Staten Island Woman Accused Of Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy

If Convicted, Donovan Would Have To Register As Sex Offender

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — She’s a 20-year-old woman who allegedly took wild sexual liberties with a 13-year-old boy.

And now, as CBS 2’s John Slattery reports, she is facing very serious charges, including statutory rape.

The 20-year-old is Megan Donovan, and she had no comment on Thursday. The 13-year-old boy, who lives in the Rossville section of Staten Island, is not being identified. His family’s attorney is Louis Diamond.

“The allegation is that there was a formal act of sex, intercourse, with someone under 14,” Diamond said.

The parents of the 20-year-old would not speak of the case.

A source close to the investigation said there were text messages exchanged about what happened, and that the boy bragged about it.

The woman’s attorney, Mark Geiser, told the court the 13-year-old has an active imagination.  He said there were seven people in the house, and there’s no way it could have happened. In Donovan’s upscale Prince’s Bay neighborhood, there was surprise at the charges against her.

“She’s a very nice girl. I’m very surprised to hear that,” neighbor Ron Hansen said, adding when pressed if it’s possible something happened, “I really don’t think so.”

But the attorney for the alleged victim disagreed.

“Obviously, she has a problem to do something like this. People should seek help, if they have these desires,” Diamond said.

If Donovan is convicted, she would have to be registered as a sex offender under Megan’s Law, a black mark that would follow her for the rest of her life.

Donovan was released on $1,000 bond, and ordered to stay away from the child and his family.

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  1. SJ says:

    has anyone thought this young woman may well have the mentality of a 13 year old herself. I don’t beleive this was a rape situation. The young man certanily knew what sex was all about or he would not have participated in the act. It seems to me the parents are more concerned than the young man. It may also be a case of the young man fabricating the story to up his self esteem in front of his buddies. as she She is a nice looking kid herself and tohis buddies she is a hottie and he could have been put on notice by the buddies that if he did not have sex with her he was not a man.

    1. Shelia72 says:

      So, then, if it were a 20 yr old man having sex with a 13 yr old girl, it would also be ok if he had “the mentality of a 13 yr old”? Probably not because we see men as the only ones capable of this behavior. There is this idea that women aren’t capable of being sexual predators. WRONG!!! Yes boys rib each other and brag about stuff, but she took advantage of a child! Would you feel the same if this were YOUR child?! I am the mother of 3 children, 2 girls and one boy and I will go to the ends of the earth to protect them! At 13, he is going to be curious and the hormones are going crazy but that does not give an ADULT the right to “teach” him about sexuality. This can cause mental health issues in ADULTHOOD which he has not yet entered. Experimenting with a female peer (someone his own age) is a normal part of growing up not experimenting/engaging with an ADULT. Most of the MEN on here leaving comments are pigs for thinking this behavior is acceptable. My husband would want the same punishment for a female perp against our son as he would for a male perp against our daughters. There is a 7 yr age difference; that can be a lot in terms of cognitive processing from early teen years to young adulthood. Honestly, there is a 7 yr age difference between my husband and I, the difference is he was an ADULT capable of making his own decisions when we became a couple.

  2. Meme Meyagi says:

    i know this might seem obvious, but what happened to innocent until proven guilty? how is this woman going to rebuild her life if she is innocent of these charges? is this too much to ask of a reporter to think before printing this story?

    1. Meicli says:

      To: Meme Meyagi, Is that because the suspect is female, so that, you gave the case a benefit of doubt and assumed her innocent until proven cuilty. What if the suspect is a male, instead. Would you make the same consideration for him?

    2. Lefty says:

      nope. sex crimes you are guilty even if you are innocent. check out the new federal standards law that they are trying to push on us. they want to crucify all sex offenders for no better reason than they have that label. and people stigmatize them because they assume child abuse. Streaking is actually a sex offense under federal law… or will be under Adam Walsh.

      1. Shelia72 says:

        Sex with any one under the stated age is abuse! There is an imbalance of power there. And as for streaking, it is called public decency! We need to protect our children at all costs. At 13 he is still a child!

  3. Wolfman says:

    There’s a reason why puberty occurs when it does. For most of human history life expectancies were short, survival skills were simple and learned early and you had to start making babies early to be assured of two that would grow up. We live in a different world today but our genes haven’t changed, hence all the angst and hangups about teenage sex.

