Big Apple Paving Over Potholes

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Federal stimulus funds were paving the way for smoother streets in the Big Apple.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb: Paving The Way To A Greener New York City

The New York City Department of Transportation started using 12 new electric screeds to fix potholes, paid for with $1.14 million in federal funds.

The screeds are aluminum devices that are attached to paving machines to spread and compact asphalt into smooth surfaces.

The new equipment replaces the old diesel-fueled machines, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

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  • Rafael

    Good work fellas! Keep it up! Be safe out there!

  • the guy

    not for nothing but its not used for potholes ,its used to pave the whole street……the news team should do some research….

  • nick

    To bad its not going to make a difference on how potholes form. Blame the rain, snow salt and ice for them.

  • nick

    The battery

  • Frank

    So where does the electric come from?

    • Paul

      The diesel engine that powers the tractor runs a hydraulic pump that spins a generator producing electricity to heat the elements on the top of the screed plates.

  • charlie

    Wow….let us know when they cut the grass.

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