Man Jumps On School Bus, Beats 11-Year-Old Special Needs Student

NYPD On Hunt For Suspect; Mother Fumes At Bus Driver, Matron

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s a place where children are supposed to be safe: a school bus.

But it’s the very place where a child was beaten by a stranger. His mother is furious that no one tried to stop it from happening.

The little boy, sporting a serious black eye, described his ordeal to CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

“I was too scared to scream for help,” 11-year-old Jameel Grant said.

Grant was still recovering Thursday — emotionally and physically — from being attacked while riding his school bus last Friday morning.

“He just kept on punching me. He punched me in the face, all over my face,” Grant said. “My lip was swollen. My upper lip was big like this and I had a bump. It was a big bump.”

The bus caters to children with special needs.

Jameel said another student leaned out the window and began cursing at a man walking on the sidewalk. But instead of ignoring the student the man jerked open the back emergency door, stormed onto the bus and began screaming and beating Jameel with his fists.

“I was blocking myself and I turned around to the window,” he said.

The man jumped off moments later and the bus driver continued on to P.S. 186.

Jameel’s mom, Brunila Canales, said she’s furious that the bus driver and bus matron both witnessed the beating — and did nothing to stop it.

“They had that minute to intervene, push the man, do something, you understand? Stop the man from beating on my son the way he was. They did nothing,” Canales said.

“They were scared because the matron said the man was putting his hand in his pocket and she didn’t know what he was taking out.”

She’s now demanding that school buses have more safeguards to prevent attacks like the one that happened to her son, including locks on the doors and surveillance cameras inside.

“There should be someone that would intervene when something like this happens. It wasn’t only my son on the bus!” Canales said.

“And then once I got to the school I got to see my son and all I could do was bend down and hug him because his face was so swollen from all the hits he was getting.”

For now, the police are hunting for the suspect. Jameel said as long as his attacker is at large he will remain too afraid to get back on the bus.

“Because I don’t want him to come on the back of the bus again,” the little boy said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education told Brown they learned about the incident last week and instructed the bus company involved to call police — who are now handling the investigation.

Jameel’s mother said she has filed a formal complaint against the bus company.

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One Comment

  1. Izzy says:

    To all of you “so called” adults…there is such a condition known as tourette syndrome,where the patient can not control verbal outbursts. In either case, in THIS country if a parent puts his/her hands on a child CPS is called and the child removed for child abuse. What the HELL gives you “people” the idea that an unknown adult hitting/beating a child is justified in ANY way, shape or form? If you truly believe that the child deserved it, REMEMBER THAT THE NEXT TIME YOUR AZZ GETS ATTACKED, as YOU PROBABLY WILL DESERVE IT TOO!

  2. Kimmie says:

    My…GOD! My…GOD! When I Read this my HEART went out to the Student and his Mother. Mother, tell your son for me< The BIBLE SAYS YOU REAP what you SOE!!! This man that did this WILL NOT REST, EAT OR SLEEP IN PEACE! Until he comes forth and MAKE PEASE. What he did Will HUNT HIM For the rest of HIS LIFE! If he don't MAKE PEACE! Tell your son FOR ME He’s GOT THIS!!!!******

  3. brown bagger says:

    this was a rigged beating! the mother wants to move to N.C. and they will get a new house on the city of NY. says she can wait 3-4 years to move! now that’a black eye for the city!

  4. Pedestrian says:

    Some damn kids on a school bus threw a soda can at me the other day and the rest of the kids were cursing and splitting out the window too.

  5. LaidLaw Bus Driver says:

    I’m a school bus driver and these kids on my bus route are out of control. I’m glad someone took action against these kids because I certainly can’t.

  6. Scared Joe says:

    Sorry, but this kids looks like trouble. just sayin…

    1. EricG says:

      He started it first. Hoe come no mention of the other kid being disciplined. He got what he deserved. His mother will use his special ed status to get $$$$ from the city.

      1. Just call me Mercy says:

        First of all he said that another student was cursing at the man NOT him. It seems like you people are not reading or comprehending the text. This was a special needs student on a special Ed bus. It’s crazy how I had a dream similar this story earlier this week.

    2. Linda Tiggy Cotten-kurtz says:

      the driver and aide need to be fired and maybe jail time

      1. Shemp don't take no mess says:

        You above three idiots need to have your heads banged together 3 stooges style, understand?

