Woman Unable To Close Eyes Now Suing N.J. Plastic Surgeon

Marilyn Leisz Claims She Was Misled By Dr. Paul Parker

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A jury is deliberating the case of a New Jersey woman who says an eyelid procedure gone wrong is the reason she can no longer close her eyes.

Marilyn Leisz said she went to a Bergen County plastic surgeon to correct bumps on her eyelids from a cosmetic procedure performed by another doctor and now she can’t fully close her eyes — even when she sleeps.

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“…To blink I really have to really squeeze my eyes to … fully close my eyes,” Leisz told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The married mother of two from Bloomingdale was in court Tuesday suing Dr. Paul Parker for negligence. Parker’s attorney told the jury Leisz was warned of the risks and that she never complained after the 2005 eyelid surgery called a blepharoplasty.

“This patient was given information about those risks,” the attorney said.

Leisz disagrees. Her attorney played the opinion of another doctor who said she wasn’t a good candidate for this surgery because she had had too many other procedures.

“He should have been honest with me and told me I was not a candidate and suggested other options for me,” Leisz said.

Leisz said she has to use gel at night and a vaporizer so she doesn’t scratch her eyes. She also says she’s losing her vision and lives in fear of injuring her eyes.

“All the favorite things I used to, like tennis, racquetball, swimming, horseback riding, bike riding, skeet shooting, gardening, I can’t do those things,” Leisz said.

Leisz admitted to having multiple other procedures before going to Dr. Parker, but said she may be able to correct the problem but she’s afraid to go under the knife.

Leisz is asking the jury for an unspecified amount of money. Deliberations resume Wednesday.

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One Comment

  1. ManyAreCalled says:

    Should make for a great money shot

  2. gracie says:

    I was watching TV last night and there had to be at least 5 commercials in a row about wrinkles, weight, hair and all of course for women. A lot of women feel the pressure to have surgerie(s) to ehance their appereance. Now a days it’s like this-women shouldn’t have surgery or it’s this Did you see those bumps on her eyes,she should get them removed. With the case here, I don’t know who is to blame but doctors should turn away patients that have had to much surgery. Did the doctor do it for money? Money and looks-that’s all most people care about. They are both guilty of neglect.

  3. Letrineous says:

    Hep me leroy!!!

  4. Hugh Jardohn says:

    What’s wrong with people that do this. Everyone knows this can happen.

  5. Kari Flower says:

    Vanity, thy name is woman.

  6. achilles says:

    Some compassionate comments. God help the individual losing the eye because of a tumor. The rest of you need to get a life!

  7. auntydle says:

    Due to various medical issues, I have had eye surgery several times, including an eyelid tuck. The doctor did warn me that I wouldn’t be able to close my eyes fully but that it was not a permanent condition. The skin does stretch back enough to allow you to close your eyes completely.

    My eyelid tuck was not “cosmetic”. The eyelid was drooping to the point that it was obstructing the vision on the upper part of my eye. A perphireral vision test determined that.

    My right eye has suffered from medical issues my whole life, including a tumor that was attached to the optic nerve (too risky to remove). I recently lost the fight and am now preparing myself for yet another surgery, this time to remove the dying eye and implant an artificial eye.

  8. D.Glassford says:

    Who cares if she had surgery before? We do not know if she had to have his surgery or not.. Sometimes people have eye problems that have to be done. I am sure that this is a mistake. The doctor tried to do his best to help her. It appears she trusted the doctor to help her, after all he had done other surgeries in the past. I agree with you that she iis blaming the doctor too much and maybe she had too many surgeries in the past, but she should not have to have pain for the rest of her life. I feel she needs to have a skin grafting, did the doctor do that? It can be taken from the back of the ear. I hope you all never have a problem. As far as the breast reduction, if breast are too big, it can cause a back problem. Let her get work done again to help her feel better. And who cares no one sees her breast, unless she wants to show them. Good luck to both of them.

  9. KB says:


    1. Kim says:

      I have that problem but not serious. I got botox injections from my opthalmologist and it does help. Side effect: eyelid will droop for 2-4 weeks.

  10. eve says:

    To Imominous

    Blacks who die their hair blond are not trying to fool anybody. They do dye their hair blond because they want to be blond. Men and women all over the world dye their hair because they want to try something different. All races do it so what is your problem?
    Young and old dye their hair because they like change. People with curly hair want their hair straight, while people with straight hair want curly. Get off your strange horse and back up off of people. Do you have any hair? Are you fat?
    Are you skinny? Surely their is something about yourself you would like to change. Do you live in a Glass House? Get a life.

