NJ College Campuses On High Alert After Man Accused Of Luring Student Into Car

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A warning has gone out to four New Jersey college campuses alerting students to be on the lookout for a man who is accused of accosting and trying to lure a 19-year-old woman into his car.

Tony Kadyhrob, 68, was arrested and then released on bail after police said he harassed the student as she walked through the parking lot at the Lawrenceville campus of Rider University on the afternoon of March 28.

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: New Jersey Colleges On High Alert

Rider students knew right away who Kadyhrob was. The school has used every method of communication, including posting flyers telling them to be aware of a man who police said admits to liking women between the ages of 18 and 30.

On Tuesday a judge banned Kadyhrob from going on any college campus in New Jersey. However, he denied any involvement. CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey tried speaking with the man police said tried to lure the 19-year-old into a while Oldsmobile.

“I have nothing to say. This is a joke,” Kadyhrob said.

But freshman Zelarie Austin said she’s seen Kadyhrob many times at Rider. Then she said she received his photo and a warning from school security on her cell phone last week.

“He would be in an area doing more looking and watching,” Austin told CBS 2’s Emily Smith. “It was frightening because I had seen him before and I’d actually walked right past him before. I had no idea looking at him that he was thinking the things he was thinking or plotting anything.”

“It was in the middle of the afternoon, fortunately. The student got away and called police,” Rider University spokesman Dan Higgins said. “If he’s seen on our campus at any time for any reason he’s subject to arrest for trespassing.”

Nearby, the College of New Jersey also has students on alert after Kadyhrob, while out on bail, allegedly showed up there. Police said in one case he was confronted by authorities and banned from campus, only to return a few days later.

While he has no violent criminal history police consider Kadyhrob’s behavior strange, out of the ordinary and concerning.

“It appears he views himself as a colleague or potential suitor for them,” Lawrence Township Police Lt. Charles Edgar told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Officials are urging students at Rider, College of New Jersey, Princeton and Rutgers to be extra vigilant, walk in pairs and be aware of their surroundings.

“It’s just disturbing. I mean a 68-year-old? I think of a grandfather. And when you think of a grandfather you usually think happy thoughts,” student Alicia Livelli said.

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  1. jackie says:

    the fact that people are making this man out to be a joke is sick. he tried to pull a girl into his car in a parking lot. he has mental issues, he even admitted to liking girls between the ages of 18 and 30; he is 68, not married, and lives with his sister. i go to rider, and when the incident happened we had no clue what this guy looked like, other than a written description. the only reason the picture was distributed was because he came back on to campus after being banned. he has also been seen at tcnj creeping around.

  2. Roy says:

    If you see him on campus,call a football player,not the cops,and let him get a good pounding………..the old pervert

  3. Moral Truth says:

    Looking more into the story hes now banned from all college campuses and thats the moral truth

  4. ned says:

    Hey thats Christopher Walkins!

  5. Tyrone says:

    A white Man. It figures.

    1. Doug Onesko says:

      Yea, a white guy with a black heart.

  6. Lauren says:

    I’m a student at Rider; this man may not have kidnapped anyone, but supposedly he did try to force a freshman girl into his car while she was walking through the parking lot. The story going around campus, that has yet to be repudiated, is that he told her to get into his car, and that he grabbed her arm when she said no.

    1. I’m from Rider as well. I don’t appreciate how people are saying that at this age we should know what “stranger danger” is; if someone tries to grab you, it’s not because you stupidly let them. It’s because they tried to overpower you.

  7. Dasch says:

    I’d understand this kind of reaction at an elementary school or playground. Little kids don’t know any better, gotta protect the little ones, etc. etc. …But if you haven’t learned “stranger danger” by age 19, you have much bigger problems than an old man offering you free candy!

    1. Joe S. says:

      Agreed. When they’;re little kids it’s considered “luring”. When they’re 19 years old, he’s just trying to get some action.

      1. mollyd says:

        Um……..do you HAVE any daughters??????

  8. Leha says:

    I remember seeing him on campus, he was super creepy. He would just sit and stare at everyone going by. He had an odd sense of fashion too.

