Bloomberg Lashes Out At State Budget

NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the new state budget unfairly singles out the city and makes it impossible to prevent layoff and cuts in services.

Bloomberg said in his radio address Sunday that he appreciates the challenge New York lawmakers faced in trying to close the large deficit. But he says every other town and city in New York will receive a certain type of aid that has been cut entirely for New York City, and it amounts to about $300 million.

Bloomberg says the schools in particular will be hit hard by the cuts and there will be teacher layoffs, though the city is trying to make up the gap by allocating $2.2 billion to education.

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  1. Alan says:

    The City should pay their wayif they are in fact getting cheap taxes I’ not a fan of subsidising their mta if it can’t survive on its own let it go under. don’t ask for sympathy if I am forcrd to subsidize your commuter rails faise the fares till they meet the niumbers you need.

  2. leroy says:

    The city should double the property tax
    raise he sale tax to 20%
    charge for garbage pick up
    tripkle the traffic fines
    toll the bridges
    raise the parking meters to 5 dollars per hour
    putg tolls on the belt parkway
    and long island expressway
    double the tunnel tolls
    charge for the staten island ferry
    eliminate free drinking water in all
    city building and install pay toilets
    have people bring their own
    toilet paper
    these steps would help save people
    fronm getting laid off.

  3. Alan says:

    Why can’t NYC residents pay more taxes or pay for their services? I pay more than $8,000 in school tax and more than $3,000 in NYS and local real estate taxes. I have a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath home on a 1/4 acre upstate. I pay the 1/4% MTA tax, although I get no direct service from the MTA. Yet a home in Flatbush is advertised in The NY Times (3/27/11) as a 6 bedroom, 5 bath home for more than $1m and pays $4,000 in tax.

  4. Ernestine Powers says:

    Bloomberg is some act!!! He’s one to talk. How about the waste he’s caused in moving the majority of The New York City Health Dept. from some city owned bldg’s to the multi-million dollar bldg in Long Island City? This was built on money that could have saved MANY jobs. And get this, some of the bldg’s that the employees are moving from, just had multi-million dollar make overs (less than 10 yrs) AND before other city units move into these spaces…yes, that’s right; they are going to get another do over! Talk about waste!!! How many jobs is that I wonder?!

  5. Junior says:

    Freak Bloomberg! Why does the rest of this state always have to support NYC???? They charge rediculous prices and high taxes and fees for everything under the sun, if they can not be self-sufficient without the rest of the state supporting them, freak them! They are obviously not dong something right. They are fat! If the rest of the state has to downsize, so does NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Steve says:

      If NYC kept all the taxes it and fees it collects without sending it all to the state, It wouldnt be in this situation. To think that NYC could not survive with out state aid is misleading. Its the State that cannot survive without NYC. That being said, King Mike also is making big mistakes. We are going to plant trees in a 3 billion dollar brooklyn beautification but not Jobs? So the Kids will know what a tree looks like even tho they wont be able to spell tree? Come on KING, make the Peoples choice and HIRE more people. Not trees. Thats not a need its a want.

  6. james says:

    Im offering stuff to reduce the budget all the time and getting lousy and refusing results and then people showing off my technology i gave them

    if you want to fight your people this is what will happen

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