3 Dead, 2 Injured In Crash On Route 22 In Union, N.J.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – Three people are dead and two others are injured in a horrific crash that happened early Saturday on Route 22 in New Jersey.

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The driver, 22-year-old Luis Dossantos of East Newark, was killed. Also killed in the crash were two Kearny residents – 21-year-old Robinson Pinheiro, a backseat passenger who was ejected from the car, and 23-year-old Danilo Xavier, who was in the front passenger seat.

The remaining two passengers suffered serious injuries, but authorities did not believe they were life-threatening.

Police in Union said they spotted the 1994 Honda Accord racing along in excess of 90 mph just before the crash happened at around 2 a.m. The car was traveling eastbound along Route 22 near Hillside Avenue.  The car smashed through a guardrail, slammed into a metal pole and was torn apart.

“There is some evidence to believe that excessive speed was the cause of the accident,” Hillside Police Chief Robert Quinlan said, adding that the route is notorious for accidents.

Dossantos and Xavier were killed instantly. The three in the back, including Pinherio, were all ejected from the car. Pinherio later died at the hospital.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports on the crash

“We have asked the State of New Jersey several times to put more warnings down there. As of yet, we haven’t seen that happen. We would like to see specifically flashing signals,” Quinlan said.

This section of Route 22, which has a 45 mph speed limit, is narrow and curvy and there are numerous accidents there, Quinlan added.

“Route 22 is a dangerous area, particularly this area in Hillside. The speed limit is 45. Anything over that is very, very risky,” he said.

Tony Asivito says the accident happened in the same spot where there’s a memorial for his friend 26-year-old Lucas Nacimento died a week ago in an accident.

“It’s another tragedy,” he said. “That was my friend. He was coming up from Tom’s River. He lost control and he lost his life.”


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  1. Tony says:

    I honestly who have lost my younger cousin in a car accident can feel for the families of these kids. My cousin too was speeding and he got ejected from the car and kill two other friends with him. i cried that my closest cousin who i grew up with being an only child was dead. however even as a kid i realized that it was not the car nor the road nor anyone else’s not even gods fault but my own cousin. (free will) Kids these days are well aware of speed limit signs and curves in the road especially on roads that they have been through countless times. however even if you put a big red flashing billboard on the actual road they will still speed because that is what stupid self confident people do. i realize that it was my own cousin who brought pain and suffering to me and my family and my aunt. and to the families of his friends. so in a way we should respect luis but in a less heartless way betsy is right.

  2. Molly says:

    I feel sorry for you Betsy. You have no heart. The family is going through a lot and If I was them and I read your comment I would be extremely hurt. Who are you to judge? It shows your immaturity. Yes it was irresponsible to drive that fast (although it hasn’t been confirmed how fast he was going) but unfortunately 3 of them lost their lives and that’s the tragic part. I’m not asking you to feel sorry for them. But please keep your hurtful comments to yourself.
    God Bless Luis, Robson, Danilo and their families. My prayers are with you. My prayers also go to the victims that are fighting for their lives in the Hospital… 

  3. Rosi m says:

    Regardless of what happened that nite, lives have been taken. The only one that can judge is god. This victims had families that are now left to suffer. The last thing the families need to see is the judging of strangers. I have a 17 year old son that drives and cannot imaging ever having to live through this ordeal. God bless the friends and family of the victims.

  4. Scorpimel62 says:

    The road is bad the signs are wrong the driver was wrong and 4 besides the driver were injured or killed. Instead of bashing the driver or cops or roads maybe we should use it as a lesson to all those 16 and 17 year olds getting their license this year. Maybe we can say a prayer of thanksgiving that is was not us or our loved ones and another prayer for the families who I am sure are hurting more than any family ever should have to.

  5. carlos says:

    I think speeding is irresponsible but there are other people responsible for these accidents out there,in this particular case the state was negligent . there have been many requsts for warnning flashing lights for that portion of rt 22 and nothing has been done about it.how about the car manufactures as well.Has anyone realized that if the speed limit in most highways is 65mph why not make that the top speed as a standard in all vehicles?so here you can only drive at 65 mph but ok buy this car here that can go 180mph.makes a lot of sense right?My prayers are out for all the families involved and may God have these kids in a better place.

