Yankees Fans Face Potential Blackout Over YES, DirecTV Dispute

NEW YORK (WFAN) — If you were watching the Yankees’ home opener Thursday afternoon, you probably noticed a commercial on YES urging fans to “be heard” in the network’s ongoing contract battle with DirecTV.

An updated video posted to the YES website ominously states, “Attention DirecTV subscribers: The YES Network’s current agreement with DirecTV expires tonight. Starting tomorrow you may lose your entire season of Yankees baseball on YES.

“We’ve been working diligently towards new deal but despite our continued negotiations, DirecTV may cease to carry the YES network. We’re doing everything we can to resolve this situation and ensure a full season of Yankees baseball on YES.”

As of 11:59 p.m. Friday, the TV home of the Yankees and Nets will be without an agreement with DirectTV. Whether YES will actually be pulled off the air is unclear.

“DIRECTV plans to keep the channel up while we conclude these negotiations,” said the satellite provider in a statement. “However, if the channel should go dark for any reason, make no mistake that it was solely the decision of YES Network to take the channel away from DIRECTV customers.”

The statement continues, “If YES Network goes dark, MLB Extra Innings and NBA League Pass customers will continue to see Yankees and Nets games but will not have access to the YES Network feed. In most instances DirecTV will provide the opposing team’s feed for these packages. If you receive YES Network as your local RSN, unfortunately these games will not be available.”

The YES Network responded on Thursday: “We are negotiating in good faith with DirecTV in hopes of resolving this matter quickly.”

DirectTV asserts YES wants fees that are “significantly higher” than what traditional cable providers pay.

“This will get resolved if YES agrees that DIRECTV should pay the same amount as the other three dominant TV providers in the market (Comcast, Time Warner & Cablevision),” the company said. “DIRECTV customers should not be forced to pay a penny more for YES Network.”

Yankees fans with DirecTV, let your voice be heard in the comments below!


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  1. NYYfaninFLS says:

    We live in South Florids. THE only reason we have DirectTV is because of YES. We used to have Comcast and purchased Extra Innings but found the opposing team announcers so annoying. We want YES. If DirectTV can not get the job done with YES, we will look elsewhere even if we have to stream it live and then rebroadcast to our tv, GO Yankees!

    1. Scott S says:

      I Totally Agree! cannot stand most of the opposing teams feed (camera work)…most of the announcers are down right pitiful also!… called dtv a will be canceling the extra innings package if this is not resolved!….I thought Yes was the top regional sports network….Yes does have the best camera work for a baseball game too!…btw…the extra innings package did go up in price…if you ask me this is all about greed.

    2. Ben R says:

      I’m not getting the Yankees on YES anymore! DirecTV said I’m out of market so I shouldn’t be getting games live, but I’ve gotten live games for the past 2 years. Can anyone confirm that they get live Yanks games on YES out of market?

  2. Tom Kilroy says:

    Come on Diretvl let’s get this done! The Directv YES broadcasts are superior to most so if costs a bit more charge me, but don’t lose them.

  3. Lynne says:

    I called DirecTv this afternoon. After being thanked for being a customer all these years (week before YES went on air) I stated my case… “If DirecTv doesn’t renew with YES then I will be a FIOS customer in no time. I have DirecTv for the YES network — and without my Yankees I’m GONE”!

    Call DirecTv –ASAP– they need to know you’ll leave!!!

  4. patricia says:

    well if direct tv chooses to omit the yes network from their sports pack that i’m actually paying extra for per month for that will just push me to find another provider that carries the yes network without extra per month fee I have already checked into a few of them it will be so long direct tv

  5. NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    It seems that a lot of people got DirecTV for the YES network and to watch the Yankees. If YES goes, a good portion of DirecTV subscribers will go also, since the top packages aren’t worth the money to pay for premium channels that show the same shows over and over and over again every week, every month and every year. DirecTV keeps raising its rates. I don’t know what their problem is. If they don’t keep Yes, they don’t keep me and approximately another couple of million customers.

