Brooklyn Judge Orders Woman To Serve Jury Duty — For Life!

Racist Answers To Questionnaire Sends His Honor Over Edge

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Was she trying to get out of jury duty? Or when she wrote in the questionnaire that “African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians” are the three people I admire the least — is that how she really felt?

Either way, it did get her off the jury. But, as CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports, that was only the beginning of a drama between juror and judge.

The courthouse where Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis presides has been abuzz over the action he has taken against a potential juror when he questioned why she wrote things like quote “African-Americans, Hispanics and Haitians” are “the three people I like the least.” A lot of people thought she was trying to get out of jury duty.

“She’s trying to get off jury duty. You can’t second-guess her. This is how she feels. Not a right way to feel,” said Matt Kagan of Brooklyn Heights.

The juror is a young Asian woman, and she had written that she has a relative who’s in a notorious Chinese gang. So Judge Garaufis sarcastically asked, “Why didn’t you put ‘Asians’ down also?”

The juror responded, “Maybe I should have.”

The judge then exploded, saying “This is an outrage, and so are you!”

He excused her from the panel, but then ordered her to come to court – every day.

“Outrageous! I might’ve said ‘outrageous’ That sounds like me. It is outrageous!” Fordham Law Professor Jim Cohen said.

“Now it would be a very different story if the judge held this particular juror in contempt, but merely because the judge found the answers to the questions on the questionnaire offensive, does not give the judge the right, ah, to, extend jury service — or to do really much of anything!”

Cohen also said suppose the woman wasn’t trying to get out of jury duty. Suppose those racist answers that she gave were how she really felt? Cohen said even though it’s despicable to many, the judge would still have had to let her go because of that perceived bias – instead of keeping her in perpetuity.

Most observers believe Judge Garaufis will dismiss the juror soon, hoping she has learned a lesson about jury duty.

Think the judge went too far? Agree with his wild stance? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


One Comment


    Humans are animals…Lions donot like tigers..Americans are about 1 step away from being cave men & women. disregard our left brain education.How many people know how the brain functions,the people that control the majority know.Ignorance is deadly and is not BLISS.I rest my case.Here cme dU JUDGE.ALL RISE….WE HHAVE THREE BRAINS, DO YOU KNOW WHICH BRAIN YOU ARE USING TODAY.CAN YOU NAME THE 5 SENSES THAT PROGRAM THE BRAIN. HOW DO EMOTIONS PROGRAM THE BRAIN,T.V.RELIGION,POLITICS,PARENTS,ENVIROMENT ETC.WE ARE WHAT WE THINK.WHAT WE BELIEVE,LOOK AT THE RESULTS YOU DECIDE IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE,ROBOT OR ??????

  2. john says:

    Pablo,if you are interested in my story,please contact me

  3. Ben, Chicago says:

    Legislating from the bench — why is anyone surprised? This happens all across America every day. I do agree that this should not happen. But I’m certainly not surprised.

  4. anonymous says:

    If there’s anything outrageous here, it’s the action taken by a facist judge who evidently thinks he’s been elected king of the world. Here in the US of A, by the highest law of the land, paid for in blood by our forefathers, you may not like what the other guy says, and you may be totally disgusted by his views, but by all we hold dear, he has the right to say and believe what he will. This judge has ABSOLUTELY NO LEGAL AUTHORITY to enter the order he did. This woman may legally disobey it with impunity. It’s a void order on its face.

    The worst flaw in our justice system is that in order to become a judge, one first has to be an attorney. If there is a class of people more ill suited to administering justice, I can’t think what it would be. After a career spent making a mockery of rule and law, in order to derail justice against those who don’t deserve to win, they somehow are made judges. They are typically elected unopposed, for the simple reason any lawyer inclined to challenge them can kiss their careers goodbye if they lose. And, worst of all, they are virtually untouchable, liable or accountable for their actions, no matter how outrageous their decisions. Anyone who isn’t mad sure ought to be. Instead of being our last line of defense against tyranny, our courts have become the source of tyranny.

  5. daniwitz13 says:

    This judge does not know the Constitution as it applies to free speech. She has a right to say anything she wants. She did not even say it in a bad way. She use the phase, “least admire”. She did not say hate, or don’t like. Admiring people or not admiring people is NOT derogatory. This Judge is clueless of rights and the use of phases. And even if it was derogatory, which is was not, it would still be freedom of speech.,

  6. Hale says:

    She should’ve said: “I hate everyone equally but I hate everyone” then she wouldn’t have been racist but that bias would still get her off.

    Personally, if I were here, all I really need to do to get out of Jury duty as an Asian is to declare that I believe in Confucius where I’ve to forgive no matter what since everyone should love everyone else in my religion, therefor I can’t judge other.

  7. KT says:

    It may have been her constitutional right but if it was just to get out of jury duty, it sure was a stupid and immature way to do so. Did she really think that it was cool to do that? Or that she would get away with it?