    1. Aly says:

      You are absolutely wrong! The full responsibility is on the drivers shoulders, not the car company or the state!!!! I guess someone who stabs somebody with a knife its not there fault it is the knife makers fault for making the knife too sharp!!!
      My hearts and prayers go out to all the familiies no one should lose there babies at such a yound age-RIP

  6. jh says:

    I have to agree… Betsy, you’re not such a nice person and keep in mind that the victims in that crash were somebody’s children… you come across as heartless and I am sure that you are perfect in your own little world

  7. Eric Y says:

    I travel Route 22 through the worst sections in the state of NJ. Springfield, Union, Hillside and Newark. I’ve watched in horror the complete brain-dead “drivers” who cut across all three lanes to exit into a driveway, usually Walmart. I’ve seen drivers go from 45 MPH to ZERO, to stop to see what’s on sale. I’ve personally locked my brakes on both of my vehicles to avoid an inconsiderate driver blow right through the yield signs on a U-turn in Union, center island. The police of the townships of Union, Hillside and Springfield are over worked and understaffed to patrol Route 22 at all times. I’m going to send Governor Christie a letter asking him to use executive power to have the New Jersey State Troopers patrol and cite drivers a few days per month. I recently watched the Union County Sheriff’s office stopping motorists and heavy trucks. That sure slowed people down. Just the presence of a State Trooper’s patrol car, even parked, would slow down some of the inconsiderate, speeding or the “I am going to drive whatever the hell way I want to,” drivers. Let’s see how the governor responds to my letter asking for his help.

  8. Victor Chavez says:

    iam a bus operator for many years ,,use to travel from Newark to Dunellen every day ,,saw many accidents ,, on that area ,, why the state of NJ or the DOT build an elavator highway on that area,from Bloy st up to the split on route 22 ,, that can save numerous of live on years to come ,,

  9. Wilder says:

    I lost a friend at this turn… I agree nobody should go over the speed limit, unfortunately, this rarely happens… I do believe however that my friend Lucas did NOT lose control at this turn… anyone traveling thru this turn who actually looks at the current caution signs will notice that before this turn, the black/yellow sign that should advise of left turn is turned to the right, as if a right turn is next… I speak for experience… I have driven thru this section at night, west bound traffic can easily blind you and force you to look at the misleading sign… I can’t understand, why has this sign not been fixed?

  10. 408 says:

    for all of the people bashing on everyone in this tragic car accident should learn a lesson. regardless of their mistakes, lives were taken and there is NO need for any more damage to be done by some outsiders idiotic and childish words. they are still someones sons, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, or uncles and there are three families who are in a horrible position right now. keep your hurtful thoughts to yourself because one day it could happen to you and you would want your community to be just as hurt for your loss as you are. do unto others as you would have them do unto you. RIP

  11. JonP says:

    wow some of these comments shouldnt even be on here. you know these three kids have families who would be broken if they read some of these comments. you know people make mistakes and unfortunately these people will not live to correct theirs. have some damn remorse for the dead and their families and if you have nothing nice to say than say nothing. this could have been someone from your family. RIP Luis!

  12. JoAnn says:

    There is no excuse for going a hundred miles an hour on any road. We lost a friend on 22 15 years ago, such a tragedy, more than the road being dangerous, is how people drive on 22.

  13. Ian says:

    I was driving on rt.22 in Union just the other day and i was well aware of the 45 m.p.h speed limit.I thought to myself what a pleasant driving experience it was on rt.22 and that 45 m.p.h was just right given the curves of the road and the amount of exits and entrances to and from the many shopping centers.Of course no matter how you drive anywhere these days you will always find some jerks who want to run you off the roads.I can’t help but notice that the worst accidents occur when several young people are packed in an automobile.It’s like a recipe for disaster.

  14. Anthony says:

    The automobile is the most dangerous invention of all time and is responsible for the deaths of more people than any other invention or natural disaster or even wars. I’m glad that I’m not part of the statistics.

    When a person takes a car up to 90 mph on local streets, he’s begging for the angels to come.

  15. Moral Truth says:

    The Idiots continue to break the law and speed like they are the coolest of the coolest.

    Tragic results happened here and thats the moral truth

  16. betsy says:

    Speeding morons will always get themselves killed. It doesn’t matter what steps you take or what signs you put up. All you can do is come down on them hard when you catch them. Habitual speeders should lose their privilege to drive, period. If they ignore a ban, jail them for 5 years. I have no sympathy for the driver, it’s a good job he killed himself before he got the chance to kill another driver or pedestrian. Stupid is as stupid does.