  11. Guy says:

    She is actually 103 so she looks pretty good for that age

    1. Guy says:

      She is a good friend of Jimminy Cricket, and I recntly saw him in Orlando and he looks great as well

  12. Julie says:

    She is an opportunist and her case should be thrown out after all this time. I know Dr Parker personally and he is a capable, caring surgeon. This old hag needs to go away.

  13. Lauren says:

    After looking at her, she should sue ALL her previous plastic surgeons for the “improvements” they made because she looks totally GHASTLY! Not only the scrawney neck, but in other photos of her … her earlobes hang down to there. A poorly reconstructed neck and long earlobes and scrawney hands are the dead giveaway. Then there are the blotches all over the skin. I don’t know what this woman looked like before all her other surgeries, but the results shown here show that there has been no improvement. My dad is a plastic surgeon who would never accept a patient like her. He has turned hundreds away.

  14. Jim says:

    This is what happens to plastic surgery junkies

  15. zombierocket says:

    This is SELF-INFLICTED. Too bad! If you are that STUPID to not know ALL surgery carries risks, TOO BAD!

    1. Eleanor Kaywork says:

      so that solves the problem of a bad doctor? In other words ,if you go for a tonselectomy and find you are unable to speak . T hat too is too bad .

      1. Mike@Austin says:

        That is SO different its ridiculous, not being able to speak is not a risk of a tonsillectomy (Which is the actual spelling BTW), so if you go in to get one and you find you cant speak afterwards, that is from the doctor doing something COMPLETELY wrong, especially considering that in order to make you unable to speak her would have to be cutting a good 9 inches away from where he should be cutting for a tonsillectomy! Like I said, this story and your example are as different as night and day !

        Not to mention that she is partially faking to make it seem worse. You can tell by the way she has her head tilted up to add tension on the lower half of her face ,and you can see by the lack of tension in her lower eye lids that she isn’t bringing up her lower lids in an effort to increase the gape between her upper and lower lids. She probably can get them closed or almost, but its not as bad as she is making it out to be. Plus please tell me how she is unable to do all these things anymore just because her eyes don’t close 100%? How exactly is that stopping her?

      2. SSS says:

        Mike…so your saying that her vocal cords are located nine inches from her tonsils? So are they located in her stomach?

    2. imominous says:

      All I can see is that youngish face atop a scraggy old neck. Old women with cosmetic surgery are like blacks who dye their hair blond. You might like the effect, but you ain’t foolin’ anybody.

      Seriously lady, invest in some turtlenecks. You look like a borzoi head on a shar-pei body.

  16. cecelia says:

    Self inflicted damage 6 years later…. get a grip lady. what about your own personal responsibiltiy… bet ya had your EARS shut when the procedure and THE RISKS were explained to you. Hope people use their common sense and tell her DEAL WITH IT

  17. Steve says:

    I can’t do all of the things she says she can’t do anymore, either. Unlike her I am too busy making a damned living! She should have used that plastic surgery money to pay her expenses in volunteer work to make life better for those who are starving or others in dire need of life saving help. WHOOPS! I said that four letter word “Work.” Shame on me.

  18. joedoe119 says:

    She needs to watch out for those kinds of things. I wouldn’t keep an eye on her. She should have seen the fine print on the contract. She needs to just shut her eyes and move on. Gives a new meaning to the term “Eyes wide shut”

  19. You're Old, Deal with It says:

    My brother had a non-elective eye surgery as an infant and still cannot close his eye all the way when he sleeps. He’s now 20 years old and has perfect eyesight, so I’m calling BS on this lady’s supposed suffering as a result of her ELECTIVE procedure.

  20. jr says:

    has she considered a career in nightime security?

    1. Eleanor Kaywork says:

      What compassion . Regardless if she didn`t read the fine print or if she trusted the doc ., Makes no difference .she will suffer all her life because a bad doc . I hope she sues the hell out of him . teach the docs a lesson . My daughter is a breast cancer girl . Both breasts. A real botched reconstruction . What do you stupid people say to that

      1. marcellaver says:

        Do you always resort to name calling when someone has an opinion that you do not share? Is everyone who disagrees with you stupid? Best wishes to your daughter… I believe she has more to deal with than cancer and botched reconstuction.