  7. tmbird says:

    Well my input would be special needs or not, all kids should be taught not to act inappropriate on a bus whether it be cursing out a window, or fighting on the bus. However, any idiot adult who would run after a bus knowing that they are kids, deserves punishment and furthermore, Im not so sure I understand why an emergency door should be able to open on the outside or from the inside so easily … Bad enough you have to worry these days about our bus drivers driving safe for our kids period let alone worrying about who or when someone can force themselves in from the outside….Nothing amazes me anymore these days, I tell ya….

  8. Driver/Matrin Are Bystanders says:

    If I was the driver or matrin on the bus, I wouldn’t jump in to defend. Who knows if the crazy guy has a knife or gun. Their job is to drive and make sure the kid behave. There is nothing in the job description to say “Be a hero and die”. That’s the real world. They didn’t do anything wrong. It would be nice if CBS did a follow up investigative report then their normal half ars job of posting news without much details

  9. Gina says:

    You people really need to learn how to read an article before you post on these boards…The kid who got beat up by the a**hole,was NOT the kid cussing out the window..Bunch of idiots can’t even read and yet you come on here acting like judge and jury what a joke lol

    1. Heyyou says:

      Sweetheart you’re about as brite as a two watt bulb if that’s what you believe. Kids act in packs, this kid was involved in it

      1. Dale says:

        and you’re a liar who talks through his rear facing mouth.

        1. The Real Truth says:

          Is that all you got Dale?

    2. Kate says:

      Gina, name calling isn’t going to get people to listen to your point. You sound like an irrational child throwing a tantrum.

  10. Average guy24454 says:

    How the heck would security cameras help out in this situation?

    “Oh look a kid is getting beat up in a bus!” And then what…

    Treating kids like criminals won’t help them; it’ll just make them feel like prisoners.

    The knob bus-driver should have intervened (probably the vast majority would). I fail to see how installing yet more security cameras everywhere has any affect on anything other than decrease even our kids right not to be monitored 24/7.

    1. April says:

      The cameras would at least give police a picture of who the attacker was. Yes, it would help monitor behaviors but would also give evidence when prosecuting offenders.

  11. mike says:

    There are some people on this board that scare me with their thinking. Kids are just that kids, this child has a special need for God’s sake. Where is the compassion? If you can read this story and come to any other conclusion then there is an unstable violent adult male on the loose in the community then you need to seek professional help for your problem. Any person that can lay into an 11 year old should be in prison. For the people that feel the child needed a lesson, try teaching my child a lesson.

  12. ralphmalph says:

    I pass by that school all the time in the Bronx and they go “Nuts”, These kids are opening the emergency exit door and jumping off for whatever reason. They fight every morning and curse at random ppl. That so called “Man” is a punk for attacking a 11 y/o kid!! That boy did not deserve that.

  13. Sally Genzler says:

    So some of you who have commented on here that have said the child deserved to have the sh*t beat out of him, I am just wondering how would you feel if it was your child? Children do need to be taught lessons but not with violence. Just so some of you “smart” people know, a special needs child often does not have the capability to determine right from wrong. They also are called special needs for a reason, it is because they need assistance. No one has the right to physically abuse another person. So if this post pisses people off, I really don’t care. Some of people who have posted their comments about this crime need to grow the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sally Genzler says:

    Just wondering on the comments that some of you have put on here. If this was your child would you still say that the child deserved it? I really doubt it. As far as the driver and the matron not doing anything to stop it, they both should be releaved of their positions. If a child needs to be taught a lesson it needs to be done without violence. Also, did the guy even stop to think that the child he was pounding on was not the one who made the comment? No one has the right to physically abuse anyone else. People also need to stop and think, a child that is a special needs child often does not have the ability to stop themselves from acting out or saying things. People may get pissed at this post but I really don’t care….Some of you that say the kid deserved to get beat need to grow up!!!!!

  15. 1608 says:

    This happened last Friday? I can use a major update.

    So the driver waited for the beating to stop then drove on like nothing happened.

