2 Catholic H.S. Workers Accused Of Having Sex With Students

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Two men who worked at a Catholic school in New Jersey were behind bars Wednesday, charged with sexual misconduct with female students.

Bergen County prosecutors said the men were chaperones on a 10-day student exchange trip to Germany in February, during which they allegedly had sex with students.

Teacher and football coach Michael Sumulikoski was accused of having sex with one student, while Artur Sopel, 31, vice president of operations, was accused of having sexual relations with two students on the trip.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams: The Accused Won’t Be Welcomed Back To The School

After the initial allegations were reported, another student came forward and said she also had sex with Sopel last year, authorities said.

In their first appearances since their arrest, both men pleaded not guilty before a judge on Wednesday to charges that they had sex with underage students.

CBS 2 spoke to the suspects’ attorneys on Wednesday.

“I can state categorically that nothing inappropriate, of a sexual nature took place – or any other nature took place – on this class trip to Germany, and he looks forward to confronting his accusers who have made these false allegations,” Sopel’s attorney, Ray Flood, said.

“My client is shocked at what has happened here and what these allegations are,” said Sumulikoski’s lawyer, Robert Galantucci. “I don’t believe that there is any basis for them.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Students and parents are stunned

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Newark said the teachers have been suspended without pay and won’t be coming back.

Both have been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, while Sopel also faced charges of sexual assault and hindering apprehension.

Parents learning of their arrest were stunned.

“I just heard about it this morning. I am astonished. I am really astonished. I’m just quite upset and concerned now,” said Diane Felder.

Sopel was being held on $225,000 bail, while Sumulikoski was being held on $50,000 bail. They have been ordered to surrender their passports and have no contact with their victims.

Students said the young teachers had a reputation for being outgoing, and even flirty.

“I just see them all the time with them I guess,” said student Louis Carrero.

“I guess that was just their personality. They were always talking to everybody,” said student Anthony Cardetta.

Administrators were spending Wednesday meeting with students.

“Just to reassure them that this is a serious matter. We take everything seriously. We have followed all the procedures in place for reporting and cooperating with the authorities,” said Jim Goodness of the Newark Archdiocese.

Does this change your thoughts about sending your kids on school trips abroad? If guilty, what’s the appropriate punishment for these men? Leave a comment below…


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  1. Rodin says:


  2. Rodin says:

    @ Lutra

    “What does the girls’ behavior or clothing have to do with the fact that they were violated?”

    Can’t find your post but, to answer your question, EVERYTHING.

    1. badman says:

      How does their dress or behavior really have anything to do with whether TEACHERS – men in a position of power – had sex with them?

      Explain it to me, and try not to sound like a little jag-off teenager or a sex offender. Control yourselves, men. Otherwise you are not men.

      1. Rodin says:

        If you REALLY NEED an explanation, you’re not worth my trouble.

      2. badman says:

        “not worth my trouble” – the last refuge of he who really has nothing to say

      3. Rodin says:


  3. pc says:

    i know both of these girls and mr sopel not a bad guy they just alll made bad decisions and are paying for it now but none of you no anything until they are convicted

    1. Rodin says:

      ” none of you no anything ”

      This must be a really fine school.

      Try “KnoW” instead of “no.”

      No wonder there are 19-year-olds still in high school. 19-year-olds belong in college … or MacDonald’s.

      1. Amanda says:

        Oh dear god, it’s the internet! So what if this person made grammatical mistakes. PC Is a fine school. FYI, PC does not hold back students…bet you didn’t know that.

    2. Bennie says:

      You are not a credit to the school . your teachers or your parents. what age group are you ? and you do not know the difference between “no'” negation and “know” knowledge.. Lets hope that the truth will come out and they will be exonerated. When the sex lifes of these now violated girls really get going no one will be informed..

  4. dbr says:

    girls and women can lie for a variety of reasons. It has happened before. It might be happening now. The lies of women in the past put these girls in a tough position: liars until proven otherwise.

  5. Columbia Law student says:

    Was it consensual? Was the students under the influence?

    1. Rodin says:

      “Under the influence” of raging hormones and free from home.

    2. badman says:

      I guess you don’t need to be able to conjugate “to be” correctly in order to get into Columbia Law.

