Emily Ruiz, L.I. Girl Caught In Immigration Nightmare, Is Coming Home

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A 4-year-old Long Island girl caught in an immigration quagmire is coming back home.

Emily Samantha Ruiz was schedule to return from Guatemala Tuesday night to be reunited with her parents and younger brother in Brentwood, however her final arrival has been delayed due to extenuating circumstances.

A press conference announcing her arrival will be held on Wednesday, March 30 at 10 a.m.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera speaks with the family’s attorney

Emily was caught in an immigration nightmare that her family’s attorney, David Sperling, said has left her traumatized.

“This story is going to come out in the next few days about the terrible treatment that this 4-year-old girl received,” Sperling told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera by phone from Guatemala. “The details that are going to come out are going to be shocking.”

The family said Emily was deported after her grandfather was detained by authorities when their flight was diverted to Washington following a visit to Guatemala. Emily’s a U.S. citizen. Her parents are illegal immigrants living in Brentwood.

Sperling said Emily’s grandfather had a work visa but was taken into custody when officials noticed he had entered illegally in the 1990s.

Authorities told the family Emily could be held at a juvenile center in Virginia or return to Guatemala. The two went back.

“You have no idea what she went through with Customs and Border Protection, the way that she was mistreated,” Sperling said. “She was basically deported even though she’s a U.S. citizen and what they made her go through is unconscionable.”

Emily’s parents risk being detained if they go get her. Sperling was in Guatemala Tuesday waiting to bring Emily back home.

“Emily, she’s very happy and very anxious to see her mom and dad,” Sperling said.

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One Comment

  1. DaTruth says:

    this may sound wrong but theres already alot of negativity here (and the world)so i am pretty sure it wont make a difference so… here it is…….LETS GIVE THIS LAND BACK TO THE NATIVE AMERICANS….(remember the indians?that so called americans used to hang just because of their lighter skin color? yeah….i apologize to those that dont think that way but those that do….leave this stolen land…

    1. Everyone Else Here says:


      Inhale our anal vapor, you effing idiot.

    2. kijafha says:

      Look Duh,
      How do you know the “Native Americans” didn’t conquer and kill the previous inhabitants in “this land” when they came here from Asia? You don’t because you’re ignorant. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it makes sense. If you base an entire position on a false premise, you’re entire position becomes illogical. Why don’t you end your hypocrisy and leave first?

  2. Americans first says:

    Deport the entire family now before they make more children that we will have to educate, feed and take care of medically. I would like all the pro illegals to answer the question as to how many illegals are enough to assuge your bleeding heart? When entire countries empty out because all of their citizen’s snuck in here and get all the freebies do we then own their empty land? Look I know they have it better here than they did back home but we can’t absorb half the world!

  3. Carla Jen McCarthy says:

    Poor child! America isn’t changing its immigration laws at all which is disgusting.

    1. Ironweed says:

      Why change laws that are not enforced anyway? Oh yes, to avoid any inconvenience to the people breaking our laws.

  4. New Yorker says:

    Our government (democrat or republican) has never had the guts to make a good and fair immigration reform. Let’s face it, you cannot kick all these people out just like that. Some have tried very hard to follow the law, pay their taxes. For those who never paid taxes or broke the law in other ways, those should be deported. This poor little girl was caught in the middle. Why did the parents let get go to Guatemala in the first place??? She is only 4 yrs old!!!! Just let her go like that???? Crazy people

    1. Alli says:

      So, “trying very hard” to follow the law only happens AFTER you make your first act here breaking it? An illegal alien who works here is also breaking the law, even if he or she doesn’t steal social security numbers or use fraudulent ones.

      As for paying taxes, just how much in “taxes” do you think a minimum wage worker pays? I can promise you, it’s not enough to pay for the births of two kids or their educations.

  5. Moral Truth says:

    This is totally the wrong decision as the rules are being bent for this girl and thats the moral truth

  6. Erik says:

    Intolerance will be the death of America, the death of society. I am ashamed for all of you.

    1. Renagle says:

      I don’t think anyone really cares what you are ashamed of, Erik. How very narcissistic of you to thing we would though. Typical of the bleeding hearts.

      1. Sarah says:

        The countries that do not accept everything its society cries for and desires have been here a lot longer than we have. The Roman empire collapsed because it allowed this “tolerance” of anything and everything. If we continue down the path of allowing anything, we will end up just like them. Read a history book and you’ll see what will bring the death of America.

