ROSLYN HEIGHTS, NY (WCBS 880) – Maybe he’s got a thing for fast cars.

Nassau County police say William Mure, 30, used stolen W-2 forms to get a $100,000 loan from M&T Bank in Jericho on March 25.

Police say he took the check over to Porsche of Roslyn and bought himself a 2010 GT3. He drove off with the car March 28.

The bank, however, had realized they’d been scammed. The dealership received a stop payment notice on the check, but it was too late – Mure had already driven away in his fancy new car.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: Cops Nabbed Him In The End

Mure didn’t know his scam had fallen through, police say. He returned to the dealer Tuesday to pick up his title paperwork. That’s when he was arrested.

Mure faces Grand Larceny and Possession of a Forged Instrument charges.

It’s not the first time a fast car has gotten Mure in trouble, police say. Back in February, Mure was nabbed for stealing Ferrari parts from a Long Island dealership and selling them on eBay.

What do you make of the scam? If you managed to swipe $100,000, what would you do with the dough? Sound off in comments.

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