  4. Russ says:

    It is usually the childs parent that is the most upset over an incident like this. They hate to see their child grow up in certain ways and they want to take it out on the older person involved.m Statuaryb rape is a farce. If the child was indead raped it would be one thing. On the other hand if the child was taking part in the4 act willi9ngly, then how does that make the older person a sex pervert? so kids can’t make a decision like this under law. They can decide to go to the bathroom, or do other things. They make a decision to do those thin gs all by themself. Should such activities be made legal, I don’t think so, but being labeled a sex criminal for life, I don’t thiink thats a reasonable idea also.

    1. Chaz says:

      Mainly she would need help as she is an adult who slept with a boy. We all know if it was reversed and it was a 20 yr old man sleeping with a 13 yr old girl we would be calling him a baby raper, I dont get how when roles are reversed the woman isnt viewed as a perv

    2. Proud2B@Parent says:

      Russ you are wrong, you cannot compare a child’s mind and an adults mind. She know very well he was underage. I’m sure their are many available men her age she could have sex with. Why did she have the need to have sex with a child that is gross and she should get locked up for it. If you have children of your own you may understand until then shut your trap.

    3. Proud2BLatina says:

      I totally agree, You cannot compare a child’s mind and an adults mind. She know very well he was underage. I’m sure their are many available men her age she could have sex with. Why did she have the need to have sex with a child that is gross and she should get locked up for it. So please keep your mouth trap closed since its most likely you have no kids..until then shove a shoe in your trap.

  5. Jenn says:

    I reversed the language in the article to see how it would read if Donovan was a man and the victim was a girl:
    Some great quotes:

    “He’s a 20-year-old man who allegedly took wild sexual liberties with a 13-year-old girl.
    And now,… he is facing very serious charges, including statutory rape.”
    (um, yeah! we would be calling for his head!!)

    “The parents of the 20-year-old would not speak of the case.”
    (if this was a man, would we care what his parents comments would be?)

    “The man’s attorney, Mark Geiser, told the court the 13-year-old has an active imagination.”
    (blame the victim – can you imagine this quote if it was a girl who was raped?)

    ““Obviously, he has a problem to do something like this. People should seek help, if they have these desires,” Diamond said.”
    (my favorite quote in here – if it was a man who allegedly abused a 13 year old girl, people would be calling to lock him up, not get him help.)

    1. Mike says:

      Good post!

    2. sexist says:

      This is what makes so not bearable American women – they think that sexes are equal in all aspects.
      I am forever thankful to the neighboring woman for teaching me sex at early age.

    3. Bill says:

      Excellent re-write. You’re right…that last one was really good.

    4. Scott says:

      Great persepctive

  6. Lucius Junius Brutus says:

    Can anyone imagine the trouble this boy will have with other guys and law enforcement agencies, work and anyone, male or female that manages to investigate him and finds out he was RAPED by A GIRL!!?!?!
    Wat sort of life will he have? He will have to keep this prosecution a secret from everyone and , if he and his parents are smart, the charges will be dropped. He will be unmarriagiable and people in the know will snicker at him over this.
    Were I his parents, I would want to forget about this as fast as possible.

    1. DrK says:

      What are you talking about? If it’s a wonderful part of a boy’s sexual growth then you should have no problem with men having sex with under 14 girls.

      1. D.C. says:

        Uh, that’s right: THERE IS NO PROBLEM. In France, you can even get married at age 14 (with parents’ permission)!

        This country is way too stuck-up on sex.

        BTW, older-guy/young-girl is different than older-lady/young-kid.

        THIS KIND IS A PUTZ getting the woman in trouble like this.

        My heart goes out to her!

    2. Chaz says:

      A male being raped is NOT something you should condemn him for, your just victimizing him all over again and THAT is NOT fair. Men are raped, just very few reported because of your small minded thinking.
      As for this case though, it was called rape, its called statutory rape which means he was a willing particpant, just he is underage while his partner was 18yrs or older.

      1. chaz says:

        wasnt called rape I mean

  7. Wolfman says:

    Someone please tell me how a female rapes a male heterosexually? Did she beat him til he got a hard-on? And he was BRAGGING about it to his friends? I’m sure they all envied him. The law should recognize what we all knew when I was growing up: Males and females are different in the sex department.

    1. DrK says:

      How bout a 30 year old fondling an 8 year old? Sounds like that’s just peachy in your world.