  7. Joel Wischkaemper says:

    And that IS the way it should be.

    We have been manipulated, cheated and thugged in this business. It isn’t the little girls fault.. is shore isn’t our fault, and it most certainly is our money. Congress, and all three hundred or so representatives have created a monster they assume we will pay for. I am hoping we won’t and at this point, no more bull… just enforce the law for a change.

  8. general says:

    There are legal ways of entering this country. Do it legally? This is why this country has laws, follow them.

    1. You Stay Classy, White Long Island says:

      I’m not sure there’s a more legal way to enter the US than to be born here.

      1. Renagle says:

        The parents entered illegally. They should all be deported and once the girl is old enough to take care of herself, then she can come back in and apply for her parents under reunification.

  9. jaypee says:

    Send them all packing; too bad

  10. Fed UP says:

    its 2011 and i cant believe half of the comments that are posted. This is the perfect example of idiots that call themselves “American” . If we are to do as many of you said which is to deport the parents then we should start with many of your parents, grand parents etc. Unless your Native American than you cant say peep. Lets not forget that half of this country was at one point MEXICO. ALso lets not forget that many of your ancestors migrated to this country generations ago therefore giving you the opportunity to be “american”. Im fed up with all these people chiming on in immigration without looking at their selfs first and taking a close look at actual history and events.

    1. Proud to be an American says:

      Fed Up. I loved your comments, and are absolutely true. America is made of immigrants. Some illegal, some came here legally. I came here legally. I was a legal resident alien even before I put my first foot in this country. Five years later I proudly became an american citizen. Later on our child was born here and is an american citizen as well. And I cannot be prouder to be an American. Those people who talk so badly about illiegal immigrants should first get informed a little bit of some the deplorable situation some people lived in their native country. So bad, that they risked their own lives, left their familiies, to try a better life here in the US. There is not an easy way out on immigration right now. Something has to be done with people that is already here AND have been paying their taxes religiously with the hope that some day they can become first a legal resident alien and 5 years later a citizen of the US. Now for those who are caught and never, ever had paid any taxes and have abused the system (as we all know they do), then THOSE should be kicked out of this country. For those who try to get here illigally, then the US should implement diferent measures to prevent it. Sometimes I wonder how these people can get through the border without being spotted, IS THIS HOW OUR GOVERNMENT PROTECT US FROM TERRORISTS????

    2. Alli says:

      Even Native Americans are NOT “native” to this continent.

      And why don’t YOU remember that Mexico (or rather, the Spanish) STOLE what is now part of the US from the Native Americans. You very conveniently forget that part.

      As for our ancestors mirgrating, yes, they did and they BUILT this country, including its laws. Do you really think illegal aliens would want to come here if OUR ancestors hadn’t fought to get laws that protect workers? If OUR ancestors hadn’t taxed themselves to build schools, provide healthcare, build infrastructure, etc.? Nothing illegal aliens can’t do in their own homelands, IF they’re willing to make the sacrifices. Mexico, for example, is one of the richest countries in the world and home to the world’s richest man, so how come its government isn’t providing educations for its entire populace?

    3. altheajj says:

      We are talking about

      We are talking about ILLEGAL, not those parents, grandparents who entered LEGALLY.



  11. World citizen says:

    Who are these dumb Americans talking. Let the few wise ones with all the brains do the talking for you as always! The Earth is the Lord’s……..belongs to everybody!! I wish each one of you jiving was born in Ethiopia during the famine or in Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Atomic blast. Learn to appreciate humans from “wherever” wherever. If the Lord tarries, America will go a begging someday!!!
    Its an irony of History…but fools will beg to disagree.

    1. Renagle says:

      The earth doesn’t belong to everybody. What kind of foolish nonsense is this? No one agrees with you as we all have residency and passport requirements. We have borders and you aren’t allowed to live wherever you want. Fantasy drivel Mr World Citizen. Put down the bong at join reality.

  12. Barbi Winters says:

    This is the fault of her parents. The poor little girl.

  13. Charlotte Mason Gibson says:

    The parents should be deported immediately. They can take the child with them or leave her here with a foster family who is here legally. If they choose to take her, she can return when she’s 18 if she chooses to do so. The parents if deported, are automatically barred from coming back to the country for several years at least. I do not believe that CBP mistreated anyone, much less a child. These parents are looking for a great big government payoff to go along with their welfare & free medical.

