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Brooklyn Teacher Accused Of Making Terrorist Threats

Sources: Sabrina Milo Planned To Come Armed To 'Settle Scores'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police arrested a Brooklyn teacher Friday morning on charges of making terrorist threats against school personnel.

Sources said 34-year-old Sabrina Milo told at least two other teachers at Fort Hamilton High School that she planned to bring a shotgun to the school and conduct a Columbine-style attack to “settle scores.”

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan with more details on Milo’s alleged threats

Fearful teachers reported the threats to school safety agents, who handcuffed Milo and turned her in to police.

It’s unknown whether she owned any weapons, but there was concern that she had access to them because her husband is a former serviceman, the Daily News reported.

Sources also told the paper, Milo was suspended last May for hitting a student with a ruler.

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  1. jv says:

    i can’t believe that people are viewing her as a victim! regardless of whether she is a good teacher or not, she made an extremely dangerous threat. how can the school take that lightly with all of the devastating events that have occurred around this country and around the world. the school’s job is to protect their staff and students and that is what they have done. i’m sure the teacher’s tried to give her time to cool down and retract her statement before reporting her. if it was a mistake she should have taken it back and apologized the next day. she clearly did not! parents and students should be thankful that the school took the actions that they did. they could have very well prevented a catastrophe and saved many lives. no one sees it that way…why?…because nothing happened. was she capable? i guess that’s for the courts to decide, however, we’ll never really know. frankly, i think that everyone should be thankful that they never had to find out.

    1. jv says:

      talk to a family member of a columbine victim and see how harmless they think her statement is.

  2. J.g. says:

    Ms.milo is one of the best teacher at fort hamilton high school,she makes a lot of jokes to make the class more interest and fun.i believe the teachers that said that about her don’t like.she told us that they don’t want her to teach at fort.

  3. Marie says:

    I couldn’t believe such a thing. I had Ms. Milo on friday 4th period apparently the day she was arrested. I’ve had MS. Milo for 2 years now. This term I was taken out of her class and I did everything in my power to get her back. I dropped my lunch so I could have such an amazing teacher. I told my parents to write me a letter so I could continue to take her class and drop lunch. I found out about Ms. Milos arrest on saturday. I can’t believe I didn’t find out sooner. When I saw the news paper on saturday I couldn’t believe it hit me really hard. THe amount of love I have for Ms. Milo is unreplacable. I’ve been an art student since I could remember and of all the art teachers I’ve had in my life time not one could have seen as amazing as Ms.Milo. SHe doesn’t just teach, she inspires students. Pushs them to there ablity. She does not just teach then she gets to know them. I know for sure that she has insprired me. She is just an AMAZING teacher. I know for sure that she was accused and that what some teachers seem to have said about her is not true. THer’s is a type jealousy that lets you lie or even kill. It’s called envy and that’s what the teacher or teachers that apparently reported this alagation. THey envy the type of relationship she has with her students, she’s a teacher who cares for her students and they envy her for that which is very sad. I recammend they look into the teacher(s) who stated this false statements. Don’t worry justice will be surved!

    1. Just another teacher says:

      Maybe you should pay more attention in English class than Art class and work on your grammer and spelling. WOW!

      1. Just another teacher says:


  4. Michael Saveme Silverman says:

    It seems everyone here has convicted her without hearing all the facts, only the allegations. We don’t even know who made this alleged report, or why they waited so long to report it. If it were reported right away I would say maybe the allegations were more credible. but the fact that time had elapsed shows doubt as the the authenticity of the allegation.

    It seems to me that Milo was well liked by her students but disliked by at least one or more her colleges and possibly the schools administration.

    if you don’t like someone all you need to do is make an anonymous phone call to 911 saying “so and so” has a gun, that you have seen it, and wham the police will break down anyone’s door, In this case tell some one you have heard them make a watered down statement.

    terrorist threats is a crime defined by statute, the one must make a threat, with an intent to cause fear, do so in a manner that is public, and must be specific to an action that is a crime.

    S 490.20 Making a terroristic threat.
    1. A person is guilty of making a terroristic threat when with intent
    to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a
    unit of government by intimidation or coercion, or affect the conduct of
    a unit of government by murder, assassination or kidnapping, he or she
    threatens to commit or cause to be committed a specified offense and
    thereby causes a reasonable expectation or fear of the imminent
    commission of such offense.
    2. It shall be no defense to a prosecution pursuant to this section
    that the defendant did not have the intent or capability of committing
    the specified offense or that the threat was not made to a person who
    was a subject thereof.
    Making a terroristic threat is a class D felony.
    IT IS MY CONCLUSION THAT, no crime had been committed, her statement if true, had been distasteful but had not risen to the level of criminal conduct. there exist sufficient doubt to the veracity of the allegations. furthermore Prima facially the allegations do not meet the requirements proscribed in the statute to support the charges. Therefore,

    2) that 1983 ACT color of law violations had occurred.
    3) Milo is still suffering false arrest.
    4) Milo is being maliciously prosecuted.
    I NOT AN ATTORNEY, this is not an exhaustive nor completely accurate list detailing the steps necessary to Sue the City of new york but rather a general “guide on” doing so, consult an attorney, for all cases are unique and have specific requirements due to the unique nature of each case.
    but I recommend,
    1) sending out a NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUE to “all parties” to the city comptroller, very briefly describing the situation using proper verification language as required by NY CPLR rule 3202 (I believe)
    ******may also need to serve the attorney general of the state of NY.
    2) arranging a 50h hearing as may be proscribed by law
    3) sending a DEMAND LETTER no less than 30 days to the necessary individuals /agency’s before filing suit in state and federal court.
    ******also Accepting an ACD would bar bringing a Malicious prosecution suit as described by,Hollender v. TRUMP VIL COOP., 58 NY 2d 420 – NY:Court of Appeals 1983 and reaffirmed by O’BRIEN v. Alexander, 101 F. 3d 1479 – Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit 1996,”[I] na malicious prosecution action, it is for the one who brings the suit to establish that the criminal proceeding… terminated in favor of the accused. Indeed, it is `only when [the]… final disposition is such as to indicate… innocence ‘that this burden is met.”