  8. Brian says:

    This judge is abusing his power and should be kicked off the bench

  9. Paul L. says:

    Yet another judge who thinks that his beliefs are superior to everyone else’s, and that his superior opinion gives him a right to have a hissy fit and abuse his power. Would the judge be happier if the woman did not indicate her honest opinion, and therefore a covert racist was put on a jury?

  10. Keith says:

    If you dont want to live in fear of the authorities, then do good things and resist bad impulses. The civil authority wields its authority by the grace of God. Submit to the extent absolutely possible. Feelings on the matter are irrelevant in this case. The right thing to do is submit, end of the story.

  11. Geezer says:

    Seems to me the judge should have charged her w/ some innocuous misdemeanor, then arranged for a jury of her peers (the ones she couldn’t stand) to hear the charges, and decide whether she was guilty or not. She might learn that what goes around, comes around, from that experience.

  12. Paul says:

    The prospective juror MUST answer truthfully. The judge needs a little time in human rehab. I personally could not serve on a criminal case jury because the standard of ‘beyond reasonable doubt is a flawed yardstick to judge the guilt of a human being’. The collective judiciary should start looking at themselves for a change.

  13. penny says:

    This is a racist site. I’ve read some of the offensive comments towards blacks and hispanics but the second someone tells the truth about whites the comment gets deleted! TYPICAL!!!!!!!!

  14. penny says:

    Oh yeah, whites never do anything wrong, it’s everyone else!! NOT!!! Stop erasing my comments

  15. penny says:

    I think the girl is stupid and delusional. she has a violent family member in prison, she can separate er family member from the rest of the Asian population but she’s making sweeping generalizations about African Americans and hispanics. What an idiot. Unfortunately, there are a lot of extremely stupid and delusional ppl who think only certain races commit crimes. It’s sickening how easily ppl fall for the conditioning.

  16. penny says:

    Oh yes, whites never ever commit crimes. Serial killers, the woman who killed her mother in law then her husband, child molesters,rapist aside. Whites are perfect!

  17. Kenny says:

    Isn’t the judge himself being biased against people who are biased (and sincere, if she’s telling the truth)? Is he trying to say that only people who think like him are good enough to be treated according to the law?
    Also, what sort of punishment would serve him right?

  18. Renee says:

    I think that he had no right to give her jury duty for life. Maybe she really does feel that way and you can stop or really change the way a person feels.

  19. hggjgjh says:

    Judge using power arbitrarily. Either way, you do not need that nincompoop in any jury.

  20. Robert says:

    WOW, lets take this and blow it out to super human proportions. She wants out of jury duty and thought that would do it. That’s it, that’s all, nothing more, nada, zip. Jury duty completely sucks, I would don a batman costume and claim I see dead people to get out of doing it…

  21. Beth B says:

    If she was say a victim of a robbery or rape I bet she would want a jury to do their job and be there for her if the criminal was tried for it.. I like what the judge is doing here.

    1. ertdfg says:

      So you like it when a Judge ignores the law, skips due process, avoids the trial, and immediately punishes someone regardless of what the law says?

      You think criminals need a trial, but if someone annoys you they need punished without a trial or due process?

      Do you want to collect your thoughts and explain why a robber or rapist deserves a trial, but this woman should be punished without one?

  22. t babington says:

    If she hates jury duty so much then she can join the militatry… I served and <i also diid jury duty…

  23. justsaynow says:

    Is I was on jury duty for life the city would just have to stop all cannabis cases. I would exercise my right to jury nullification and NEVER vote to convict.

  24. e ep says:

    How is ranking ethnic groups by degrees of admiration racists? It seems she only admires white people. I wonder what ehnic group the judge belongs to. I think she was just afraid her feelings about these groups would influence her if the defendant was non-white and was being honest. Thats why she agreed that she had similar feelings about Asians. My wife is Polish and she won’t let Polish tradesmen work in our house unless she’s there to watch them but she’s alright with hispanics, blacks or anything else. Saying the truth can sometimes get you in more trouble than just saying what you think the other person wants to hear.

  25. elspeth says:

    When called for jury duty you are told that you haev to tell the truth on those form and that you will get into trouble if you do not. If you lie you are in contempt of court, if you tell the truth and are a racist (and really how many of us are not to one degree or another – and if you say you are not then you are and a liar to boot) you are in contempt. The fact of the matter is that this judge has gone off his rocker and is in need of psychiatric attention. You cannot force someone to serve on a jury when they clearly hate police and all people of races other than there own. if more people were as truthful as she was we would have a much more fair system.

  26. Rodin says:

    Bored. Or is it ‘bOArd’? Tsk, tsk, tsk;,hee, hee, hea, ha….



    1. Robert says:

      Thank you for pointing out your 4th grade spelling skills, impressive…..

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