  14. DaTruth says:

    what…when where….and who is racist in here…..? i see some people in here almost raised their hands. you guys need to stop being racist…….i mean if you guys are this way about a 4 year old girl i cant imagine how nasty you feel when you see an mexican person out side ya’ll probably cross the street just because……..us ameracans aint loosing jobs to illegal aliens…its just that we are too damm proud to do the jobs they do for us. i just cant believe how people act now a days.(keep in mind this little girl is our future no matter what race she is)

    1. John Prewett says:

      “this little girl is our future” ………. IOW- want to see the future of N.America, just look at S.America. Yea, your probably right.

      1. DaTruth says:

        “John Prewett ” am pretty sure thats what one indian said to the other when the whites with blue eyes from overseas came and stold this land from them……real bright John Prewett…..

  15. LRRP says:

    One more unecessary problem originating from the stupid ‘anchor baby’ law.
    Two wrongs (2 illegal parents) should not make a right!

  16. Mark DuPriest says:

    Strip Emily of her US citizenship. Make a deal with Guatemala to imprison her parents the exact same as they do with any other illegal aliens that enter their country and the US will pay the cost. if the parents cannot provide for their daughter while they are in prison than let the Guatemalan Child protective services take her and give her to a family that FOLLOWS THE LAW AND IS NOT CRIMINALS.

    I am shocked the US let Emily return to the USA, her parents need to be kicked out. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS !!!

  17. Michael says:

    Can we depot the lawyer?

    1. Michael says:

      Yes the R was left out on purpose……take the hook out of your mouth everyone

  18. Holy Frijoles says:

    This reminds me of the Elian Gonzalez fake “news story”. Remember? He was allegedly floating off of Florida for some days, and yet he had no sunburn or dehydration issues.

  19. Dave J says:

    The story should read “US Taxpayers Caught in Immigration Nightmare and on the Hook”

    Summary: The Treasury Department reports that illegal immigrants filing tax returns using the Individual Tax Identification Number are receiving more than $1.5 billion each year from the federal government through the Child Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit.

    Many illegal immigrants are regularly accessing welfare benefits in the United States in different ways.1 They may do so through those state and local governments that do not verify citizenship or that accept false proof of citizenship. In many cases, they access welfare benefits through their citizen children born in the United States. Additionally, and this is the focus of this report, there are ways illegal immigrants can obtain a form of federal welfare that is available to income tax filers. Since a significant percentage of illegal immigrants have low incomes, work “off the books,” or work with false names and Social Security numbers, it is likely that many report little or no income when applying for federal, state, or local benefits.

    1. John Prewett says:

      The story should read “US Taxpayers Caught in Immigration Nightmare and on the Hook”……… AMEN, AMEN

    2. Truth says:

      You’re an idiot. If they are working off false ss numbers, that means they are paying employment taxes. If they don’t report an income, that means they are not getting a refund off the taxes they paid. How would they be getting benefits when they are too scared to apply for anything since they could be deported? Getting welfare means applying for it which they won’t since they don’t want the risk of getting caught which is why here are so many day laborers now.

  20. Halibut says:

    PS. This attorney is full of hot air; nothing was done to this child. I’m sure that when she returns he will convince her how horrible they were to her and fabricate statements. A 4 year old will say just about whatever you tell them to.

    1. Liberal Jew says:

      Who is paying the attorney? Did they save their lawn mowing fees to pay him? Or, is he taking the case pro bono in hopes he can also represent them in a suit against the federal government, where he would stand to take one/third of the verdict? Good luck to him, he does not stand a chance.

    2. Alli says:

      Yeah, it was SO “traumatic” for her to have to go back to Guatemala with her grandfather, even though her parents had sent her there several months ago and that’s where she’d been staying.

  21. KinG says:

    But how do you Deports a 4 yrs old?? have we NO morals in this country anymore!!!

    1. Halibut says:

      Why do you all keep saying she was DEPORTED. Grandpa was told he couldn’t come in and he CHOSE to go home. Mom and dad woudn’t come to get her and didn’t want her to go to a social service organization, so they told CBP to send her home with gramps. What did you want them to do, deliver her to their doorstep?