    2. Proud2BLatina says:

      I am a mother of 3 boys and its troubling that Wolman and Chaz and yet so many on this post are ok with little boys having sex with women! You are all gross and should also be locked up for your thinking. A child should not be having sex at that age they should still be thinking about playing with their GI Joes. The b***tch needs to get raped in jail for abusing a child..

      1. Wolfman says:

        This “little boy” is probably taller and stronger than you, Latina. He’s not a prepubescent eight-year-old. This was simply normal heterosexual attraction between a male and a female, both parties consenting, redefined as a crime. Perhaps in our society it has to be a crime, but don’t call it rape. It isn’t.

  8. Media Mogul says:

    Innocent until proven guilty? NEVER in america. Bunch of freaking hypocrites.

  9. Ny77 says:

    This is what’s wrong with this world!!! Adults have got to stop sexualizing children!!!! This is disgusting behavior and I don’t understand some of you people making a joke out it. Whether it’s a 13 year boy or girl, It’s wrong!!!! Adults should have sex with other adults.!!! NOT 13 year old kids!!!

  10. Ny77 says:

    This is what’s wrong with this country! Adults have to stop sexualizing children! This is disgusting!!!! What happened to morals???!!!

  11. Adam says:

    so…”ben”…what’s your point?

  12. JMS says:

    I understand that the laws have to be written in a gender neutral fashion but damn, if I’d of pulled this off when i was 13 I would’ve made the booty call hall of fame. If the allegations are true and she has to do time for making some 13 year old knucklehead a middle school legend then something is really wrong here.

    1. cisco says:

      what is even nore loco is that everyone is assuming the boy isnt a lier. How many kids lie at that age ? (About 95%) come on people. Look at it all the way around, you guys are looking at it as open and close case. How do we know it wasnt a 13 year old trying to blow smoke so he could look good in front of his friends and then got into adults hands and got blown out of control.

  13. yes, I'm a woman says:

    I think a 20 yr old woman/girl having sex with a 13 yr old boy is crazy in an of itself, however, if he’s bragging about it, he obviously wasn’t “raped” or forced or anything of the sort. IF she did it, and that’s a big IF, she may have done it out of pity for the kid. Ever heard of “sympathy sex”? I mean, come on, she is pretty and I’m sure can get it from someone her own age! This whole thing is ridiculous. And yes, it IS different if the girl was 13 and the man 20. But in some countries 13 year old girls are given away for marriage to men who are in their 30s, so go figure!

    1. JMS says:

      Under the law a minor is incapable of giving consent and its all considered rape no matter if its at gunpoint or done willingly by both parties. You may not agree but the law is the law. As far as her being pretty..well…lets just say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

      1. Zavier says:

        Amen, amen and um..,yeah.

    2. richard says:

      just about everything is becomeing against the law only real problem is mom found out dad was probably proud but has to act diffrent so he can still get some P–SY if she still lets him kid 13 maybe once a month

  14. Leonard says:

    Where were all of these hot cougars when I was a teenager?

    1. Stephen Holland says:

      I bet the 12 year boy friends wish they could
      Women been doing this for years and she could be label a Sex Offender for life

      I am sure the boy did not complain in fact, his friends envy him lol

      1. DrK says:

        Do you think lives are any less ruined if a 20 year old man has sex with a 15 year old? Why is that ok?

  15. Derry Nelson says:

    well i need to check the Register Sex Offenders website for Female sexual Predators. so i could disguise my self as a 12 year old young boy. but it will be hard to convince her i’m 12. with my partial dentures and my walker.

  16. thrillme says:

    does anyone on the board have her number? or are there any vacancies in this town?you know just for the summer months!!

  17. boomshaka says:

    The boy is said to be a stable condition after he had a stress-fracture of the right hand from high-fiving.

  18. Vic Zadik says:

    Some guys get all the luck! What a great deal for the kid. Didn’t even have to pay for it.

  19. Mike Alright says:

    Men defend women no matter what. And that eventually will be the downfall of the US….

  20. Lynn says:

    This sounds to me like a case of he said she said. first of all who was texting because it doesn’t say that she was texting about it with him it sounds like he was just texting people with whatever he thought happened or maybe she had sex with someone else and he is using it as his story.

    Not to make light of this situation but it just sounds like a bad joke

    1. Mike Alright says:

      I am sure that if this was a girl accusing a man you would have the same reaction, right woman? Enjoy your unappreciated special rights while you still have them….