    1. Maryenne says:

      what the hell is your problem. how dare you bash on someone who is no longer here to defend themselves. how would you feel if this “moron” was a loved one of yours? i doubt you’d call him a moron and say he deserved his death. you need to learn some respect.

      1. Betsy says:

        The idiot might well have slammed his car into a car full of children. He’s not here to defend himself? WELL WHOSE FAULT IS THAT?

      2. 1969 says:

        wow i personally new luis and he was driver and see bash u dont even know him its a shame yea he was wrong got into accident he was speeding u know what that why we call accident u should come on here bash someone u dont even know!!! u have no idea how us the family is feelign right now who are u judge somone !!!!!!!! im sure u have young cousin son or whatever and this happen to anyone ANYTIME!!!!!

    2. mr doe says:

      i knew teh driver personally and you are an idiot miss betsy. youre a complete idiot. yea he was speeding and killed himself but no reason to bash. anyone can have a bad day.

      1. John says:

        You know I was young once too and loved to speed, we don’t think as young men. God Rest their souls and God speed on the recovery of the others

      2. Betsy says:

        You know the driver personally? Well did you ever say anything to him about his deathwish driving techniques? Did any of his friends take issue with the fact that he was such a reckless driver? Bad day my azz. These kids drive like this every time they get into a car, like they’re playing a video game. The idiot could have killed children.

      3. NurseDee says:

        Driving at excessive speeds like that is NOT having a bad day – it’s driving irresponsibly. What if instead of smashing into a pole, he hit another car and killed an entire family? What if it was your family? Yes, you need to feel bad that those kids have been killed, it’s tragic, but there are no excuses for driving like that. I’m sorry for the pain that the grieving families are suffering, but please do not write their tragic death off as having a “bad day”.

    3. Chaos says:

      Just shut up Betsy. You have no idea what the family is going through right now. One day it’s gonna happen to you and/or your friends/family, and the day that it does happen, i would love to see what you have to say about it when that day comes.

    4. Molly says:

      I feel sorry for you Betsy. You have no heart. The family is going through a lot and If I was them and I read your comment I would be extremely hurt. Who are you to judge? It shows your immaturity. Yes it was irresponsible to drive that fast (although it hasn’t been confirmed how fast he was going) but unfortunately 3 of them lost their lives and that’s the tragic part. I’m not asking you to feel sorry for them. But please keep your hurtful comments to yourself.
      God Bless Luis, Robson, Danilo and their families. My prayers are with you. My prayers also go to the victims that are fighting for their lives in the Hospital… 😦

    5. Mrs. Doe says:

      Betsy, obviously you have never lost someone close to you. Or possibly, you have no one who you are close to you. Unfortunately, I have lost two friends to car crashes like this. One, she was a passenger and still in high school. The other one had just graduated from high school. And what do you know, she got killed on rt 22 and the accident wasn’t even her fault! I am from Union myself and had my days of racing on Rt 22. Am I proud of it? No, especially because I have a younger brother who got into racing because of that. But we all have to realize that road is not safe! There aren’t enough signs or lighting! On that turn alone, how many people have died and how many more will have to die until someone does something? For you to come on a post like this and write the driver deserved to die… His family and friends could be reading this. Please show a little humanity!
      My thoughts and prayers are with these kids friends and families!

    6. Bruno says:

      Betsy I feel bad if I ever catch who u r cause I’m not gonna regret anything I do to u Luis was my best friend I’ve known him for years since our childhood years he was a great person with a great heart n it hurts me to see so many people talk about him like this but yet I know you don’t know who he really was n one day you will truly lose someone that your close to and I hope you see the feeling that it brings to you and just remember everything you said about him hope to see u soon

  17. nduran11 says:

    No, why speed? 100mph, really?

    It’s not a racetrack, and you’re driving a race car. It’s a sedan on a highway (with other drivers).

    My prayers go out to the family.

  18. 1608 says:

    Okay I know this is sad, but if yuo know the road WHY speed, and if you don’t WHY speed?

    It’s bad enough the n.e. has road like this with the winter weather little light and poor warning signs.

    God Bless the fam. & friends.

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