Rangers’ Callahan Out For Rest Of Season

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) – Rangers’ second-leading scorer Ryan Callahan is out indefinitely because of a broken right leg, just as New York is making a final push for an Eastern Conference playoff spot.

Callahan, who has a career-high 23 goals and 25 assists this season, was injured with 1:45 left in Monday night’s stirring 5-3 comeback win over the Boston Bruins that pushed the Rangers from eighth place into a tie with Montreal for sixth.
The injury won’t require surgery to fix, but is likely season-ending.

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Callahan was injured while blocking a slapshot from Zdeno Chara in the final minutes of Monday’s game against the Bruins.

“I’ll tell you this. When you’re on the bench and you see guys do what Callahan … did, it gives everyone on the team a spark,” Vinny Prospal said after watching Callahan’s block. “That’s what hockey is all about.”

Goaltender Henrik Lundqvist praised Callahan after the game, saying the Rangers are “going to need guys to sacrifice their bodies” to have a better shot at winning.

“I don’t want to say I take it for granted, but the guys are there every night doing that,” he said. “The commitment they have, like Cally … getting in front of Chara’s shots at the end, is really something special.”

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The Rangers are riding a two-game winning streak. They beat Philadelphia on Sunday and followed it with yesterday’s 5-3 win over Boston, a possible first-round playoff opponent.

In 60 games this season, Callahan has 23 goals and 25 assists.

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  1. dlong says:

    where is gabby where is anisamov? without the offensive support needed this is the type of style of hockey u get when your always in 1 goal games , i love the kids but sather will have to give up some talent to get some help for gabby , no real first line all year still need a big playmaking center maybe aa big dman

  2. Aubrey says:

    Prospal said ‘ that’s what hockey’s all about ‘. ?????????. Lundqvist said the Rangers ‘ need guys to sacrifice their bodies ‘ .???????. For one thing, the game of hockey is not all about players throwing their bodies in front of 100 mph slapshots that could end their careers or their lives..That’s why goaltenders are padded like they are, to prevent them from getting their bones broken. by shots like Chara’s. Secondly, let the goaltender see the puck and do what he’s paid the big bucks for,ie., stopping shots.. Callahan, the backbone of the Rangers, is gone for the season because he did what Lundqvist said the Rangers needed to do, ie., ‘sacrifice their bodies’. Yeah, right, Lundqvist, that’s that many shots you won’t have to face. The only positive thing about all this nonsense is that Chara’s shot didn’t hit Callahan in the head.

  3. Laser Show says:

    You know what happened……..?

    Laser Show

  4. PaulT says:

    Tony – it is a moronic defensive of strategy – sacrificing your best players to block a shot- really- it makes sense? You play D by covering your points – hockey 101! I agree with the blue-collar work ethic but defensive strategy is weak – they don’t t take the body in front of the net nor at the point. And I agree, Cally is a big part of team but we can still beat any team in our conf, this is the best conditioned team in this conf

    1. Tony says:

      Sorry….disagree. Cally has always played this way #1, even before Torts got here. Its part of the player he is and its part of the hard work that got him to the NHL in the 1st place. and #2, he probably saved a goal, blocking that shot the way he did..cause it sure looked like it was going in!

      If you really wanna reduce the number of injuries from blocked shots, then they need to get better offensive players to control the puck and spend more time in the other team’s zone so they’re not always on defense blocking shots. But until they do, they’re going to continue throwing themselves in front of slap shots, and continue making a lot of body checks if the other team has the puck a lot. Like I said, the Rangers are blue collar team. That’s who they are. And I personally would much rather have that, than the teams we watched during that 7 year playoff drought. Bunch of overpaid, over the hill pansies.

  5. Ray says:

    this sucks for the Rangers and their fans.. he is the heart and soul of this team. hopefully someone will step up and give us 1/2 of what Cally gave us..terrible news ..but we survived when he went down during the season.. NOT GOOD NEWS !!!!.. P.S. Forget about Drury he has nothing to offer anymore, he”s a big waste..one of the WORST signings by the Rangers..

  6. Tony says:

    Sorry, not meant at Don, meant at Paul T

  7. Tony says:

    Really Don Odyessy? Moronic defensive style? That style is the only reason the Rangers are where they are this year. The team is a blue collar lunch pail group, and while the injury sucks, I’m sure Callahan wouldn’t do anything different. Injuries happen, it’s a part of sports. Deal with it. The Rangers can still make noise in the playoffs.

  8. PaulT says:

    wonder of wonders – Torts moronic defensive style, this was bound to happen as it did during the season to other players. How about actually covering the point man!

  9. DON ODYESSY says:

    I hope this is a lie & they are only messing around with us. He is the next “caption” of the NYR, This is his time to step up

  10. NYRHOUND says:

    “One word……BELIEF” — Adam Graves -1994

  11. Matt Drago says:

    Ulf Nilsson. 1979

  12. Mike says:

    Well, this just about sucks.

  13. Anthony Reccoppa says:

    Reminds you of Jean Ratelle’s leg injury in 1972 that kept the Cup out of the Garden. Looks like a big run will take Gaby & Dubinsky to step it up. Am I the only one who thinks the Drury signing is one of the WORST in New York sports history?

    1. Mitch Eisenman says:

      One of the worst signings ever. But Cally is clearly the best all around player on the team. Even on the go ahead goal last night, he took a terrible wide shot but ten immediately kept hustling and got the puck back to Dubi.
      Gaborik has to be much bigger. He’s just not a good enough finisher.
      And for God’s sake, can Avery get a freaking goal?

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