    1. Taby says:

      This happend friday morning when he was on his way to school
      on his school bus. Another student who is constantly yelling out the window yelled at a guy with his niece and started cursing at him. The man got angry, got onto the back of the bus yelled at my brother thinking it was him and began to beat him in his face. The matrin nor the bus driver did anything to stop this man. The bus driver is a man he could have stoped the bus and did something about it, but no they just watched my brother get beaten. Mind you after the guy got off the bus they didnt bother to call an ambulence or the police. The matrin did not even ask my bro if he was okay or checked up on him after the attack. Which is why we are so angry. The school didnt call an ambulence or the police either. My mom and sister got to the school and had to call and everthing. Its almost a week later and we have not heard back from the police, detectives or anything. My brother did not deserve this he is such a good kid. No child deserves to be beat up by an adult PERIOD!

      1. valoispq says:

        I feel sympathy for your brother and anger for the driver and matron. They absolutely should have protected your brother. Just because they thought he might have a gun is no excuse, it is your job to look after the kids, and if you are not prepared to do this, even at risk to yourself, then you should not have the job. (Sounds like she is a nasty person who doesn’t deserve this job anyway). I wish you and your brother peace and happiness, and your brother is lucky he has you. God Bless.

      2. RichardandJennifer Sowell says:

        I am so sorry this happened to your brother. As a wife of a bus driver and a mother of an autistic child, I am apalled at this situation. The bus matron’s job is to maintain control on a bus. The driver has a radio on his bus for situations like this. In our district, the police monitor the radio transmissions so that a 911 call is automatically picked up by dispatch but the office calls it in as well. Security cameras provide evidence. And special needs kids frequently behave inappropriately. They do not always have the ability to control or understand the impact of their actions. And last but not least….NO CHILD DESERVES TO BEAT UP BY AN ADULT, PERIOD!

      3. BkzPrencizz says:

        Hi Taby. I hope all is well. I was 2 upset 2 comment ever since I saw your bro on tv my heart has been in pieces. I am replying 2 you 2 show care and support. I believe Jameel’s attacker was on here cause some of these comments don’t come from humans(ugh!). I pray he does become fearless and returns 2 school. Please let him know there are people who care and are concerned.

  16. Blinding light says:

    Yes, Young Jamel said he didn’t do the cursing. Of course he would have NO reason to lie about it. After all, kids NEVER lie to avoid getting in trouble.

    I wouldn’t doubt that Jamel cursed and maybe even spit on the guy, then after he got his little butt kicked, suddenly became an innocent victim.

    There’s two sides to every story.

    1. mike says:

      You’re stupid, there is only one side to this story and that is an adult illegally got on a school bus and beat the day lights out of an 11 year old special needs child. I hope the mom gets millions in damages. Her child was not kept safe, the bus driver nor the matron called for police or an ambulance. Even after this child got to school nothing was done to help him until his mother had to take care of it. This has $ written all over it.

    2. lisa says:

      2 sides??? who cares if he DID curse? a grown man beat an 11 year old child! If a little boy cursed at his father on the street and his father began PUNCHING him in the face, that would be ok? Jesus, who raised you? I hope to God you don’t, and never will, have children…

  17. 1608 says:

    So what story did the test tube babys read?

    I seen: ONE OF THE STUDENTS. Not this student.

  18. The TRUTH says:

    these damn kids need to be taught a lesson.

    1. Sportsman. says:

      I agree, however proper training begins with the parents. All bus drivers AND monitors should also be trained in how to react to unexpected situations such as this one. But once again, it really all begins at home with how the parents bring up their children,.

      1. Taby says:


      2. jtorres says:

        Special needs students have special needs and can’t be trained like other kids. And anyone knows an incident like this is reported to the police and an ambulance is called. It’s assault. The bus driver and matron should be disciplined or fired for not doing the obvious and seeking medical attention for this child and making a criminal complaint. Do you really think the police can find this guy NOW after all this time has passed?

    2. The Lie says:

      Y.M.B.S. means You Must Be Stupid !

    3. Taby says:

      THE TRUTH.
      You need to get beaten and see how it feels.

      1. The TRUTH says:

        who said i never did. and besides, see too many of these trouble causing kids. you really think he didnt say a word??? I don’t care if he is a kid. At his age he should learn manners and I don;t care how special you they are.

        why don;t you try walking in front of me and I start cursing at you. Be a bigger person and keep on walking. I doubt you won’t say or do something back to me.

      2. bigbluewreckingcrew says:

        Ok, “the truth” it should be “the dope” how in the name of all that is holy can you defend a person using violence against a child because they were verbally assualted? What a clown.

      3. valoispq says:

        Toby – “The truth” is just being silly, don’t pay attention to him, he does not understand the special needs child and he is playing with your mind and emotions. You just stay true to yourself and brother and you will be the bigger MAN and a true hero.