    Also I see a lot of people in this comment thread willing to accept double jeopardy and see criminal punishments imposed both in criminal court and by the DOE again with out knowing any facts. its amazing!

    Its bad enough that she has been exposed to public ridicule with malice aforethought (how did the media get there in-time to see the “perpwalk”), subject to criminal prosecution, and a civil punishment which will I’m sure will contain a punishment so remedial that it will constituent a criminal punishment at the preponderance of the evidence and not beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I remember hating the communists as a child because they would summarily ruin a citizens life, without due process. i am starting to see the same thing is happening here.

    heaven save this republic!

  5. Dinaa says:

    I am a former student of fort hamilton high school and Ms. Milo DOES NOT deserve such a thing. She has a great, strong teacher that has positive affects on her kids. She did not hit no student with any rulers ? Such rumors. Ms. Milo is a very great person. Free Ms. milo NOWWW!! Where can i testify for ms. Milo in court because i will & all the students of fort hamilton will !

  6. KGZA says:

    Fort Hamilton High School is probably the best public high school in NYC, specifically Brooklyn. It is an honor, a privilege for anyone to work there or attend as a student. However, with our Mayor’s derogatory remarks about schools, closings, layoffs, and the such there is an added pressure to educators and students alike. The Sabrina Milos of the educational world need to be medicated, not incarcerated. The State and City has been reviewing Fort Hamilton High School endlessly because it is the ONLY NYS?NYC school that adheres to rules, regulations and guidelines as per DOE specification. The educators are superb, the students learn, and the Mayor and his crew want a school like this to shut down???Shame on him. If Ms. Milo seems to reflect an entire faculty and student body at Fort Hamilton, then it is unfair that an entire school suffers for ones “mental” instabilities. Medicate Milo.Leave Fort Hamilton alone so the rest of the teachers can do their job…TEACH! Bloomberg…SHAME ON YOU

  7. Jane says:

    I am outraged at Sabrina’s arrest. To teach high school in itself is taking a risk today because a disgruntled student can bring a teacher down. I can’t believe fellow teachers would take a remark in the faculty room as a serious threat. No one is safe in airing their frustrations anymore. The teachers involved in the accusation are most likely envious of Sabrina’s popoularity among the students an her charismatic personality. I have heard that Sabrina is an outstanding teacher and of the highest moral character. To let off steam is now going to put you in jail and destroy your career. If the accusers misrepresnted what Sabrina said they should go to jail for false accusation. God bless you Sabrina.

  8. GBBEE says:

    Does anyone know how I can testify for Ms. Milo in court. It has been six years since I took her High School class and still, I carry with me the profound and lasting affects of her presence. Please direct me to where I can testify to the innocuous nature of Ms.Milo’s threats so that somehow, her penalty may be reduced. Believe me when I say she is an inspiring and very human teacher. She believes in physical non-violence and her verbal out-spurts, which are evidences of how much she cares, have been completely misconstrued as something “dangerous”.

    1. Michael Saveme Silverman says:


  9. Honnie Lee says:

    I think that Ms. Milo case should be very well investigated, due that in this school it is a lot of pressure and a lot of things are going on. This school has, I believe, the highest rate of death for cancer and hearth attacks in NYC. This has always been linked to the staff gossips to gain favors from the administration and pressure that the administration put on teachers. Additionally, I believe, it is the school where there are more incidents ending in arrests in Brooklyn. It should be investigated very well and human rights should be involved. It is true that in this school children education is taken seriously, because the quality of education is excellent, and their safety is vital for the administration. However, the price for that quality is killing people and sending innocents to jail. Everybody that knows Ms. Milo know that she uses to joke a lot, but she, I believe, is incapable of killing not even a rat. She is a wonderful person.

    Honnie Dee

  10. jamie says:

    wow this is amazing i wonder why would she say that

  11. mg says:

    What kind of background check do school personnel get before they are hired? Some have mental problems. Others have sexual problems.

  12. gd says:

    What a ridiculous thing to say! Kids don’t like teachers for things like a low grade or for sending a note home to mom about behavior. You should probably just stay as far away from the teacher selection process as possible, for everyone’s sake!

  13. Bernie Sanders says:

    these are the teachers who should not be teaching … every teacher should be evaluated and if the kids dont liek the teacher you get the boot its as simple as that !

    1. Bernie is a dope says:

      YEAH, THAT WILL WORK! Give a kid too much homework, lose your job. Make them do their classwork, lose your job. Break up a fight, lose your job. Noy buy them lunch, lose your job. Bernie, I would love to know what you do for a living and where you work if at all. This way I can talk to your boss to impliment the same rule.

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