Park Rangers Serving As Traffic Cops In Smithtown

SMITHTOWN, NY (WCBS 880) – It was after several fatalities that Smithtown began utilizing park rangers to patrol Main Street in downtown.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs: Town Official Says Staff Reductions Need To Be Compensated For

That has police union leaders questioning the practice, concerned park police are taking jobs away from regular cops.

Residents, however, seem okay with using park officers.

“I don’t have any problem with park police patrolling. If there’s a need for a patrol, then, you know, whoever is available, sure,” one mad said.

One woman says it’s all about keeping people safe.

“I think unions in general are facing some realities which they’re not used to and they’re afraid that some of the benefits are going to be taken away from them,” said one man.

One town official calls the matter urgent, telling Newsday that park police are being used to help fill a gap caused by staff reductions.

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  • eugene bauer

    Stop whining, the public safety is at issue and your worrying about union busting? Give me a break !

  • John Q

    Union busting and working out of title are illegal. If the Park Police union had any testicular fortitude they’d fight this. What’s next? Glen Cove police officers filling in for Nassau Highway patrol? Where will it end? If you allow it anywhere you can allow it everywhere.

    • Bob Rainis

      First, Park Rangers employed by Smithtown, are not POLICE, they are peace officers. Secondly, they are not working out of title, they are empowered by NYS law to act pursuant to their duties. While their primary responsibility are indeed town parks (BTW, there are several parks in the immediate area), their law enforcement jurisdiction is not limited to parks. Thirdly, anyone traveling the LIE will regularly observe Lake Success and Westbury Village police engaged in enforcement on the LIE. It is within their geographical area of jurisdiction. As far as “union busting” that is a false alarm.

  • Dan Te

    They should bring in the military too.

  • Bill James

    You might want to read what you post before you post it. One mad said lol

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