      More like Baruch undergrad, maybe???

      1. Get Your Facts Straight Before Passing Judgement and Making Comments says:

        It’s not if he/she conjugated correctly it’s if he/she used the correct verb tense, was instead of were.

      2. badman says:

        I was
        you were
        he/she/it was
        you were (pl)
        they are

        “were” and “was” are both past tense, genius. it was conjugated incorrectly. You’re a tenured NYC schools english teacher, aren’t you?

      3. Get Your Facts Straight Before Passing Judgement and Making Comments says:

        They are both past tense, he/she was supposed to use were instead of was, what are you confused about ? If you want to get technical you should’ve said conjugated incorrectly NOT conjugate “to be” correctly, genius!

  6. Dean says:

    This Michael looks like a CRIMINAL! How was he able to become a teacher?
    I’m a teacher, but if I were a principal, I would have never hired that Michael.

    1. Rodin says:

      It’s a mug shot. Ever had one? He’s actually not a bad looking guy. And a COACH, a JOCK.

    2. Mi says:

      He’s a great guy. I personally know him. He’s not a criminal nor does he look like one. You should never judge someone based only on their looks.

  7. nj says:

    people please as teachers they knew they were crossing the line and they should be punished and not be allowed to teach or be around children anymore . they took advantage and that is the bottom line . I know my children will never go on any trips out of the country and if any teacher touched my daughters lets just say they wouldn’t be able to run and hide far enough away we would still find them ———-.

    1. PC PALADIN PRIDE says:

      PC is a GREAT school- over 1600 students think so. We have GREAT students, teachers, administrators, parents, and yes, even great priests! I know of no other school anywhere, (I am a parent AND a public school teacher) where there is such a caring attitude. These 2 men were NOT actual classroom teachers- one was an administrator, the other a substitute teacher- AND they have been accused- NOT convicted. How many other schools would have contacted the police to start an investigation, after another TEACHER brought concerns to the administration?

    2. Rodin says:

      “I know my children will never go on any trips out of the country”

      Too bad for your children. They’ll grow up typical Americans.

  8. billy smith says:

    The Catholic School laid them off without pay? Why didn’t they just move them to Rome or another school like they do with their priests?

    1. Rodin says:

      Tsk, tsk. Ask Bill of the Catholic League.

  9. Jon says:

    Grass is green, play ball. Makes me disgusted to be in a country where violence is celebrated but sex with a girl even a day under the age of consent is sickening.

    Not only that, but a country ran by morons who’ve made us dead broke in the last couple of decades. Thanks congress.

  10. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:

    oh christ on a plastic glow in the dark crucifix..banging teenage gurls..well we knew they could not be priests…thats fer sure..

  11. PC IS GREAT says:

    PC is still the best school around. as a student, i believe this. and when i am older and have a child, i would definitely send he or she to PC. PC IS GREAT!!

    1. Rodin says:

      Around where? PARAMUS?

      Gimme a break!

      1. Amanda says:

        Around the North Jersey area. PC has fine academics, thank you very much. What do you even know about the school’s academics?

  12. Rodin says:

    It’s been fun but, sorry, gotta go make din-din for wifie, me and the pooches.


  13. WaryTeacher says:

    Endangering the welfare of a “child”?? What child under 12 is in high school? It was bad judgment to have 2 male chaperones of female students on what was probably the Senior Class Trip (we went to Bronx Park, but now it’s Morocco and Germany!), but that means the students on the trip were between 17 and 19, not babies! If the two men were dumb enough to have intervourse with teenagers, however consensual, they need to be put in a place with padded walls! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    1. Rodin says:


    2. PC Alum says:

      The trip to Germany is a student exchange program that was instituted in 1999.

