Cowboy-Up!  That is the the iconic rallying cry coined by Kevin Millar back in 2004 when he was a member of the Boston Red Sox.  The Sox went on to win the World Series and Millar’s legacy was set in stone in Bean Town.  Millar played 12 years overall in the Big Leagues before retiring to his role as a studio analyst for the MLB Network.

He joined Boomer & Craig in-studio this morning to talk a little baseball and have a little fun.  Craig immediately asked the 39 year-old Millar about the blond highlights in his hair.

From there Millar commented on Jose Reyes, how he is perceived throughout the league and what he means to the Mets —  a team he could see contending for the Wild Card this year.

They also talked about the Yankees and the Red Sox, who has the edge on paper at this point, and some other things to look for throughout the 2011 season…

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