Bronx Zoo Wants You To Name The Egyptian Cobra

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – For six days, the Bronx Zoo’s now-infamous Egyptian cobra captured the attention of snake-lovers (and haters) as she slithered off for a mini vacation.

While she was found on Thursday safe and sound in a remote corner of the Reptile House, she’s still without a name.

CHECK THIS OUT: CBSNewYork Exclusive: The Bronx Zoo Cobra Sssspeaks

Now, the Wildlife Conservation Society is asking for help: what will the Bronx Zoo name the Egyptian cobra?

The Bronx Zoo is accepting submissions until 1 p.m. on Monday then will announce the five finalists and put it to a vote. The winning name will be announced on Thursday.

Think you’ve got the perfect name for her? Submit here or leave your names in the comments below.

  • CJ

    Zuleika (everyone likes the zoo)

  • Joe DiMatteo

    Laf for Lost and found

  • Fred

    How about Casssandra?

  • b.f Saxon

    bf Saxon
    “Looking for Love”
    April 4,2011 3:25

  • Giada

    Runaway Sssssssssue
    Heidicob (Heidi + Cob for cobra)
    April (she was found on the 1st day of April)
    Hiding Hyacinth
    Chloe the Cobra

  • Melissa

    Name it “Hidee” because it was hididng for so long.

  • melissa

    Because it was hiding for so long, I say name it “Hidee”

  • Walter

    How about Ayatollah Khomeini

  • Baby

    AWOL (away without leave)

  • mary

    Since she is a King Cobra, how about Queenie.

  • mary Cullen

    I think a good name would be Grace or Gracie as in the song “Amazing Grace”–(Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a snake like me. I once was lost but now am found. I’m lucky to be me).

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