    3. Disgusted says:

      This was not a senior class trip, it’s an annual exchange trip open to all students of the school. These two men were not the only chaperones. Two of the girls involved are juniors (16) and one a 17 year old senior. (another girl who graduated last year also alleges a sexual relationship with Sopel)
      Two of my children have graduated from Paramus Catholic and one is still there. On the whole it’s been a very positive experience and excellent education. For a school of it’s size (1600) the administration, staff, faculty, students, and families make it feel like a small community – and I am still proud to be a part of it.
      These two men made horrific choices and should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. The girls (who were not drinking or drugging) should be disenrolled and their parents should actually try parenting them.
      While it’s no secret the girls were willing participants, these men should have NEVER crossed the line. They were in a position of authority and looked up to by many at PC. Shame on them! I know both of them and am disgusted and feel betrayed by their behavior. I hope they have to serve some jail time and be registered as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.
      In the same breath, I think the media needs to leave the Paramus Catholic community alone. Cover the story from the court house, NOT from across the street from a school. The news vans were there all day today and reporters were texting and facebooking kids all day! Shame on them as well. The kids in this school are trying to deal with what’s going on and the administration, staff, and faculty are trying to help them (and us parents!) The story has moved from the school to the courts, go there and leave our children alone!
      Hang in there Paladins! We are a strong force when we stay together! Don’t let these media morons or the disgusting actions of these two stupid men get you down!

      1. Rodin says:


      2. Disgusted says:

        Yes, “disenrolled” is a phrase commonly used in non-public schools. Why is it that you pick on one word in my post (a word that you are unfamiliar with) and not with the substance of it?
        If you have something worthwhile to say, say it, otherwise, please stop being a troll.
        Thank You.

      3. There...Fixed! says:

        “This was not a senior class trip, it’s an annual FLUID exchange trip open to all students of the school.

  14. A PC student says:

    Please do not let this sway your opinion of PC!
    PC is still a great school! =]

    1. K says:

      I am a PC graduate and I totally agree. PC is a great school with great teachers. I think it is sickening that reporters are standing outside of PC all day exploiting students for a story. Students and administrators at PC are a FAMILY!!! Everyone at PC will get through this together. I am proud to be a Paladin still to this day! PC has prepared me for college which I am thriving in. This could have happened at any school, so anyone who is throwing stones should look at the house they live in first!

  15. A PC student says:

    I am a current student of Paramus Catholic High School and believe that it is still a wonderful school. We have great teachers, friendly students, and learn about our Catholic faith every day. Please try to focus on the good, not the bad, because these reporters are just looking for a story. We are paladins and we will get through this.

    1. Rodin says:

      You in the football team?

      1. A PC student says:


  16. G Hawkins says:

    Very poor judgement on the part of the chaperones who are put in a postion to protect their students, not booze them up and take advantage of them.
    It’s stat rape, plane and simple….you cannot blame children for the actions of these pedphile pigs. Throw the book at them ! Unbelievable.

    1. Rodin says:

      America the infantilizer!

  17. Rodin says:

    I see the CATH deniers are out “en force”. I’m surprised Bill Donohue hasn’t poked OUT his ugly perv-pimp head.

    Let’s be real. There’s definitely a breach of trust here but these WOMEN weren’t blushing virgins. They were loose and nasty and ready for fun away from home. 17, 18-year-olds are NOT children and, these days, neither are 13 or 14-year-olds, male or females, WHO ROMP AROUND with adults, MALE OR FEMALE. They’re all “SNOOKIES.”

    STATUTORY OR NOT, they’re willing accessories to their “RAPES.”


  18. Kip says:

    I went to this school, and with one of these men.
    He was a horrible person and womanizer then and I wouldn’t be surprised of more people come forward.

    The girls should be expelled and ashamed themselves but at the end of the day, the choices I made at that age vs. the choices I make now are worlds apart.

    These men should be ashamed and prosecuted to the fullest extent.

    1. nj says:

      why the hell should the girls be blamed for this and be expelled for this . the men that did this should be hanged .how dare they take advantage of high school kids on a trip. what the hell were they thinking.we know thier mommas raised idiots eh. give them life and then see were that takes them .and the girls should be ashamed at themselces for alowing it to happen. at that age they are smart enough to call the police where they were .

      1. Rodin says:

        Cuz they be Snooky wannabes.