  6. Truthseeker says:

    Why is it that the Yankee’s and YES won’t respond to the Direct TV statement that they will continue to show the Yankee games during the negotiations, unless the Yankees black them out, and if the games are blacked out to keep in mind that it is the Yankees pullling the plug and not Direct TV? Why haven’t they responded to the statement that Direct TV is willing to pay the same fee as the other major carriers but the Yankees want more?

    Could it be because they can’t deny the truth behind the comments and don’t want the fans to know that they are the fly in the ointment? I’m not asking them to negotiate in the public eye, just respond to the statements and let us know if they are being falsely accussed. If DTV can be open about their position, why can’t the Yankees. And “YES”, we have a right to know…we are the ones who are footing the bill in the end.

  7. Cali says:

    The only reason why our family has Direct TV is to get the YES Network! I even paid to get it installed at my parents home for the same reason! It’s rough out here in California living in Giants country. Direct T V will be outta here if they pull the YES network !!!

  8. michael h./ torrance, ca says:

    Maybe if the yankees paid their players just a little bit less they would not have to ask directv to pay more to carry the yes channel.
    Buy the same token if directv really cared what they’re subscribers paid we would not have to worry about flipping past some channel that is telling me what the wrather is like in lisbon or some channel that teaches me how to cook alligator balls!
    I’m stuck in california and if I end up having no yankees on yes buy buy directv!!!

    1. Jim L. says:

      Greed again. Not knowing how the pricing works makes it impossible for us who suffer to use logic to decide who is wrong. I’d hope that it $/household which would be fair as YES only gets to locations on cable/sat/fiber. If YES is not scaling that way, then I’d be on Direct’s side. Regardless it sucks and I may have to switch to TWC for awhile to get it.

  9. bluedog says:

    Ditto for me. Only have YES for the Yanks. They’re gone, I’m gone! That simple.

  10. Joe says:

    Being a Yankee fan and partial plan Yankees season ticketholder from Massachusetts, I’ve been with DirecTV for 15 years for the sole purpose of recieving Yankee broadcasts. Right now I am very agry with the both of them. Make no mistake about it. This is Yankee greed at its worst. Randy Levine & Co have brought us overpriced empty seats behind home plate and now a blackout for hundreds of thousands of loyal fans. DirecTV is guilty of fraudulently taking payment for their sports packages knowing the Yankee contract is in jeapardy.

  11. Joe says:

    DIRECTV get this done or I am gone after 20 years!
    You have no problem raising our rates each year!

  12. Bill says:

    I just upgraded my Directv to HD! My wife and I love the Yanks and were looking forward to the season on HD! It’s all politics, major players always looking to make a buck and keep the little guy down. Hopefully I’m wrong…

  13. george McCUE says:

    I signed up with Direct TV 9 years ago about this same time only because cable vision refused to carry theYES network because of a fee dispute. I’ll change providers again in a heart beat.

  14. Steven says:

    This is bull. I am holding directv responsible. Directv will lose me as a customer if they lose YES.

  15. Peter says:

    No Yankees means I have no need for Directv, I just hope the lines aren’t busy when I call to cancel my account.

  16. jack delaurentis says:

    if we lose the yanks, you will my business!

  17. Karley says:

    We dumped Time Warner Cable due to constant rate increases and HORRIBLE customer service. The only reason we opted for DirecTV over Dish was because DirecTV has YES. No other reason. Now we’re locked into a contract with them and will be VERY unhappy customers if we lose YES. It’s time for companies to realize that they need to make their customers happy. How is it that we always LOSE channels and our rates GO UP? My boys and hubby and I watch the Yankees play almost every night that they’re on. This will stink if greed wins out.

    1. Truth says:

      Come over. I have Verizon fios

  18. James Santiago says:

    It will be interesting if the phones blow up tomorrow at DirecTV with cancellations. I am on the edge to do so myself and go running back to Time Warner Cable here in Manhattan…How does that look for both Satellie providers well Dish Network has never come to terms with YES channel now DirecTV will lose them also….Satellite is wonderful, but not for you and Satellite is not for anyone hoping to see the winningest team in he history of Baseball The YANKEES…wow

  19. Rob says:

    WHO CARES who is right or wrong in this dispute?? All I care about as a fan is to come home and watch the Yankees Games each night. These execs are all cut from the same cloth and neither side is innocent. I DON’T CARE anymore. I will go where the games are available, when they aren’t available there, I’ll go somewhere else. CONTENT IS KING!