  21. MCK says:

    I heard she’s coming out in a new movie…..Megan Does Staten Island!

  22. I_Love_Weiner says:

    Confucious Say…

    Lay back and enjoy!

  23. Babygirl51 says:


  24. Lucius Junius Brutus says:

    A source close to the investigation said there were text messages exchanged about what happened, and that the boy bragged about it.
    No boy,(or girl, for that matter), would ever brag about having been raped .
    Someone, probably in the GOP is running for higher office.

    1. Russ says:


  25. TX Joe says:

    Lucky kid! What is the problem?

  26. Jim says:

    Umm. Where does it say she is a teacher?

  27. bigbill says:

    For that young man….It will never get any better than that.

  28. Jim says:

    I should have had such problems when I was 13.

    1. Russ says:

      LOL – me too. Now if it had been a GUY who did that to him it would be a totally different story – as it should be.

      1. Tim Sitomer says:

        what do you mean “as it should be” your saying that its ok for a adult woman to sleep with young boys, but wrong for a adult man to sleep with young girls?

  29. Dr. John says:

    It did happen to me when I was 13 and then repeatedly through my adult life. I was smart enough to keep my mouth shut the first time and always thereafter. Never a problem.

  30. Joe Russo says:

    Where were these teachers when I was 13??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Crocker says:

      I had the same thought. I would have kept my mouth shut if I had been lucky enough to have an older lover.

  31. bloomberg says:

    In September 2007, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of more than 80 female employees, who argue Bloomberg L.P. engaged in a pattern of discrimination against pregnant women who took maternity leave. Michael Bloomberg is responsible for the creation of the systemic, top-down culture of discrimination’ at the company.
    This is the same idiot mayor who says we can’t smoke in the parks.
    I guess shortchanging women is more socially acceptable than smoking.

  32. Alfredo Villanueva says:

    I am sorry. South of the border this would be celebrated, not condemned. Young boys routinely undergo initiation by slightly older females Fathers or older brothers take them to trusted “ladies of the night”. If the boy can do it, he is no longer a boy, he is a man. By the way, the standard does not apply to girls.Only in hypocritical America is this a motive for scandal.

    1. Russ says:

      Not “hypocritical”…. you mean “Politically Correct”.

    2. DrK says:

      Really? Women get married at early ages the world over. By this logic if it’s a “standard’ it’s ok.

      I was an exchange student who was hit on by his host mother. It was exciting but it also left me very uncomfortable and confused.

  33. karon cross says:

    Dosent have to be true. All they have to do is say it and your lifes over. Ask my son.

  34. SALIM, Mumbai says:

    I dont think She did this. She is beautiful. If at all, she can have sex with any handsome boy of her age. And she must be having one.
    Be brave young lady. fight for your respect.

  35. Trishe says:

    The DA in Staten Island must be running for office. these allegation seem to be from text messages, but it does not say who are the parties involved in these messages…the teacher and student or the student and friends. DO NOT CAST STONES UNTIL THE TRUTH IS OUT. .

  36. Old but not dead says:

    Why is a 20 y.o interested in a 13 y.o. and not a 73 y.o. like me who’s financially stable?

    1. jj09 says:

      bc thats equally as gross.

      1. sinverguenza says:

        hahahaha!!! hilarious!!!

    2. NeS says:

      Sure they are, just check craigslist

  37. Moral Truth says:

    Ms. Donovan is not guilty and thats the moral truth

    1. r.c says:

      do you k now something we don’t?

  38. Daniel P says:

    Remember the Duke Rape [which never occurred] Case.

    1. jtorres says:

      Remember Mary Kay Letourneau? That case did occur. Repeatedly

      1. Evie says:

        It occurred, two baby girls were produced and she married him when she got out of jail. So yes, you are right, it definitely happens and it isn’t right. And I don’t care what is traditional in other countries, this is America and it’s not okay.

  39. Matan says:

    Yeah, and if it was a 20 year old guy having sex with a 13 year old girl you’d be calling for his balls to be removed – it’s statutory rape, and it isn’t okay.

    1. DigitalBob says:

      That’s great but boys are not girls. Trust me when I tell you he will be just fine except for being too stupid to keep his mouth shut.

