Long Island Gas Station Closed After Selling Regular As Premium

COMMACK, NY (WCBS 880) – The engines of some high-end cars on Long Island may have been damaged by one gas station.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: Some Cars Need The Higher Octane

The USA Petroleum gas station on Veterans Memorial Highway in Commack has been shut down. Authorities said at least twice in the last six months, the owners have been caught selling regular gasoline under the premium pump – charging customers the higher price.

Suffolk County consumer affairs director Clifford Coleman says, “There are certain vehicles out there that do take the 93 octane and it’s very important for them to have that particular type of product so that the engine functions properly.”

Coleman told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall that the owners face thousands of dollars in fines.

Under the law the county has the right to revoke a gas station’s license and shut the business down.

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One Comment

  1. HEK says:

    I have purchased “premium” gas at that station as my office is accross the street. I am extremely upset and hope that my car has not been ruined. THEY ARE STILL OPEN AND OPERATING. I just saw them in business today. (BTW, to Mike Ali, they are not Indians).

  2. Moral Truth says:

    An owner has the right to charge what he wants at his station, This is a vicolation of his civil rights and thats the moral thruth

    1. Check Your Morals says:

      It is NOT a violation of his civil rights. He advertised the gasoline as PREMIUM and sold it at that price when in fact it was REGULAR gasoline. You cannot advertise a product as something and then sell the customer something else. That is against the law….and IMMORAL.

      1. DoubleEdge says:

        Moral Truth is completely wrong on this one. regular gasoline can, and will, damage the engines of some vehicles which need the higher octane gas to run properly. They can charge what they want, just stop trying to fleece people – label the gas properly. BTW, I have a 1 carat cubic zarconia ring to sell you for $5,000. I will just label it a diamond and we’re good, right?

  3. dudehere says:

    thats why I only use 87,lol

  4. hard to sue what you cant see, they are closed, took all the cash out and the tanks are probably near empty. they will set up shop elsewhere and again and again. but it wont be in smelly mumbai.

  5. t. lambert says:

    its called throwing over and its been going on for at least 30 years
    i know all about this one as i used to deliver gasoline back in the early 80’s
    much more commen than you think

  6. Mike ali says:

    Was this station owned by a SLEAZY LOWLIFE INDIAN FROM SOUTH INDIA?
    If it is send those lowlifes Indian’s back to smellly MUMBAI.

  7. RICK says:


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