  20. Ghost of the Babe says:

    Direct TV has a free trial of Extra innings until 4/10/11. We will just have to watch the opposing team feed. Hope they come to a deal by then.

    Remember when watching Baseball was free. HOLY COW !!! WPIX Channel 11.

    I will still be haunting the Red Suks for trading me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Scott says:

    Another reason to never go to another Yankee game. The greed of this franchise is criminal. Empty seats on opening day speaks volumes on how the fans feel about the insane prices the Yankees charge. Work it out with directv and for once think of your fans. The Yankees make billions of dollars every year. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Michael Panella says:

      Empty seats? The weather wouldn’t have anything to do with that. The standing room by the bar’s out of the wind wouldn’t have anything to do with that would it? Please, the place was sold out.

  22. Herbert B manning says:

    I live in a senior complex where TV is free.Iget direct TV just to see the yankees on yes.No yes no me.As an 87year former corp ex it saddens me tosee such greed.

  23. former fan says:

    Suddenly I know how Mets fans feel getting pooped on by their teams management. Just so we’re clear, the YES Network is the Yankees, one and the same. So the Yankees are using us fans to squeeze more money out of Directv. I wont dump Directv because of this bully tactic but I wont forget it either, thanks Randy Levine, greedy punk.

  24. Ernest says:

    I’ve loved the Yankees all my life and only loved DirecTV ever since I got installed in my house. However, sorry YES. If you can’t figure out how to give DirecTV a fair deal, you’ll just have to do without my business till you do. YES, you may be a big player for a sports network, but you are by far not the only player. A good number of people who say they’ll get rid of DirecTV will come crawling back once the NFL starts up again (and it will and we all know it). And DirecTV has by far more popular viewing options for my dollar than any cable system I’ve come across. So YES, if you want to go dark in my house, be my guest. I always have the radio to listen to the Yankee games. You’ll never be strong enough to tear me away from my DirecTV.

  25. beverly says:

    If we cannot get the yes channel on directtv, its goodbye and hello cox which will offer the yes channel.

  26. Herbert B manning says:


  27. Fed Up says:

    Thank you again, Yankees, for treating your loyal fans like dirt. Thank you for waiting until Opening Day to let us know so you can use us all like monkeys to do your negotiating for you. Thanks for pricing me out of actually attending games and thenr pulling the games off my directv, which I cant cancel without a penalty, so you can get leverage and get even richer. Why dont I just send my unemployment checks directly to ARod and Jeter and just find a new hobby?

    1. bruce says:

      i will say goodbye to directv if they take the yes network off. i pay to see the yanks network only on mlb package.

  28. Gio says:

    Shane on the guilty party. Instead of bending over backwards to please the fans/consumers who patronize the product they have to sell and without whom they would have nothing, they are holding us hostage!

    Shame on two very wealthy corporations who would use such bullying tactics especially at a time when most Americans are struggling and when many don’t even have jobs. What about the military who are stationed around the globe and depend on satellitte to watch their Yankees? Are you going to hold them hostage too??

    As for siwtching carriers, that’s a temporary fiix, because when their contract with the Yankee Goliath is up, the same bullying tactic will be used and you will be switching again.

    Has no one learned the lesson that GREED DOES NOT PAY in the long run? Just ask Bernie Madoff. Better yet, talk with the Mets’ brass to see what happens to corporations who deal with his type.

    How about settling this dispute with integrity, fair play , and concern for the people without whom you would be nothing?

  29. len bass says:

    The first game I loose I call Verizon fios



    1. James Santiago says:

      Money leave my pocket every month..Its real hard for me to hear and side with someone’s stance with someone doing this in my so called best interests when I dont want them to pull a channel AT ALL !