    1. megaresistance says:

      That is creepy…he use to sit and stare at people why did’nt anyone call the cops or confront him? Im a 27 years old, US ARMY veteran and I was trained into observing strange human behaviors and what people are saying about him fits the description of being a serial murderer or serial rapist…The police should see if there is any missing women or unsolved murders from that area or areas nearby….

      1. PsychBoy says:

        That is creepy…he use to sit and stare at people why did’nt anyone call the cops or confront him? Im a 27 years old, US ARMY veteran and I was trained into observing strange human behaviors and what people are saying about him fits the description of being a serial murderer or serial rapist…The police should see if there is any missing women or unsolved murders from that area or areas nearby….”

        Right, because serial killers and rapists are always so easy to spot.

        I also have some news – being a jarhead doesn’t make you any better of a judge of character.

  9. Tony Kadyhrob says:

    Okay everyone, sing this in Christopher Walken’s voice:

    My combover…brings all the…girls to the car.

  10. jenny says:

    Tony Kadyhrob looks like a pale ghoul and

    older version of the dude from Austria

  11. megaresistance says:

    I dont like judging people…..BUT this guy is creppy as hell….he looks like a serial killer…

  12. SNC says:

    This is what Christopher Walken and Hitler’s offspring would look like.

  13. Wolf says:

    Wow. What a coincidence. This guy and Christopher Walken not only look the same at age 68, they both have that freaky mustache!!!

  14. sean sean says:

    OMG it is Christopher Walken

  15. sharon wolff says:

    Hey Moral Truth, what kind of jerk are you? Does this guy need to harm someone so you won’t think his “rights are being violated”? I think you need to join the real world. Warning other colleges of this potential threat to students, particulary female students is quite prudent. Or Moral Truth are you of the ilk that warn people after someone is harmed? Closing the barn door AFTER the horse escapes?

    1. Moral Truth says:


      I’m just trying to be provocative and that’s the Moral Truth. Feel free to ignore me, I’m used to it.

    2. Joe S. says:

      sharon wolff:

      1. statistics show that if he has not comitted a violent crime at 68 years old, he aint starting now

      2. looking “creepy” or too old for the girls he’s hitting on is not against the law

      3. this is closing the barn door to exclude people based on age or appearance

      4. Moral truth is 100% right. Judging others on appearance alone starts us down a dangerous and slippery slope.

      5. One day people may find your appearance strange or off putting. Perhaps you won’t age gracefully or, god forbid, be dis-figured in a fire or accident. Would you want your picture circulated to campuses and news agencies as someone to “be wary of” or “on the lookout for” even though you’ve commited no crime?

      You really need to re-thing your reply to moral truth. You’re way off base here.

      1. jm says:

        This man isn’t being banned for looking creepy or off-putting. He’s being banned for attempting to lure a student into his car.

      2. JohnnyBGoode says:

        Maybe he’s 22, he just looks that way from years of Happy Meals and unfiltered cigarettes.

  16. personnage says:

    he should be arrested for that mustache. that’s enough cause right there, my friend.

  17. katylied says:

    that’s Sharpied on, right?

  18. jayj says:

    Hey its Christopher Walken!

  19. katylied says:

    is that mustache real? who looks like that?

  20. Moral Truth says:

    Mr. Kadyhrob is being mistreated here. He got arrested and may have made a mistake but his picture is only being placed in 4 colleges and he hasn’t been convicted of a crime. Security also should have known he was loitering and not allowed him in.

    Having his photo shown in the other colleges is a violation of his civil rights and thats the moral truth

    1. The Real Truth says:

      Most college campuses do not have security prohibiting people from entering the campus. His photo was distributed so people knew to be on the look out. He returned after being released on bail. And is now trolling other campuses.

    2. Doreen Simon says:

      Attempted kidnapping is against civil rights. May he should ACT CIVIL!! His pic wouldnr have been shown if he hadnt been spotted there over the past month and then blatantly told authorities how he like young girls and was planning on going to rutgers. Also he was thrown out of TCNJ and returned the next day. This guy has no respect for the law or authority.

      1. The Good Samaritan says:

        Dorren did he kindap anyone?

        The Good Samaritan is asking

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