      4. valoispq says:

        Sorry I meant Taby not Toby

      5. valoispq says:

        Sorry again Taby, thought you were a young man not a young lady, but the thoughts are the same. and PS I would go for money, you know it might be needed to take care of your brother as he gets older. Take care dear girl.

  19. Sportsman. says:

    Ultimately, the student was wrong, the adult on the street was wrong and the bus driver and monitor were not prepared for the unexpected. And by the way, having been involved with the N.Y.S. DOT school bus inspection program, locks will not be installed on ANY bus because in case of an emergency, emergency personnel need to get the doors open and students out immediately.

    1. The Real Truth says:

      What do you mean “ultimately the student was wrong.” To which student are you referring? Apparently another student was yelling out the window. Why are all these a**holes on this comment board acting like they know the beaten boy said something? Were you there? Even if in the worst case scenario, he was the one who said something, there is no excuse for that man to have beaten a child, and for no one to intervene or call for help after the fact. That may have been more traumatizing to the child (and the others on the bus) than the actual beating. I can’t believe that people commenting on here are stupid enough to think this was justified behavior. I can only assume (hope) that they are trolls trying to anger people. Disgusting!

  20. mark says:

    I smell lawsuit … the family just hit the lottery! Woohoo!!!

    1. Taby says:

      no stupid. not suing for money but for better safety on the bus. watch listen and read carefully

      1. The TRUTH says:

        and that means money…come’on you’re in america

      2. mike says:

        This child was beaten in the custody of the school district, no aid was rendered by the driver, the matron, or the authorities at the school and you don’t think money is involved? That’s funny.

      3. April says:

        Not the school district. The bus is a contracted service with the Dept of Ed. They are separate, not part of the Dept of Ed.

      4. valoispq says:

        April – .it is the responsibility of the school district, they hire the bus co. and therefore take on the responsibility for children by accepting the contract

      5. mark says:

        Hey, is that any way to talk to one of your benefactors? I, along with all the other TAX PAYING citizens of NYC are going to be on the hook for the moronic behavior of a kid, the abusive behavior of an adult, and the poor bus drivers that don’t earn enough money to have to deal with this kind of baloney. Now your family is going to be sitting pretty because your brother got a black eye. Congratulations.

  21. iggy says:

    definatly a republican. big beating up the small and defenseless

  22. Tom says:

    You’re a bunch of idiots if you think that boy deserved to get beaten. Being an adult and walking by a bus with children, if they yelled at me I would be a better person by ignoring it. Grow up fools.

    1. The TRUTH says:

      i doubt it

  23. warren says:

    Serves the kid right! Let’s go Adults! They may be the future, but we are the present!!

  24. real man says:

    What a big man! He is my hero. He can beat up 11 year old kids. I hope I get the chance to meet up with him and see if he can do the same to this 40 year old.

  25. Blackheywood says:

    I guess that kid and others have learned not to cuss at adults while on the bus, thinking they are safe.The adult was wrong but all of he kids hopefully learned a lesson no school could teach them.

    1. The Real Truth says:

      You are one sick turd.

  26. MichaelM says:

    Kid’s gotta lean the hard way sometimes. I did when i got mouthy with my mom’s boyfriend. it cured me…until I was big enough to kick his butt.

    1. jtorres says:

      He taught you with violence so you responded in turn whe you were “big enough.” So you learned “the hard way” to be one violent individual. Nice lesson

  27. Jade says:

    P186X in the Bronx a DOE Day Treatment school for children with severe emotional issues that are too aggresive and disruptive to be in a special education class in a regular school.

  28. Jade says:

    I am guessing that Jameel has a severe behavioral issue, since his mother never identified his “Special Need”…I am also guessing he was the one yelling and doing god only knows what else out of the window. He just didn’t think the man could get to him…well here is a hard lesson to learn…not everyone thinks it is wrong to hit a kid; particularly a disrespectful child. I suppose next time he will make sure the back door is locked.

    1. The Real Truth says:

      “Hard lesson.”Are you kidding me? And I suppose you believe in Medieval torture devices for potty training and burning at the stake for children who mouth off. Moron.

  29. Glenn says:

    10 – 1 it was Jameel Grant that leaned out the window and cursed at the man.

    1. Shelly says:

      How do you know it was him? Were you on the bus with them?