      1. mari says:

        i am shocked at how everyone is ok with this! i am a female and im appalled. women can be creeps too. all you people saying youre jealous are pathetic and need help. hopefully this isnt true but i wouldnt be surprised if it is.

      2. LuckyKid says:

        This kid is an idiot!!! He could have kept a good thing going but he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

        And for ALL you who don’t understand why I’m “ok” with it is.. BECAUSE it is one of the BIGGEST fantasies for a young bio to be seduced by an older woman. Why couldn’t I have been that lucky!

        BTW – I love the auto-refresh on this CBS site and I’m sure their CPM advertisers love it too…NOT!!!!!!

    2. lex says:

      cause a 20 yr old FEMALE cannot RAOE a dude…unless he is passed out…lucky 13 yrd old who was STUPID enough to talk about it!!
      WHERE WERE ALL these teachers (FEMALE) when we were kids? I know, they were there, but WE were not STUPID like these kids to speak about it…lol

  40. lawyer for a day says:

    Prince’s Bay and upscale should never appear in the same sentence together. All flash, no cash.

  41. Jack8r says:

    An event worthy of examination has been turned into a totally unwarranted TV commercial for Lou Diamond. The system has been gamed and the case flawed by the broadcasting of unfounded opinion – not unlike my theorizing that Mr, Diamond is positioning for a book or movie. This is another example of poor reporting. Staten Island has a fine D.A. and the case should be left to his office to handle.

  42. says:

    I’d hit that.

    1. haywood jablowme says:

      yeah me too……. how come this kind of thing never happened to me when i was 13……damn

    2. kissemall says:

      I’d rather tap that news reporter “Katherine Johnson” first,…

  43. joe says:

    Unfortunately, even if she is totally exonerated, her life is ruined.

    1. Jusss says:

      No, it won’t be. She is a female and she will be able to work and live elsewhere. If the genders were reversed, however, then your statement would hold true.

      1. needa20yrlover says:

        I say she has a greater chance of finding employment than a male would have..what male dominating company would pass on her as a employee..think of all water cooler conversation and google desktop talks that will go on in that office!!!!

  44. Moral Truth says:

    Everyone here is railroading Ms. Donovan. The police just make an arrest based on a false accusation.

    Where is the DNA test. Once she is vindicated she needs to sue and thats the moral truth

    1. T kall says:

      What do you mean by railroading her? I think the term you are looking for is running a train…hahahaha!

    2. jtorres says:

      First, DNA results take 6 weeks. Also, they don’t work in reverse or after time has passed. And finally, when it comes to sexual assault, all you need is a credible accusation to make an arrest.
      The bail is very low but that could be because it’s a first offense, and she’s not a flight risk. Or she could very well be innocent

  45. Anthony says:

    Megan is a take-off on Mary Kay Letourneau.

  46. Yeith Ponia says:

    I wish she thinks of resettling in another country leaving the tag of being a sex offender rest of her life. I have reservations for her, she is pretty and nice. I wish I had her for life. Give her my contact please.

  47. jaybee 5 says:

    The 3rd world would definitely be laughing at you if they realized you in your mind thought that this 14 year old boy having had sex with this lady had somehow been hurt or wronged. You should get these articles off of here or they’ll think twice about affluent nations being the controllers of world policies

  48. Alan Foos says:

    I don’t believe it. Meanwhile, the daughter of a long time family friend was raped by a staff member at a high school. Very likely she isn’t the only one, but not a soul will do a thing. But this woman, no. God will set things straight. You don’t believe in God? You’re in for a surprise.

    1. HelpOur says:

      Submit an immediate call to 311. It can be done anonymously, and provide all details. The Office of Special Investigations will examine it, get statements, and force the issue along. You can also report it to ACS as a mandated reporter if you have intimate knowledge of the crime.

    2. joe says:

      Sorry. Don’t believe in God. And the one in for a surprise…is you.

  49. pugphan says:

    She’s 20 so why is she a woman, she’s under 21. If this was about something else, for instance if she were the victim of a crime, then she would be a young lady or a teen. Sound to me like the kid has fantasies about her, and his pees
    want monieeee E! smokersodysseycom

    1. Tommy says:

      in the united states a person is considered an adult at 18, not 21

      1. jewelz says:

        however their parents are still responsible for them till theyre 21 Thats just not right/

  50. Anthony wills says:

    The laws is you cannot have sex with these kids

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