      1. Michael says:

        mmmmm not a bad idea…..grab the illegal parents and send them back…..let her stay

  22. Halibut says:

    This is such a non-story it isn’t funny. The kid left the counrty in the care of the grandfather, and had grandpa not violated the law, he and the girl would have been allowed entry, no problem. CBP officers are not babysitters. In this case, the parents are the culprets by not only having her while they are here illegally, which presents a host of problems, but by not coming to pick her up when given the chance. It’s they who are the culprets and not the CBP officers.

  23. Liberal Jew says:

    The Daily News reported that she would have been detained in the facility until her parents came to pick her up. Naturally, they would not have because they are illegal. Thus, they chose to send her back with her illegal grandfather. So, it was her parent’s fault for placing their own concerns over their child’s in not wanting to be deported themselves. Why in God’s Earth are the parents not arrested and deported when they are reunited with their daughter. Here is an example of illegals flouting the law openly, and nobody doing anything. Why? Oh because you say New York is a sanctuary state. Well, that too is illegal. Article IV of the United States Constitution states that “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” These same federal laws prohibit illegal immigration, yet the state and city declare themselves a sanctuary for the likes of the Ruiz’s to fester and deplete American resources all without paying a dime. Supreme law of the land unless it contradicts with what the elite deem politically correct.

  24. Ivan Velasquez, M.D. says:

    You don’t deport an American Citizen, period.
    How did they get away with it?
    The status of her relatives are irrelevant, which is exactly why she’s coming back to the USA, her true country.

    1. Liberal Jew says:

      Hey Doc,
      Look into it a bit further. She was free to go with her gaurdian, who was illegal and on his way back to Guatamala, or she was free to remain in the juvenile facility until her parents came to get her. Because her parents did not want to expose themselves to deportation, they let her go with her illegal grandfather who was about to be deported. Had they had a shred of dignity, they would have came forward and insured that she was safe before putting their interests in evading detection first.

      1. Truth says:

        Then her parents would have been deported. Parents are here to give her a better life just like your ancestors did. I believe in the illegals because they do jobs that americans don’t want. If you think they are stealing jobs then you are in la la land cuz americans are lazy compared to immigrants.

      2. Alli says:

        Truth, those parents didn’t even know each other when they came here. They didn’t come to give their kids a better life–they had kids here to give themselves a better life. Wanna bet that if they’re ever in deportation proceedings, that they won’t trot out Emily and her brother as reasons why they should stay, a la Elvira Arellano?

    2. TruthBeTold says:

      Surprise, surprise. No doctor registered in New York as Ivan Velasquez.

      1. Truth says:

        People from all over the world read this website u idiot. People who use to live here or have family ties here read and post here.

    3. Can'tafforditanymore says:

      Ok…so facts are that mom, dad and grandpa are here illegally. Mom and Dad know this, but relinquish the care of there child to grandpa fully knowing that he is not a legal citizen of the USA…..Ok…. so when they do have to go through immigration, I guess Mom and Dad just thought all would be fine….no problems. Alright so now, Mom and Dad are frantic and need to get their child ….whats that ? they didn’t…..how come? I mean,.. this is there child they are so Worried about…no what…thats right…they are not here LEGALLY….Yes, NOT HERE LEGALLY…Do you know the difference? Is it legal to run a red light? Is it legal to steal from people? That would be a big old NO! If you don’t like the laws here,…no one is asking them to stay….go back to your own country….OR…..follow the proper protocol and work your way to becoming a LEGAL, TAX PAYING Citizen. Works for me…….

    4. Michael says:

      Shame on her parents not caring about her

    5. Mike says:

      Read what has been said in the other posts she wasn’t deported she left on her own free will with her illegal grandfather because her illegal parents wouldn’t come to pick her up and she would have stayed in care of the government until they did.

      And she shouldn’t be an American Citizen because she received her so called U.S. Citizenship from an illegal act commited by her parents. And yes the family’s status is relevent had they followed the correct channels and entered and lived LEGALLY in this country this situation never would have happened.

      You are overlooking the biggest tragedy of all that her parents made a choice to value living illegally over the love and well being of their own daughter.

    6. Idratherbegolfing says:

      You are a moron. And a doctor to boot. Scary. She was not deported. She was given a choice to stay in DC until her parents picked her up or to go back with her grandpa to Guatamala. Obviously the parents said go back with grandpa since we can’t pick you up becuase we are illegal too. Nobody is denying she is a citizen. That’s an entirely differnet topic.