      2. Person says:

        Who says they needed to be reconstructed? My aunt had both breasts removed and they’re just not there anymore. Your daughter could be dead instead of having botched breasts. I guess that doesn’t matter though cause it’s more important to have a nice chest and be dead than it is to be alive. Weigh the good to the bad before you say something stupid.

        As far as this lady goes, she’s an idiot. If you’re going to get UNNECESSARY cosmetic plastic surgery, ESPECIALLY many times, you know you put yourself at risk and if the doctor told you there are risks, it’s definitely your own damn problem.

  21. LJ says:

    If the doctor had reservations he should never have done the surgery. Some people are surgery addicts ( Michael Jackson) or have grossly unrealistic expectations. DOCTORS are the ones who have to have to stop them. Unfortunately too many doctors are not looking to do the right thng, they are looking to fatten their bank accounts.

  22. lo says:

    So all that plastic surgery and she still looks old…..

  23. golightly says:

    I hope she is banned from every plastic surgeons office from now on. She is a junky looking or her next fix. Dotor’s beware!

  24. PJH says:

    Hmm, the fact is she chose to have the surgery and I am sure she signed a waiver (most surgeons and hospitals require it) to have the elective procedure done. I empathize with her, but not enough to award her compensation above the amount she paid for the surgeon.

  25. royp says:

    She should have sued the guy who did her neck.

  26. Disbelief says:

    This story illustrates everything that is wrong with our legal system. She voluntarily underwent elective plastic surgury and things didn’t go as planned. Despite warnings by her doctor, she went ahead with the procedure and now finds it necessary to sue. This is bee ess.

  27. Lee says:

    All for the sake of vanity. Grow old gracefully. Plastic mannequins are not all that attractive.

  28. Disgusted says:

    I just read Blinky was awarded $115,000.00 by 12 idiots.
    I guess now she’ll be able to again play tennis, go mountain climbing,
    horse back riding and appear on dancing with the stars.
    Too bad the burglar who sued the homeonwer after
    the homeowner’s dog bit him when he broke into the house
    didn’t have the same jury. He only got $500.00.
    How about the enployee who got fired for stealing and
    sued for her job back because the employer never told her,
    “you can’t steal” She won too.
    When will we wake up?

  29. F150SUPERCAB says:

    so now because she cant close her eyes she is totally disabled to do her recreational activities.BULLBUTTER!!!!there are people out there in worse shape than her that are making every day enjoyable for them.i think after being told what the risk were she saw dollar signs.

    1. ME says:


      1. ME says:


  30. George says:

    She went under the knife voluntarily for vanity…..so it goes! Suffer.

  31. tapu says:

    Oh, but she looks really young!

  32. Terry says:

    I have never been able to close my left eye while sleeping. I had an operation as a child to correct an eyelid that sagged. It is absolutely not a problem. I am 57.

  33. thussaiththewalrus says:


    It iis a RARE day that someone on the Right uses ad hominem. And, it is a RARE day that those on the Left don’t wallow in ad hominem attacks against the Right.

    I am convinced that you do not know the meaning of the term, or you would not make such a ridiculous (and easily refuted) claim!!!

  34. Reality says:

    Blepharoplasty is often performed to correct saggy eyelids (aka dermatochalasis) which can obstruct the person’s field of view. This decrease in field of view could both impair their ability to drive as well as drastically impair their vision. So, in this instance, the surgery is warranted to correct an “imperfection.” As you all age and develop dermatochalasis, many of you will be changing your tune about what appears to be unnecessary surgery.

    1. Mad says:

      Reality? No. Here’s a slice of reality for ya: This woman has had COSMETIC surgery in the past and evidently has the time and money to pay a surgeon to correct the bumps left by her last abortive attempt at “beauty.” This has NOTHING to do with drooping eyelids threatening to her vision.

      Please redirect your sympathy to a worthwhile cause, like Smile Train, which funds the correction of hare lips and cleft palates on babies born to parents who can’t afford such life-changing procedures and who walk miles in the hopes that their children will be accepted for surgery and a chance at a decent life.

      This broad is lucky I’m not on the jury…

      1. leila says:

        yes ,i agree right on the babies.
        not some wealthy wash up..

    2. DrP says:

      By the look of her stretched and botox’ed face I’d say the bleph wasn’t for functional reasons… She’s a vain old house wife … every second that she’s not with her tennis or horseback riding instructor, shes staring in the mirror imagining what she looked like 30 years ago… she was consented for the surgery… not the doctors fault she ignored potential risks of the procedure.

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