Police: LI Man Scams Bank Out Of $100,000 To Buy Porsche

ROSLYN HEIGHTS, NY (WCBS 880) – Maybe he’s got a thing for fast cars.

Nassau County police say William Mure, 30, used stolen W-2 forms to get a $100,000 loan from M&T Bank in Jericho on March 25.

Police say he took the check over to Porsche of Roslyn and bought himself a 2010 GT3. He drove off with the car March 28.

The bank, however, had realized they’d been scammed. The dealership received a stop payment notice on the check, but it was too late – Mure had already driven away in his fancy new car.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: Cops Nabbed Him In The End

Mure didn’t know his scam had fallen through, police say. He returned to the dealer Tuesday to pick up his title paperwork. That’s when he was arrested.

Mure faces Grand Larceny and Possession of a Forged Instrument charges.

It’s not the first time a fast car has gotten Mure in trouble, police say. Back in February, Mure was nabbed for stealing Ferrari parts from a Long Island dealership and selling them on eBay.

What do you make of the scam? If you managed to swipe $100,000, what would you do with the dough? Sound off in comments.

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  • johny b

    call nassau county correctional center and see.they will tell u what i just said. he paid 100k bail cash! not bond!! hes got a net worth of over 2.5 million that i know. idiots!!!

  • johny b

    the guy has real money and a bunch of cars, he paid his 100k bail the next day cash. he spends over 1000 cash at 1oak in nyc 2x a week with some of the hottest girls ive ever seen. hes a real player out there,u all dont know what the hell your saying. so dam funny!!

  • mercy

    The only thing stolen was W2 forms. The bank gave him a LOAN, loans get paid back or cars get repossessed.

    • jtorres

      They get repossessed if they can find them. He had no intention of paying back the loan or even sticking around. If he had $100,000 in the first place, he wouldn’t have had to steal w-2 forms.

  • Forms

    I can’t understand how is behaving.

  • haywood jablowme

    ooops……. i dropped my soap

  • MCK

    How about the fact that the bank must have idiots working there! You’re going to tell me that the bank doesn’t verify employment and W-2 forms? They just give the money and ask questions later? Did the government bail out M&T Bank also? I would love to see their paperwork showing they were entitled to bail out money!
    If I had an account there I would take my money out immediately!

  • VTEC - 1

    My Acura TSX with a cold air intake will beat that car anytime.

  • SID


    • Dr. Zizmor


      Ummm… did you just have a stroke?

  • Roy

    Give this genius a role on Jersey Shore……………….his hair and inteligence fit the bill!

  • LM

    was this guy planning on paying off the loan? If not then what was he expecting to happen?

  • Battleship83

    According to Car and Driver the 2010 911 2dr Cpe GT3 goes for a little over $113,000 so at $100,000 that was a steal !!

  • Newsreader

    His choosed wrong. Simple as that. You have to choose carefully in our world. Do not be tempted by nice shiny apple. He could have rented it for a weekend tried the Porsche out to quench his desire to drive it. It would have been much better that the penalty he now faces.

  • Dan Te

    He should have brought an American car and help the U.S economy.

  • Miss. Dana

    Goodbye fast times, Hello hard times.

  • Battleship83

    Now that it has some mileage on it, maybe we can get a discount off the used car?

  • Roy

    He must have needed the money to buy more HAIR GEL……….

  • Roy

    I want a GT3…………………….zoom zoom zoom

  • Remag1234

    All of you Einsteins are calling him an idiot. Which one of you genius’s could pull off a scam like it? He’s a thief, plain and simple…..idiot, no. The idiots are those who are calling him an idiot.

    • Wrong, Idiot!


      Pulling off a scam means you did NOT get caught, stupid.

    • Bridget

      Remag1234, he is an idiot. He got caught because he was stupid enough to go back for the paperwork. So you see he really did not pull anything off. When are people going to realize that crime does not pay

    • Art

      Sorry but ANYONE can pull a scam or other such crime where you TEMPORARILY get a lot of money. How smart could he be? He went back for his title, DUH! If he wasn’t an idiot then why did he get caught so fast? A true thief/genius would not have gotten caught so fast if at all.

    • jtorres

      He is an idiot. Thieves are not rocket scientists. They pull stick-ups in their own neighborhoods- where everybody knows them- they break into their neighbors homes, they go back for the title of a car they just got illegally. They have no impulse control, no initiative and no integrity. If they had any of this and some brains to boot, they have jobs instead of jail time. They are idiots. That’s why they get cought

    • BobInBpt

      No, he’s a thief AND AN IDIOT to think that he would get away with it.

  • Moral Truth

    What an idiot. And thats the moral truth.

  • DP

    Mure…what an idiot…enjoy prison you fool.

  • Nitpicker

    “Mure had already drove off …”

    “Back in Mure was nabbed …”

    There’s more to proofreading than spell check.

    • keith

      Whaddya want for $7.00/hr ? Isn’t there an old saying, ‘ you get what you pay for’. How true….

  • keith

    Doesn’t a Porsche get good gas mileage? it’s somewhat of a green vehicle. So there’s some benefit here.

  • Maria Vitale Uram

    Gotta love his taste in cars :)

  • victor

    people are getting worse and worse every day, It`s obamas economy, and a state of mind these people have. they know they will get caught and know the courts will just slap them on the hands…no big deal….POLITICIANS, OBAMA, CORPORATIONS, JUDGES, SCAM US, SO WHY NOT THE ORDINARY CITIZEN.

    • jamesvp

      an idiotic comment made by an idiot about an idiotic scam.

      p.s. i’m not a democrat.

    • Rolling my eyes

      People don’t steal Porsches because the economy is bad. What a dumb thing to say.

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