• brotherd


    love your Billy Crystal impressions! That 1980’s comedy album of his made a big impression on me as well. But when are you going to pay homage to Billy? Does anyone know that your Tom Coughlin is really a cross between the Carvel guy and Billy’s grandpa? And that your Hank Steinbrenner is really Edward G. Robinson! Come clean dude. The fact that you stole these impressions and applied them to sports personalities is one of your best qualities. Own up to it dude! And furthermore, I don’t like anchovies, that’s like eating eyebrow.

  • Bob

    Come on Carton, and you said the Giants locker room was fractured! Well my man yours is not only fractured but your coach even cries…..Poor Rex why dosen’t he just admit the team sucks, he has lost contol when he does not even know why his reciever is being benched. And Sanchez? good luck with that!

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