      1. Taby says:

        im his sister
        and it was confirmed by the matrin on the bus

  30. Taby says:

    All of you are a bunch of idiots. If you read correctly it said one of the students cursed at the man out the window. Not Jameel Grant, and even if he did whose the adult? Your gonna let a little kid get to you that bad and beat on him when hes so defenseless. Now what if the guy killed him would it still be the kids fault or lesson learned? I dont think so. Stop being so ignorant and use some common sense if you have any.

    1. Woodie says:

      Amen! Nothing like a room full of illiterate IDIOTS! Taby don’t waste your time replying to these dim witted, narrow-minded, arrogant, I could go on and on, but I beleive you get my drift, short-sighted fools. GET A GOOD LAWYER, not the Rev. and sue sue sue.

    2. Sally Genzler says:

      Taby, I agree with you that people need to use common sense and stop being so ignorant..

  31. Dan Te says:

    Thats one lesson he’ll never forget.

  32. Gregg says:

    Where was the stupid bus driver when this was going on ,should have been there immediatly !

    1. tmbird says:

      I agree… Regardless of the idiot kid who did the cursing, regardless of the idiot adult who felt the need to make his day by beating up an 11 year old,… I find it repulsive that the adults that were on the bus did nothing. If the guy had his back to everyone hitting this kid, you can’t tell me that one of those adults couldn’t find something to hit this dude on the back of his head to suppress him from seriously hurting this kid. How would they have felt if this dude actually killed this kid and they did nothing… Don’t think I could live with that regardless what started it. There are other ways to address an unruly kid… IMO

  33. Devenio says:

    If this were a 9 year old little blue eyed blond haired Buffy [mutant], this board would be drooling for blood.

    1. Devenio says:

      but on another note, If your kids are cursing out random strangers on the street – no matter what race – that little kid needs correction. While being beat about the head and shoulders seems a tad excessive, correction is needed.

      1. The Real Truth says:

        I meant Amen to the “blue eyed blond haired” comment, and how the reaction from people on this board would no doubt be completely different. For some reason, my reaction was put below your other comment that I hadn’t read, and I now have. Beating a child is not a “tad excessive.” It’s brutal, and if you punched an adult, you could go to jail. I usually don’t write on comment boards, but I am so dismayed by the inhumanity, lack of compassion, and downright lunacy here regarding a child, a special needs child no less, that I can’t help myself.

      2. special needs teacher says:

        I can’ believe that some of you live in the dark ages. Special needs kids have different special needs. Even if one of the kids on the bus said awful things, we’re not talking about a child coming on the bus and hitting another child. We’re talking about a so-called adult. This is child abuse of the worst kind. All of the students on that bus have been traumatized. How do you expect them to trust anyone if a stranger can beat them up. Some special needs students with behavioral problems act out because they are afraid of people. Now some idiot has made it worse. I hope he gets caught and spends some time behind bars.

    2. The Real Truth says:

      Amen! I didn’t want to go there, but I’m glad somebody did.

  34. wakeuppeople says:

    What borough did this take place in?

  35. Get Your Priorities Right says:

    Complaint against the bus company? How about the bus company file a complaint against your son and how you raised him to be a wise guy. What kind of kid is raised at to curse at random strangers?

  36. Moral Truth says:

    SOunds like the 11 year old instigated this and thats the moral truth.

  37. Mr. Justice says:

    “…one of the students on the bus for children with special needs cursed at a man walking on the sidewalk.”

    Hopefully the kid that cursed at the guy feels bad!

    1. Shelly says:

      You seem to be the only other person that has caught onto the fact that it wasn’t the guy that got beat, that was cussing at the stranger. Nice job.

  38. Frank Eppolitto says:

    You dumba**. Wish that was your kid, that’s if you even have any. Chump!

  39. Robert Lew says:

    Good, the wise ass kid got what he deservred.

    1. Omar says:

      You are a tool. Important comment from someone who clearly trolls articles from the comfort of his mom’s basement.

      1. Omar the Tool says:

        The comment is not far off and what most people would immediately think. While it is completely wrong to beat a kid, but its certain a hard lesson to learn that the kid instigated himself.

      2. The Real Truth says:

        Omar the Tool (below) is just that a tool. The kid did not instigate this, and this is not a “hard lesson.” It’s an attack. This blame the victim mentality is ruthless and inapporiate.

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