  19. Kath says:

    NO ONE EVEN KNOWS THE REAL STORY. What’s ridiculous are these news and media people. Hounding students on the streets, following them just to get a quote so they can spin their own version of the story. Reporters have even contacted students through facebook, text messages, and emails. How sickening,

    1. John says:

      Yes, it’s like they would kill to get a good story…
      They were standing in front of the school ALL DAY LONG

      1. Rodin says:

        Deniers and perp pimps

  20. Lola says:

    All your comments are casting your opinions and judgments based only on what you read in the news. The girls are not to blame, in fact, being old enough to consent, lure and entice these guys as well as others they have had sexual relationships with should be enough to OUT them like these two guys. It could have happened at any school anywhere and does happen frequently with young teachers and promiscuous students. It is unfortunate that it went this far. If there wasn’t petty girl drama and jealousy involved you would have never heard about it. The girls should be suspended too, they are the epitomy of sleeze.

    1. Rodin says:

      Tell me about it, “LOLITA.”

    2. Rodin says:

      “Her name was LOLA….”

      You a student there, graduated from there, a teacher there?

      It’s epitom-E, NOT epitom-Y. No wonder they get laid!

      SPELL CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Roy says:

    Lets get real must be a teacher and a pedophile..!

    1. Lets Get Real says:

      True story Roy, I am both of those things.

      You are so smart!

  22. Lets Get Real says:

    Not only are those girls not as innocent as you people think they are, they are worse. These girls repeatedly threw themselves at the teacher. Before parents get outraged at what the teachers did, how about teach your daughters some morals! Not that the teacher does not have blame and yes they should be punished for their poor decisions, but these girls at PC and high schools everywhere are terrible. Parent’s thinking twice about sending their daughter abroad? Trust me, what they do at home while your sleeping is just as bad. These girls are going to act this way no matter where they are and they hold an equal amount of blame in this and any situation like this.

    This teacher is good guy who just made a very poor decision. He isn’t a monster or a pedofile or any of these terrible things you people (who clearly sit home all day on a computer passing judgment) are saying. Worry about YOUR children and raising them right and they will never be in a situation like this.

    1. martina says:

      oh please, these teachers these so called adults were not thinking with their brains we know that. the girls arent the adults here . they should be fired and never be able to work around young kids again. i wish we could put a branding iron to their forheads and to all the molesters like them.

    2. Ta'Lisha Blumpkin says:

      LG Real,

      Is that how it is back on planet Skank?

    3. Oh Please! says:

      These ADULTS should have been taught better by thier parents! They should know better than to use thier position as a teacher to get girls to sleep with them. These are not good guys! They want sex so bad, they can get it while in jail. Let’s see how they like that.

    4. kg says:

      You can not seriously blame the girls!! You must be one of these people that believes that if a woman is dressed in a sexy way she must have deserved to be raped!! You are completely outrageous and ignorant!! Where are the parents that raised these 2 MEN??

      1. Lets Get Real says:

        Or you people read a news story and don’t know any other aspect of the story. You are ignorant! and No I dont think that people who dress sexy deserve to get anything at all. I Happen to know more than you do about this situation. Simple as that.

      2. Rodin says:


    5. Reality Check says:

      LGR – I agree.

      These so called girls are old enough to drive and risk their own life and others on the road every day, so you mean to tell me that they are old enough to operate a vehicle that can kill someone bc you know at that age they are secretly drinking and doing who knows what while behind the wheel. They were also old enough to be trusted to get on an airplane miles away from home for a break..Yet, they are not old enough to make a wise decision and not sleep with someone they CLEARLY know they shouldn’t be sleeping with? These parents need to take a look into what’s really going on with their kids and I’m sure if they had no problem sleeping with an adult, it’s obviously not the first time they’ve slept with anyone at all! I’m not condoning what the teachers did was right, but let’s be real like most men, they’ll take what’s being offered to them, in this case obviously it wasn’t hard to get.

    6. Come on says:

      Soo you agree LGR that these teachers especially “the one good one” were raised poorly or else they would not have been in this situation. The girls definitely have some blame as they most likely are confused boy crazy teens however, they are mentally in a different place. The teachers have been educated and are paid to do a job-teach! Yet they use their paid work time to flirt and indirectly influence these very fragile young girls. They knew better and acted completely wrong. They are monsters because instead of reporting the first time these girls made a pass at them, they went along with it and led these girls to believe something was there and then worst of all acted on it!! Despicable. And to think the one teacher is married. 100% wrong

      1. Reality Check says:

        These very fragile young girls clearly aren’t so fragile if they had enough sense to say yes and go along with it. I was 18 once and men would hit on myself and my friends I wasn’t an idiot and was completely aware of the situation. I also knew several girls my age who would hit on older men purposely at the time! It’s called morals and self respect, this clearly isn’t the first time these dumb girls spread their legs. As for the parents they obviously didn’t do a good job instilling morals and self appreciation in these girls. As a parent that is your job to teach your kids wrong from right, if someone were to hit on you it should be reported immedietely not AFTER the fact.

