South Huntington School District Considers Big Cuts

SOUTH HUNTINGTON, NY (WCBS 880) – Over a dozen teachers, four administrative workers, and eight custodians are among the 62 positions that may be cut in the South Huntington school district on Long Island.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: It Will Be Tough For Taxpayers, Too

Under the district’s proposed budget, some sports teams will be eliminated – including the swim team, bowling, and golf in the high school.

In the middle school, all sports activities will be cut.

Not only is this plan a tough one for students, but taxpayers as well, because it also carries a possible nearly 7 percent property tax rate hike.

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  1. Judy says:

    first of all, our swim team has 1 member. Not a big cut. Also, our administrators are some of the highest paid on Long Island, and we are way overstaffed in Administration. We have less than 6000 kids. Our adminstrators have been recieving 9 and 10% raises every year for the past 9 years. Our teachers are great, but they have terrible representation. The Union is hurting them, not helping.
    Also, we do not allow enough kids to participate in our teams (40 kids in football? Why not 80?) so these teams are way too costly compared to other districts. Our kids are getting a good education but we need more parent involvement, a much smaller adminstration ($100,000 secretaries?) and a salary freeze for everyone.

  2. BrokenHearted says:

    The district is millions in the hole due to horrible NYS aid cuts and ever-rising health care and pension costs. No costs were reduced by Albany. Not a single mandate was removed. No changes were made in regard to the unions. In our district only the administrators were willing to take freezes. Any cut in programs will be devastating to this school district, as so many have so little. My heart breaks for every child who will grow up in a meaner, harsher world, less able to prepare and compete in life. Our teachers have abandoned us in our hour of need. We will not forget.

  3. Elisse says:

    It’s so wrong to make children pay for the irresponsibility of their adult leaders. On the one hand people are fighting about rising obesity rates in America & yet, here we are cutting school athletics among other educational cuts. We’re supposed to protect our children & provide opportunities so they can fulfill their potential. This is the future workforce & leaders of our nation. When we cheat them we’re only cheating ourselves in the long run.

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