  31. Pauly says:

    I agree it’s unfair that DIRECTV should pay more than cablevision,etc…for the
    YES network but it can’t be nearly as expensive as losing all the subscribers
    that will walk if YES disappears…Get it Fixed!…

  32. Buddy says:

    If YES goes dark on Directv, then Directv goes dark in my house.

  33. Raymond Scelzi says:

    I agree with all the rest. Not only will you be losing me, you will be losing a lot of sports fans. Yes is the only contact we have with NY sports and our favorite Yankees. I’m sure I am not the only New Yorker residing out of the state. GOOD BYE CHARLIE!

  34. Susan says:

    I changed from cablevision to Directv when they dropped the Yes channel. I have been a Directv viewer eversince and want to remain so. If you drop the Yes channel you will lose me as a customer as well as otherr Yes faithfuls. Compromise!!

  35. Bonnie W. says:

    We subscribe to Directv solely for YES. We have Comcast for cable and internet as well, so will drop Directv if we lose YES.

  36. VICKI says:


    1. ETR says:

      I’m a Yankees fan and DirecTV won’t lose me.

  37. ron cantiello says:

    no yes good by direct tv

  38. NJGary says:

    I’m a HUGE sports fan which is the primary reason I subscribe to DirecTV; they’re access to all sports in glorious HD is unbeatable. So I’m also an MLB Extra Innings subscriber which means I’ll still see all the games with one added benefit…no more HOMER calls from the Yankee broadcast booth or championship season commercials assaulting my ears every few minutes. Go dark YES; go dark.

  39. Erika says:

    As everyone else has said, if Direct TV loses YES, they lose me and everyone else I got to switch from cable!!!

  40. Joe Mack says:

    Which party is at fault? You know, it really doesn’t matter all that much … and that is an unfortunate reality of this situation. It would appear that the more `guilty’ participant in this dispute is YES, though I have had some issues with directv over the 10+ years I’ve been a subscriber. Nonetheless, for me, the main features of directv are the NFL Package and YES. If I don’t have YES during the baseball season, I’m gone in a heartbeat (to Cablevision). I’ll return for the NFL … if there is an NFL next season. That’s just the way it is.

  41. Mike says:

    Why should I pay a premium just to have YES Network? If YES cared at all about the Yankee fanbase, they wouldn’t be risking most of the season’s games just to put few extra bucks in their fat wallets. This reflects poorly on a franchise already known to be ridiculously greedy. So what is it, YES? You gonna put the Yankee’s season in jeopardy? Thanks.

  42. Paul says:

    I own a bar and grill in ny. If we can’t watch the yes network and Yankees games.business down tubes.if no yes I dump direct TV.

  43. Nate says:

    YES network should charge the same fee to all the companies. It might be good for me to stop watching Yankee baseball for every game like I have for the past 45 years just like I gave up my Yankee tickets when they moved to the new stadium and tried to triple the price I was paying. I love the Yankees but this is too much.

  44. Eva Mytko says:


  45. Larry says:

    Hey Directv if I lose YES, I’m firing YOU!!!!

    1. John says:

      I’m with you Larry, I lose YES and Direct TV loses me to Dish.

      1. NIcole says:

        Just so that everyone is aware, Dish network does not carry the Yes network either. They also stopped carrying Msg on October 1st so hopefully this gets resolved quickly.

  46. Ben V says:

    I dumped Dish to get Yes on DirecTV – if they lose Yes, they lose me too

    1. Rich says:

      Is there a cancellation fee for the one or two year commitment you made when you decided to switch to Directv?

  47. Mort says:

    This sucks, they just need to figure out a solution. Sounds like the NFL lockout. Billionaires vs millionaires, with the real losers being the fans that support them both!

  48. barry k says:

    direct tv, is the pits i am from new york and live in florida, the main reason i got directtv, is yes network, if they lose it , they will lose me to

  49. Jay says:

    Once again, greed is ruling the day, and the customers/fans pay the price. Personally, I’d be willing to pay a premium for YES if they could eliminate those ridiculous blackouts.

  50. CHUCK says:

    Not good news for sports bars and restaurants that usually rely on Direct TV for their sports packages.

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