    7. Ann Marie Kellett says:

      She was not deported. She is a minor. Customs did exactly the right thing as she could not stay with her law breaking grandfather. She would be held in a safe place until her parents came and picked her up which they refused to do due to their own illegal status. Would you prefer they left the girl on the street?

  25. sandra says:

    I actually live in brazil and will present this news report to my english students to see what they think. It is so easy to victimize illegals when a cute child is involved but the truth is, illegal actions where taken and unfortunatly people have to pay for their bad decisions and had the parents not chosen to enter the USA illegally and to continue to live there, the child would never had had this experience and so, essentially it is the fault of the parents without a doubt.

    1. Ron says:

      What Sandra,
      Hoping that kissing but (puxa saco) will get you a pass to the US?
      The kid is an American Citizen and WAS SENT TO ANOTHER COUNTRY because the parents, the grand parents or whomever were here illegaly. Let me give you a piece of news: Hundreds of American Citizens are constantly deported to Mexico just because they look Mexican (or Latin) and could not produce some type of ID to some officer when requested to do so… even if they were at the beach, wearing a swim suit, thus having no ID on hand. Homeland Security is sooo concerned with profiling, when profiling Latins have been a popular game with all authorities for ages.

    2. Truth says:

      The parents only concern was to give their child a better life. They did enter illegally and had their baby here which will be better for her. If you were in the same situation where you come from a country that has lots of drug lords, ask yourself would you do the same? As for coming in legally, the US has stopped taking in most spanish speaking countries a long time ago. Not everyone can just come in because they go through proper channels.

  26. John says:

    Immigration is not the issue, the problem is the rule of law. People just can’t go and do whatever they want. If you go to each of these countries say Mexico or Guatemala, wherever they don’t allow illegal immigrants

    It’s all about the money, Guatamala or whever likes the ppeople to leave as it solve social problems and the dispora sends back money, the illegal immagrant left for more money, when they get to the good old USA they are paid poorly to save money.

    This is all about the money, all employeers have to verify that employees are legally able to work. Thsoe that don’t get find and then their license taken away.

    Why is illegal immigration slowing down now??.Because we are in a recession, not due to enforcement. You have to get control of the root cause and 80% of this will solve itself.

    1. Daniel says:

      A very well argued point that you made here.

    2. Mia says:

      nice spelling and typing.

      1. michael says:

        so you focus on the important aspects of his argument

    3. cc says:

      lol you people make me laugh. Now i know why people iritate me when i come home from a deployment. Thank goodness i deploy alot

      1. RB says:

        By your BSing I”m betting you never spent a single day on active duty.

    4. Ron says:

      You must be so willing for the US to go completely bankrupt so that there will be no more illegal immigrants. Get a life.
      The main reason immigration has slowed down is that, with the requirement to show a passport when entering the US, even on foot, has made it more difficult for the illegals to return to the US after a visit to their home. Before all they had to do was to say “US citizen”, accent and all, at the gate and they were allowed in.

  27. Daniel says:

    What a nightmare for the kid! The father got deported even though he had a work visa because of a mistake he made in the 1990s. The economy is making neighbors and friends into a punch bag. Illegal or not, everyone should be treated with respect. This is just another sad story in American history.

    1. RB says:

      Pay attention Daniel it was the Grandfather that was deported for ILLEGAL entry to the country. It was NOT a mistake it was ILLEGAL activity knowingly entered into by the man. It’s obvious Mommy and Daddy don’t care for the girl or they would have gone BACK to take care of her.

      1. sandra says:

        I was just about to check the errors when i noticed that you had already. The mommy and daddy are more concerned about being able to stay illegally in the USA than to do anything to be reunited wth their young daughter. I personally wouldnt think twice and would be on a plane to my childs aid in 10 seconds had this happened to me and my daughter… Shame on these lawyers for accepting these cases…

    2. Idratherbegolfing says:

      No the father was not deported. He is in Brentwood and is an illegal immigrant. The grandfather was deported because he entered the country illegally back in 1990 and it finally caught up to him after 21 years. Her parents could have gone to DC to pick her up but of course they could not because they themselves did not want to get deported. So they choose to stay in Brentwood where they can continue to skirt the system and stay in the country as illegals.
      I do feel bad for the kid as I am sure this was quit a scary situation for any 4 year old to be in, but let’s not make the parents and grandfather out to be the victims here. The three of them all entered this country illegally which is a crime.

