Car Catches Fire After 80-Year-Old Woman Strikes Utility Pole

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – An 80-year-old woman’s car caught fire after she drove into a utility pole that collapsed and caused an electrical fire on Long Island on Saturday afternoon, police said.

The woman was driving her 2009 Acura and struck a utility pole on Bryant Avenue and Motts Cove Road in Roslyn Harbor, according to the police report. She then crashed into a brick wall. The pole then fell, causing an electrical fire and two other utility poles to fall.

The fire spread on the pavement, causing shrubs and another car to catch fire.

The Glenwood Fire Department responded to the scene and extinguished the fire. Responders also transported the woman to the hospital for head pain where she was evaluated and released.

There were no other injuries.


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  1. Hiawatha says:

    Native (Real) American seems to live in a fantasy land-the same fantasy land whereby you can find a “reservation” in Bellport, seeling duty free smokes under the guise of everyone on the premises being an “American Indian.” Last time I looked -there seemed to be a predominance of AFRO-AMERICANS. Maybe we should start with a primer, “DEFINE AMERICAN INDIAN”. Either way considerably off topic from someone hiting a telephone pole!

  2. nathan says:

    Yo should stop talking about my mother/wife that way

  3. keith says:

    Drivers over the age of 70 should be retested every two years to keep their licenses. Politicians often don’t want to vote for these laws because senior citizens vote as a block in the hightest numbers recorded. So which is more important, a politician gettting re-elected or more people getting killed or injured by out-of-control seniors?

  4. Dan Te says:

    Why was an 80 y.o. drag racing her Acura?

  5. Thunderbird says:

    Hey Native, you off your meds?

  6. Mike says:

    As a driver who collects social security, I say bring on any test. But how about the twenty something yakking on her cell phone while she cuts me off. Or the thirty something driving his tri-axle with the chrome stacks so close to me that I can’t see the top of his hood. Or the forty something in his Lexis who believes that because you can go right on red, you can go left on read and what the hay… why not straight ahead on red?

    Will taking a test make you a better driver? Hell no! But if we are going to profile one group, lets do it for all. Maybe this women isn’t competent to drive at eighty. But maybe she is and just blew it, like hundreds do on the road everyday.

  7. Richard T. says:

    I say that responsible families should ensure that their elder drivers are competent enough to continue to drive. Many of them drive erractically and definitely TOO SLOW. They cause potential accidents without even being aware of it. We need to enact laws that will demand that all drivers over 65 be tested and re-tested at least every 5 years. Listen up, kids, this could save your lives along with those of your aged relatives.

    1. Richard T. says:

      And I live in Roslyn Heights, where most people live with this strange sense of entitlement anyway. They don’t need to signal when making turns or even make complete stops at stop signs. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, YOU IDIOTS!

  8. Steve says:

    We should all hope to live that long, BUT at that age we should NOT be driving!!! Nobody over the age of 70 should ber allowed to drive unless they pass an annual driving test!!

    1. rabbit says:

      email me at

  9. Wandering Hand says:

    I didn’t know you Natives drank alcohol before noon.

    1. Native (Real) American says:

      Another immigrant putting me down. It’s enough you plundered my land, raped our women and to boot, you gave us “thanksgiving.” Go back to your country.

    2. Chief Reality says:

      Buy yourself a clue. Your initial comment was racist, offensive, and provoking. If you expect others to be respectful of you, throwing around insulting language is not the way to go about it. You’ll get exactly what you dish out. You have a problem with Caucasians who stole your land? Wake up to reality moron. Every race and culture is guilty of something…one act of inhumanity on top of another. The past is what it is. Instead of being an angry jerk pointing your finger at people who have nothing to do with that past, try and be a better person today, for the good of all humanity. That goes for all of us.

    3. native (real) american says:

      Let me get this straight “chief.” You want us to be nice and respectful? What has that attitude gotten us? We lost everything when your kind came here to our native land and stole/plundered everything from us and not by “nice and respectful” means. And not suprising, your double edge sword makes an excuse that “we all have done something.” Does that excuse the racism and inequalities YOUR ancestors have dished out generation after generation? If we all have done something wrong and it was all ok, then release all the criminals in your jails, which not suprisingly, the majority are your beloved cacasians. That’s the reality “chief.”

    4. Runs with Mouth says:

      I apologize for trying to rationalize with someone of low intelligence. You continue to invoke the past, yet what are you doing to make today and tomorrow a better place? You have anger issues with Caucasians. Move past it or forever be paralyzed by the past. NO race is excused for past transgressions. The best we can do is learn from our mistakes and strive to be better people. I never stated it was “o.k.” for anyone. And for the record, you need to get informed and your facts straight. The majority of convicted felons are minorities, and that’s a whole other sociological issue. Kick and scream all you want…what are you doing to make the world a better place?

    5. Native (Real) American says:

      Yes, you are “making the world a better place” by “rationalization with someone of low intelligence.” We are all stuck in the past and the future! We still and will continue to live in a racist world which is filled with humans like YOU and me that make it that way. Have caucasians “learned from their mistakes and strived to be better people?” And you are assuming (typical of a individual who sterotypes) a lot when you say “anger issues.” What makes you think I am angry? Stereotypical assumptions. There are words other than “angry jerk” or “moron.” Or maybe a person of higher intelligence like yourself can’t come up with any. I will not continue with the rants of “the white man is bringing down,” but what goes on in today’s society is an obvious reality that cannot be changed. If you think people can change without examining their pasts, I have a piece of dry land to sell you caucasian or do you want to steal that too?

    6. Dances with Truth says:

      The fact is, my commentary began from your derogatory comments on this article; an old woman who drove into a utility pole. Instead of writing something sympathetic, or maybe even critical, simply based on her advanced age and the implications of that, you chose to invoke race. For that, you reaped what you sowed. Admittedly for that, I did and will continue to insult you because your first instinct is to reveal yourself as a racist Native. Seriously, wake up. If the article were an old Native American woman who drove into a utility pole and a White male responded with comments of drunken Indian or the like, how would you respond? The irony of all this is that I sympathize with your people and like I said previously, it was an act of inhumanity perpetrated upon your people. Furthermore to clarify, my Caucasian ancestry was not even in America at the time of your people’s downfall.

    7. Native (Real) American says:

      I’m really just an ignorant, ugly, and uneducated angry young man. I never get laid so I enjoy taking my anger out in racist ways. The reservation I live on is depressing and I suffer from bad gas. My breath usually smells bad and most people look the other way when they see me. Your advice to improve myself and the world is a good idea. I’m going to work on that from this point forward.

  10. ROSE says:


    1. Victor's lawyer says:

      Actually, like everything else in life, there are reasons for accidents. At her age, it is very common for one’s driving skills to deteriorate. While it may be a rush to judgment saying it was her age that was the cause, it is not unlikely. Time to wise up Rose and be honest.

  11. victor says:

    she will blame the pole for being in the way,,,actually, she was to old to be driving and should lose her license, but they will let her drive until she kills herself or someone else

  12. Mr. Magoo says:

    Sometimes those utility poles come from out of nowhere.

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