      2. Rodin says:

        “Only the chaste are truly obscene.” – Huysman

    7. The Irish says:

      In the end, it doesn’t matter if these under-aged minors came on to these teachers naked screaming “take me.” These adults are the ones who have the final decision, because when all is said and done, they are the ones who will be charged. So If you really have to ask yourself “who’s to blame?” you should honestly take a look at who you are as a person, because your moral agenda is obviously skewed, do to your lack of social intimacy.

      1. Rodin says:


        “do to your lack of social intimacy”



    8. Agreeing with Lets Get Real says:

      I couldnt’t have said it better myself “lets get real”. I agree with you completely – and about these girls, if it wasn’t sex with these guys, it would have been sex with some german….. lets face it, these so-called “children” probably have on their short shorts, or short skirts, cleavage overly exposed and everything else these girls do these days – dumb teachers? ABSOLUTELY… but don’t forget about the extremely dumb girls as well. there is nothing to even bring forth about this situation – How many 17 year old girls are having sex right this very minute with someone that is definitely over the age of 21?? the system in this country is pathetic.

      1. Eddie says:

        These young men are in a very unfortunate situation. they did not rape these girls. If they were not trusted they would not have been sent in that position. Whatever happened was consensual .A lot of these girls lead these teachers on and if they do not react they are labelled as “gay” Damned if you do Damned if you don’t.. One has to be very careful again with the Roman Catholic perception of SEX. Look Feel. thought .imaginatio0n all these aspects. . what are the ages of these violated girls.. Have you ever seen USA high school girls behaviour overseas.? Parents never wnat to face the fact that their teenage daughters are sexually active.With the boys it is even encouraged Get real. Hope the truth will set them free. or they are real stupid..Why did not the grils report it to the German Police.

    9. baldy says:

      you must know mike not art

  23. The Facts says:

    The age of consent in New Jersey and in all European Union countries like Germany is 16. Some states, however, have laws against sexual contact between teachers and students despite the age of consent because of the teachers’ position of authority over the students. If such is the case in New Jersey, the teachers should have been aware of it.

  24. hey says:

    Unknown must be a priest

    1. Unknown says:

      Not a priest, just a girl whose of age and can face reality of the situation unlike the people that would like to believe these are innocent girls who were taken advantage of. These girls may not be of age, but like I’ve said earlier they knew exactly what they were doing when they were doing it. They should teach these girls to be a little wiser with their decisions.

      1. badman says:

        oh, you’re a female. I see.

        then you are (pick one or more):
        a) still in high school;
        b) overweight, lazy and/or dumb as a post; or
        c) not really a female.

      2. Unknown says:

        d) NEITHER I’m a girl with common SENSE and a realistic point of view. I also know more facts about the situation, you seem like a typical ignorant parent who doesn’t face facts that kids these days aren’t as innocent as they seem. In case you have a reading disability I have mentioned several times that I do not agree with what they did is right they are wrong and will get served with what they deserve IF found guilty. What I am saying is that these girls are too blame just as much as the teachers, how stupid are you that at 17 or 18 you don’t know you shouldn’t be leading on a teacher or sleeping with one! WAKE UP moron these girls consented to it and in another country bc they figured they could get away with it! She came back bragged about it to one of her jealous friends who would’ve slept with him too if she could’ve and ended up calling it out. Teach your kids right from wrong and none of this would happen period!

      3. badman says:

        nope, not (d). Much more obviously (b) – specifically dumb as a post.

        You’re giving a girl HS student equal responsibility in a situation with a teacher in his 30s. The teacher is not only in a position of power, but is trained to understand his responsibilities to his students. True, if these girls met these guys in a bar, lied and said they were 20, and hooked up, then culpability wouldn’t be so clear. But that is not what happened here. Make up as many possible alternate scenarios as you want – it does not matter.

