Schumer Pledges To Fight NYC Electric Rate Hike

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An effort is underway to stop a planned rate hike next month for New York City electric customers.

Sen. Charles Schumer promised to fight tooth and nail a potential 12 percent New York electric bill rate hike authorized by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. He calls the hike outrageous and its timing all wrong.

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“People are struggling. The middle class paycheck doesn’t stretch as far as it did. This is going to be another difficult thing for families to deal with, and it’s a lot of money,” Schumer said.

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Schumer says the FERC chairman has assured him that the Commission will reconsider the rate hike presently scheduled to take effect May 28.

For now, Schumer said he’ll continue to fight for New Yorkers.

“This one gets me so angry. We’re gonna hold our feet to the fire and ensure that new Yorkers aren’t forced to pay higher electric bills because some far away regular didn’t consider all the facts,” Schumer said.


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  1. Trishe says:

    The reason electricity is going up is because they need money to pay all the law suits againts Con Ed,remember the steam pipe burst…..they need money to pay themselves, they need money to pay the union workers and they just need an excuse to hit us just as summer starts. Con Ed can do anything because they have no competition, even if you use an esco service its still expensive. We should go green, use solar power and send all this A#$%&%OS to hell.

  2. Carabini says:

    Hours later the senators spokesman Brian Fallon emailed Reuters to say that Schumer had not meant to communicate greater knowledge of the arrangement beyond Niederauer as CEO. . occupies a central role in America Schumer said its opening bell not unlike schoolchildren reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

  3. Les says:


  4. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:

    he gets angry..he cares about you..the tax payers..both you and him must be on some drugs or cheap burgers..the stupid and dumb elect their leaders but dont watch their parking meters..

  5. charles campbell says:

    lets get real, the electrical distributions needs to be upgraded,it takes plenty of money, electricity in new york city is pretty cheap compared to other things since we normally have smaller apartments, cut back a little on the cable and other stuff and pay the increas

  6. RichieT says:

    One half, of one percent of Solar energy in the Sahara Desert, could power all of Europe. It’s about money. How many billions of dollars is it going to cost to deal with the damage done by the reactors in japan blowing. How many thousands of people will die in their thirty’s or forties because radiation poisoning. #3, was built over a fault line. The percentage of people developing thyroid cancer, jumped when the plants opened. It’s 66% higher in the towns around Indian Point then the rest of the country.

  7. RichieT says:

    Indian Point is 28 miles from the Bronx. If the NRC can, and does, give exemptions from meeting the local fire codes. If businesses can get exemptions, why bother to have them.Instead of automatic fire suppression systems, most of it is manual. What the he** good are they if there’s any kind of radiation leak and people have to leave the building. They’re trying to get over code 100 exemptions from the NRC, so they can keep them running and NOT spend any money to make it safer.

  8. kenny says:

    Schumer is a complete joke. Electricity costs money. Until he and other so called leaders develop a plan for clean sustainable energy we are dependent on oil, gas and coal for our power. As Schumer well knows , these commodities are much more expensive now.
    Lets see him tackle the real root of the problem instead of his usual publicity grandstanding. Where are all these energy alternatives that Obama promised us? If they cannot come up with alternatives, then it is back to “Drill Baby Drill”. Our leaders have failed us entirely on energy independence. Until they are thrown out and replaced with more independent creative minds, we are stuck with high oil and high energy prices.
    He will never get my vote again.

    1. ham says:

      Oh kenny, such a simple view of everything. Our entire planet’s economy and way of life is built on oil. If Obama wished to change this don’t you think the big oil companies and automakers, and all the others in power profiting from oil would allow him to? It’s like telling the western world not to eat bread anymore and find a soy alternative. Those making ridiculous money and those in power will never allow switching from oil. They would come after the president rather than loose their share of the booty.
      The issue is why 12% all of the sudden and who is profiting from this, clearly the con ed workers aren’t all getting 12% raises across the board.

  9. Gabe Skoletsky says:

    and the solution is closing down indian point..

    1. RichieT says:

      Have you bothered to follow whats happening in Japan? Obviously not. Reactor #1 was permanently shut down in 1974. Because the cooling system was obsolete. Reactor # 2 was built in 1974. It’s 37 years old. # 3 was built in 1976. Number #3 October 1981, 100,000 gallons of water from the Hudson River leaked into the #2 containment building The sensors DIDN’T detect it. It was found when people when into the building. There was NINE feet of water.

      1. iggy says:

        there was a 9.5 earthquake in japan. and a tsunami. they were secure for a 8.0 earthquake. that quake was the largest EVER recorded. EVER. japan is in an earthquake zone. indian point isn’t.

  10. Robert says:

    Not only should we not get a hike, we should get a decrease in rates because we’ve been overcharged for decades!

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