are now being of whether he should have gotten a commercial license to begin with. The crash has also prompted authorities to crackdown on buses found to have driver or vehicle violations. WATCH VIDEO

Former Giants Star Lawrence Taylor Sentenced In Sex Case

lawrence taylor at rockland county courthouse1 The Week In Review: Taylor Sentenced, Bus Driver Speaks & Winter Flashback

(Photo/Associated Press)

Hall of Fame Giants Linebacker Lawrence Taylor was sentenced to six years of probation on Tuesday after pleading guilty in January to sexual misconduct and having sex with an underage prostitute. Taylor said he paid $300 to have sex with a 16-year-old runaway from the Bronx, who he thought was a 19-year-old prostitute. Taylor will have to register as a sex offender, but a hearing to determine his offender level has been postponed until April 12. If he is labeled a Level 2 and 3 sex offender, he will have to have his name and photo posted to a public Internet site. Following his sentencing, Taylor appeared on Fox News saying “nothing happened here that she didn’t want to happen.” He went on to say “sometimes I make mistakes and I may go out there, but I didn’t pick her up in no…playground.” WATCH VIDEO

snow The Week In Review: Taylor Sentenced, Bus Driver Speaks & Winter Flashback

(Photo/CBS 2)

Winter Flashback One Week Into Spring

On Wednesday, the Tri-State was hit with snow, rain, hail and a virtual smorgasbord of precipitation. Areas north and west of I-287 were hit with mostly snow, but New York City faced hail coupled with thunder and lightning. Slick roads made for treacherous conditions and plenty of accidents. In some parts of New Jersey, including Sparta Township, the steady spring snowfall brought in nine inches of accumulation. The sentiment around the area was almost unanimous – winter has overstayed its welcome. “I’m ready for it to be over,” Sparta resident Mark Stetzel said. WATCH VIDEO

ACS Workers Charged In Brooklyn Toddler’s Death

chereece bell damon adams1 The Week In Review: Taylor Sentenced, Bus Driver Speaks & Winter Flashback

(Photo/CBS 2)

Two former child welfare workers were charged with criminally negligent homicide and official misconduct. Both Chereece Bell and Damon Adams were accused in the first such prosecution of ACS case workers in New York City. Adams was accused of never visiting 4-year-old Marchella Brett-Pierce who was beaten and weighed just 18 pounds when she died in September, and with falsifying records after her death. Bell, who supervised Adams, faced charges for failing to monitor his work. The entire situation has cast a shadow over the Administration for Child Services, but Mayor Bloomberg came out in support of the agency’s head John Mattingly following the charges. WATCH VIDEO

Westchester County Asst. Principal Faces Sex Assault Charge

jose martinez11 The Week In Review: Taylor Sentenced, Bus Driver Speaks & Winter Flashback


A New Rochelle elementary school assistant principal was accused Friday of engaging in criminal sex acts with a 14-year-old student. The alleged incidents are said to have taken place last year in the office of 38-year-old Jose Martinez. He resigned without explanation on March 11 and his subsequent disappearance caught the  attention of authorities. The school district issued a statement saying Martinez was a well-thought of administrator and passed a criminal background check before they hired him. The incident however has shaken the confidence of parents. Bail was set for Martinez at $500,000. His sister said he will be exonerated. WATCH VIDEO

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