      1. sandra says:

        very well said

    3. Alli says:

      No, the GRANDFATHER was refused entry (NOT deported) because he violated immigration law in the 1990s. A visa is issued by the STATE DEPT and is no guarantee of admission. That’s up to CBP. As for respect, too bad grandpa didn’t “respect” our laws–he would have been able to use that work visa. And too bad the PARENTS of this girl didn’t respect our laws or us either. People who enter this country illegally make their first act here disrespecting us and our laws.

  28. kim says:

    we are all humans and should be treated eqally.This is an innocent child.If we all were to be punished for the crimes of our parents and other ancesters God forbid but the world would be empty.Everyone deserves a second chance.We need to to look out for our brothers and sisters and remember we are all on borrowed time and borrowed soil.

    1. simone reid says:

      Kim i agree with you 100%

    2. RB says:

      So what do we do allow her to stay and deport her parents? She can then live in an orphanage until she is 18 with no parents and be another burden on society? The child did nothing wrong, but neither did the child of a murderer or drunk driver or white collar criminal. But the child pays the price when Mommy or Daddy is away in the Pen and is not their to be with them. Do we stop enforcing the law because a child might get his/her feelings hurt?

    3. LRRP says:

      So, do you suggest they put thc child up for adoption and send the illegal parents back to their country? Or do you just suggest we ignore the fact that her parents broke the law?

  29. Bill W says:

    What are you racists saying?

    Guatamala is an inferior country filled with inferior people, that would be a nightmare to live in?

    1. Jojo says:

      So they should come here illegally and take our resources (jobs, healthcare etc). If that makes us racist then so be it.

      1. America is Overrated!!! says:

        If ignorance and lack of common sense are curriculum fillers, then I see why taking jobs from Americans would be so easy to accomplish. The issue is that 4 year olds should not be treated like criminals just because their parents did something illegal. Now its clear to me why America is the most hated country in the world and will continue to be!

    2. RB says:

      Exactly which post did you get that from? I just went through all of the posts and nowhere does anyone say the but you.

  30. Robert says:

    Forget for a moment about these folks being illegal…what’s more troubling is that we’re adding UNSKILLED workers at time when we can’t give jobs to the folks who are legal citizens. Wake up America.

  31. RB says:

    Gramps had a choice and HE took her back to Guatemala she was not deported. Simple fact is the parents AND gramps are illegally in America. When are Americans going to wake up and see our own stupidity of allowing anchor babies. Not to mention as far as I’m concerned the girl is NOT a U.S. Citizen. The 14th Amendment states “”all persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States” Notice the section SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF, a citizen of another country is not subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. That’s why Mexicans living in America refer to themselves as Mexicans, not Mexican-Americans but Mexicans. Now I ask you where is their allegiance?

    1. cc says:

      so if i was married to an illegal, had a baby and i serve the military for 5 years already and deployed 3 times, would you tell me to leave the country to mexico? i want to see how racist people are.

      1. RB says:

        No I would say you should go to jail for knowingly aiding and abetting illegal activity. Has nothing to do with racism. My wife is an immigrant (A LEGAL IMMIGRANT) we did it the legal way it took six months after we were married for her to get here legally. NOW if we want to sponsor one of her brothers there is a 20 year or more waiting period. WHY should someone who breaks the law be allowed to stay when those who are doing it the legal way have to wait 20 years. YOU are knowingly aiding illegal activity what does that have to do with racism? I don’t even know what your race is. FYI illegal immigrants come in all colors from all parts of the world.

        Now what does your serving in the Military have to do with anything? Are YOU here illegally? If you are then you should be brought up on Courts Martial for lying under oath, if your here legally good for you and thank for your service. That however does not excuse knowingly aiding illegal activity.

      2. Alli says:

        cc, would you argue that because you’re a citizen and a soldier, that your spouse has a right to break our laws? I sure hope not. If he’s deported, you could go with him, but please don’t argue that he should have a right to stay because of you.

      3. c says:

        That choice is up to you. You married the illegal, if you want to be with them, go.

