Poll: Christie Would Give Obama Tough Fight In 2012 Presidential Election

TRENTON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP)Gov. Chris Christie insists he won’t seek the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, but a new poll released Thursday indicates he could give President Barack Obama a tough fight if he does.

A nationwide Fairleigh Dickinson-PublicMind Poll pits several potential GOP candidates against Obama in head-to-head matchups.

It finds Obama with double-digit leads over former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. However, Obama polls only 6 percentage points higher than Christie.

Only former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney outperform Christie, with both running about even with Obama.

The poll of 800 registered voters nationwide was conducted by telephone using both landlines and cellphones from March 21-28. It has a sampling error margin of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Since taking office a little more than a year ago, Christie has become hugely popular and a darling of the national Republican Party.

A talk show regular and star on YouTube and Twitter, he’s also increasingly becoming a headliner at campaign events for conservative candidates, and a favorite of some Republicans looking to the 2012 presidential race — something he routinely shoots down.

At a town hall event this week in southern New Jersey, an attendee asked Christie how he could help the governor get elected president.

“I love the fact that you want to ask that question and feel that way about me. I’m extremely flattered,” Christie said, before dashing the man’s hopes. “For the 850th time, I’m not running for the president of the United States.”

Christie said running for president now is “not my calling” and that he’s not ready for the job.

However, Christie has been cashing in on his newfound popularity, headlining a fundraiser in Washington on Wednesday night for the National Republican Congressional Committee that raised $10 million — about $2 million more than the group’s goal.

Next week, he’ll join former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger for a fundraising dinner in New York City with proceeds going to the New Jersey Republican Party. The GOP is looking to gain control of the state Legislature in November, when all 120 seats are up for election.

Tickets for cocktail hour at the Soho Grand Hotel event run $1,000 and jump to $25,000 per person for those who want to attend dinner.

Local GOP lawmakers are thrilled at the governor’s newfound fundraising prowess, especially as they head into election season within newly drawn legislative maps, which are set to be released later in the week.

“Over the years, we’ve been the minority in down in Trenton — we’ve been outspent and outgunned in terms of ability to raise money,” said Assemblyman Jon Bramnick, R-Westfield. “Finally, we have a governor that is hugely popular around the country and that helps.”

Do you agree with this poll? Let us know below…

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One Comment

  1. The Truth says:

    The media is responsible for a lot of sensationalism including this story.

    What makes these idiots think Christie is great governor?

  2. DM says:

    Just out of curiosity, why is the article talking about Chrstie at all? He trails Obama by 6% points in the poll and two other candidates actually are running even with the “Mighty One”.

    So the story is really pretty sensationalized and not worth publishing.

  3. usmcmaggot says:

    Are you NUTS!!! On the PALIN/Christie ticket????

    He’s a joke, she’s a moron!!!

  4. Cate says:

    I’m glad to see that the majority here detest the man….hearing praise for Christie grates my nerves. He’s a bully, just like Bloomberg. The one thing he’s been successful at is destroying the public servants and teachers.

  5. nathan says:

    Just shows how pathetic the 12 GOP field is. America will never elect an obese POTUS. Btw, the election is already over. Obama in a lock.

    1. DM says:

      Whats the matter Nathan, do you hate obese people?

  6. c WEST says:


  7. Rhonda Levy says:

    He SHOULD run. On a treadmill!
    This jerk is an embarrassment. The Republi-thigs had it out for Corzine and weaseled this tub into office. He’s done nothing but implement their agenda as quickly as possible. If they said bend and grab your ankles he’d do it… er, on second thought, maybe not.

    1. DM says:

      How come all you people hate obese people? You’re awfully judgemental! I thought Democrats were tolerant and were against hateful rhetoric. Or is it only hateful rhetoric directed at Democrats that you oppose? Just curious!

  8. Charles Cabel says:

    yes, it would be a battle to the finish.. of the all-you-can-eat buffet.. seriously, what Rove-droid is making up these numbers? have they infiltrated CBS yet another 5 levels? this blimp is mitcth mcConnel lite (!), the “tough outsider” who’s as wired into the Koch bros/big Pharma machinery as palin and bachmann. enough with the planted PR stories disguised as news!

  9. jimmy says:

    Christie likes to talk, but he has accomplished ZERO as governor. His killing of the new Hudson tunnel was an absolute mistake, ignoring the future economic benefits to the state as well as the cheap, cheap, cheap cost of doing the project now, In other words, he’s an idiot.

  10. Mac says:

    Why isn’t anyone considering Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi as a very viable candidate for President?

    1. jg says:

      isn’t this they guy who forgot he lives in a slave state?

  11. Ron Tuttle says:

    He has a very good agenda. Cut taxes for the rich and make the poor pay for it. It’s pretty obvious what the Republicans are doing. Evidently America hasn’t learned from their past errors. Every time the Republicans get into power the country takes a major economic hit, except the rich of course.

  12. Matt says:

    It just shows that all you Leftwing SPENDERS AND TAKERS don’t get it….the government IS COMPLETELY BROKE…..and it is your way of thinking that has put us here. WAKE UP…idiots

    1. james says:

      The Right put us into this mess. They’re absolute hypocrites when it comes to spending and bailing out their rich pals. If we have a double dip recession, you can blame the Right and its mindless cutting for it.

  13. Anne says:

    Is this for real? I hope that he DOES run. Maybe Sarah Palin could be his running mate. That would certainly guarantee Obama four more years in the White House.

    1. Matt says:

      Anne…how nice they loosened the straps on your straight-jacket just long enough for you to type some gibberish, which has to be the ONLY reason anyone would want Obomber in the WH for any longer than he has to be.

  14. CK Wilson says:

    Really, is this news? It isn’t going to take much of anyone to unseat B.O.

    1. Matt says:

      Not according to this poll, CK.

      1. nathan says:

        keep harassing everyone on this board matt. Now donna you have no real friends loser.

  15. Serene says:

    This guy is full of manure. He has the same agenda as that dictator they have in Wisconsin. He wants to cut out everything that costs his rich friends money.. he is already spending the tunnel money for pet projects of his. The next thing to come up will be extented unemployment beniftis to the all those people that are going to take the jobs he created. All those police and fire jobs, along with teaching positions from all the education improvements we are enjoying. Maybe some more of our tax money can be used to help the Devils pay off THEIR arena. He is a blowhard is right.. Maybe someone should stick him with a pin so he can fly around the room.

  16. Howie Sprague says:

    Give us a break, this boob Christie is in the process of destroying the lives of New Jersey’s middle class while pampering the millionaires & billionaires who contributed to his campaign. He is following the pattern that is being set by the GOP across the country :make the rich richer on the backs of the middle class and the elderly. More & more Americans are beginning to realize that the GOP candidates who they voted for because they presented themselves as being ‘patriotic’ Americans who support the troops, first responders and the middle class in general, have lied to our faces. I look forward to recalls where possible and voting the rest of the GOP out of office when election time comes.

  17. Leonard says:

    Let’s not forget that he is the same guy who killed the ARC tunnel that would’ve provided thousands of jobs and reduced NJ Transit and Amtrak delays.

  18. Martin says:

    Who would want that fat slob as president?

  19. Lynne says:

    This is laughable. I would love to see our fat, blowhard governor try to unseat the President.

  20. maryann says:

    no he wont, no one in jersey would vote for him again

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