L.I. Hospital Lost $6.5M In Revenue, Audit Shows

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – A recent audit of Nassau University Medical Center shows the hospital lost millions in revenue.

Because the Center failed to get basic information such as correct spelling of names, addresses and insurance card information, Nassau County controller George Maragos said the hospital lost $6.5 million in revenue.

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“The hospital barely breaks even every year—even after significant support from the county—so they cannot afford these costly mistakes for lost revenue,” Maragos said.

Maragos said the mistakes could force the hospital to shut down.

“We cannot afford to incur these inefficiencies and lost revenues. That can in the long run be the difference between the hospital remaining in business and providing service to the community or going out of business.”

A spokesperson for the hospital called the findings overstated.

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  1. numc says:

    HAHA Larry Slapstick caught getting some free gas:)

  2. Check your facts says:


    What you don’t understand is that billing is done on a codified basis. If the billing codes are incorrect, it is because they are outdated. Despite requests from several heads of departments within NUMC, the top administrators, NOT the unionized employees refuse to purchase an updated database. You would think that perhaps such a purchase would make sense, but not to the crew who runs the place. So the old cliche still holds true – the fish stinks from the head down

  3. Robertlew says:

    Don’t worry, Obama and Nassau taxpayers with tax increases will help make this hospital profitable.

    1. J says:


      1. CHeck your facts says:

        IF you want someone to be held accountable, demand that hospital oficials who have no bid contracts in place and then award contract to their own personal corporations be prosecuted under the appropriate state laws. This hopsital has the potential t o make revenue and to be an asset to the community..but there is too much of an interest to integrate this place with North Shore owing to its “failure” as a stand alone entity. And guess what? The seniormost official is on the North Shore faculty – do you see anything wrong with that??

        Unless we as taxpayers demand that the cronysm and patronage stops, we can keep expected insider deals and corruption such as that that would make the Gambinos proud across all levels of state and local government, And then they have the nerve to blame the employees and the benefits paid out to them, Nonsense! Demand accountability and transparency from your local and state officials and organizaztions and DO NOT accept it is normal. Only then will things change.

  4. Gregory says:

    Sell subscriptions to your hospital to only those that have insurance and the means to pay for hospital care. The subscriptions if used get care on a priority basis. The walk-ins, and non-subscribers have to show cash, credit, insurance or asse\ts for other than immediate emergency care. For unreimbursed immediate emergency care off-set the expense against revenue due the city, state and federal governments.

    1. I love Obama says:

      Easy for u to say when you have healthcare…

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