      4. Trish says:

        You want us to assume that your spouse is Mexican?? I don’t understand why everyone thinks that all hispanics are Mexicans or all Mexicans illigals. There are illigals from China, Korea, Ireland and other countries as well. The expense to maintain the illigals falls on every citizen where they reside. People are simply tired, tired of watching their neighborhoods turn into day laborers junk yards, tired of watching the schools overcrowded, tired of paying higher taxes, WE ARE JUST TIRED!!! I am not originally from this country, but my parents came here legally and I am tired of people coming here for hand outs and turning around and insulting America and all its citizens.

      5. sandra says:

        I am actually married to a man who was an illegal immigrant in the USA, three years ago we left the USA with our small child and returned as says the law to my husbands country of origine to become legal… It has been DAMN hard, but i am an AMERICAN and know that what my husband did was wrong and we are paying the price… WITHOUT COMPLAINING OR SUING ANYONE… this was our choice to do the right thing….. maybe this will be a lesson for those who are illegal….

      6. cc says:

        My question was purely hypothetical i still serve this country and never will regret it. Just curious if racism is still in america.

      7. Charlotte Mason Gibson says:

        No, if you were married to an illegal, and you are a citizen, you would not be deported. The people who come here LEGALLY and serve in the military are offered a fast track to citizenship. This child’s parents should be deported period. They are here illegally and the child should go with them. If she wants to return when she’s of age, she can.

  32. Stan the man says:

    Illegals don’t take American jobs. Americans believe they are to high class to work the same jobs the illegals work….

    1. Jojo says:

      Bull is right. Maybe Americans don’t want to do jobs for $3 an hour. I guarantee you American would take the job if the wage was fair.

      1. JAS says:


      2. RB says:

        The majority of the work done by illegals is manual labor (i.e. construction, lawn care etc…) Who mowed our lawns and built our houses prior to the flood of illegal immigrants? Teenagers in High School now cannot find work doing things cutting grass or summer work in the building trades. This garbage about Americans won’t do it is a lie made up by those who support the illegal immigration.

    2. Alli says:

      Guess what? ICE has been doing audits of Chipotle. 60% of the employees audited were LEGAL. Shoots holes in your argument, doesn’t it? Then, there’s Harvard Maintenance that was audited a few years ago. One of the illegal aliens who lost “his” job was earning over $14 an hour, not bad for Minnesota. Enough for him to buy a house (probably using his US-born kid’s SS number). Company’s had no problem filling the jobs with legal workers. You forget–we import 100,000 LEGAL immigrants each month, so both they and American citizens need jobs.

    3. Truth says:

      The wages are fair and no Americans want the jobs for farming, gas station attendant, dishwasher, food preparers etc. kids who mow lawns don’t last from spring to fall. Even kids who mow your lawn, you’re suppose to report them to the labor department. Technically those kids are suppose to pay taxes on those wages earned. You think they do? That’s the good old american boy breaking the law as well. Illegals also don’t work for less. I pay out the same if they are legal or not. I gave a job to a homeless guy and he quit within 2 days only to go back on welfare. Target the welfare people who are in the system and don’t even bother looking or taking a job because why mess up a good thing when they get our tax money without working.

      1. Alli says:

        You’re quite, quite wrong, Truth. ICE has been doing audits of Chipotle and found that 40% of the workers were here illegally, meaning 60% were legal workers. Americans and legal immigrants will do and are doing all those jobs you claim they won’t.

        As for welfare, well, illegal aliens collect that on behalf ot their US-born kids. California has the largest number of welfare recipients in the country and 30% of them live in households headed by illegal aliens.

  33. MIKE says:


  34. Jojo says:

    I don’t believe for one second that the child was mistreated by anyone. The parents are illegals who had a child in the US on the US taxpayers dime. I say ship them all back to Guatemala. An example needs to be made. They should have 2 choices. The parents should be deported as they are illegals in the US. They can either take their child with them or place the child with a legal family until they can come into the US legally. Illegals get free healthcare, take jobs from Americans.

    1. JAS says:


  35. ThomasT says:

    Agree with Bridget 100%

  36. Jake Durkins says:

    So deport her parents and let her stay. I am sure she can fend for herself.

    1. Ellen says:

      Jane I agree also.

  37. Bridget says:

    I say ship them all back to guatelmala. The parents are illegals according to this article. The illegals get pregnant here in the US and have their babies on the US taxpayer dime and their anchor babies are considered US citizens. Give me a break. I don’t believe for one minute that the child was mistreated by anyone. The parents are just looking for a payday.

Comments are closed.

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