        Last time I’m gonna explain it to you. I get the feeling you’d make a decent parent, but I sure hope you’re not planning to be a teacher.

    2. Unknown says:

      No need to make up scenarios genius, they’re to prove a point, clearly something your not getting. If these students are responisble enough to leave their home and be trusted in another country where they should be “studying” They should be responsible enough to make a smart decision and say this is wrong and report it as soon as it happened or the teachers came on to them, if it even did happen. You speak of this position of power as if teachers are some gods, their human beings maybe older not always wiser, clearly not in this situation. As for power these girls had the power to say no, walk away and report it as soon as it happened. As it was evident that there were female chaperones on this trip, no reason they couldn’t have gotten them caught right then and there.

  25. Roy says:

    These were high school kids,who’s judgement might not be that of an adult. The adults on the other hand,new exactly what they were doing was wrong,yet they chose to proceed with this alleged behavior.Let’s not fault the kids,they were taken advantage off ,plain and simple!

    1. Rodin says:


  26. pc1983 says:

    do anyone of you actually have a child at the school? know anyone at the school? or even know what happened? the teachers were a million% wrong, but the “girls” were not innocents either. they were not 5 y/o’s who needed defending. they knew exactly what they were doing and who they were doing it with. Again not condoning but get real…these girls are getting ready for their prom on Friday… and acting like nothing happened.

    hope it was worth it for all 5!!! cant let 5 very stupid people ruin it for the rest of the PC community.

    Im sure all the insults will start flying…

    1. Unknown says:

      I agree, and I’m not condoning what the teachers did was right, but let’s be real, let’s say these girls met these men outside of a school atmosphere, I’m pretty sure the same thing could’ve happened and it would’ve gone unnoticed. The fact that it’s a big deal is only bc they were teachers at the school. Situations like these occur on a daily basis, it goes unnoticed, bc these girls are allowing it, bc they want it. Maybe it’s time parents pay more attention to their kids and the way they act as opposed to always putting the blame on the older men. Grant it what they did is wrong, but it was 100% consented too. To answer your question I’m very well aware of the students and teachers of that school. These girls are definitely NOT innocent.

      1. cookie says:

        Unknown, you are so right. Parents need to pay more attention. I agree the teachers should be fired and never allowed to teach in any capacity what so ever. I was at a 16th b day party where the girls wore inappropriately short dresses. One girl bent over and everyone knew the brand of thong underwear she was wearing. I was talking with one of the parents and she said thats what the girls are wearing. I thought BS, thats what the parents are buying. I am not saying they have to wear a gown but something they don’t have to spend the night pulling down so their rears are not hanging out. As far as innocent, Tori, I disagree, I think parents need to have an open dialouge with their girls.

      2. badman says:

        Hey, “Unknown” – the teachers were in a position of power. You reveal your own very juvenile sexuality by making anything of the girls’ dress or behavior. It doesn’t matter whether the girls were “of age,” or even if they were provocative in any way. The teachers betrayed a trust. End of story.

        I get the feeling you’d do the same thing if you were in these teachers’ situation, you d1ckless perv. Meanwhile, you’re probably a priest posting on his smart phone between confessions.

    2. Tori says:

      the girls ARE innocents, even if they consented. How many teen girls, whether sexually active or not, are READY to be??? Doesn’t matter if we have a child at the school. the “REAL STORY” is that 2 adults in authority abused it in the worst possible way and got told on! Stop defending them. It doesn’t matter if the girls are promiscuous. (Which has NOT been proven to be the case) it matters that 2 adult teachers SLEPT WITH THEM. Let’s not lose sight of the REAL issue. the girls have the choice, and even, sadly, the right to be as promiscuous as they wish. Teachers NEVER have the right to sleep with school-aged students!

      1. Unknown says:

        Like I’ve said earlier I don’t disagree that the teachers were in the wrong. BUT take this situation OUTSIDE of the school atmosphere and these girls would have done the same thing, and these men wouldn’t have been charged and this whole situation would’ve never happened. These are not the first and sad to say, but not the last of these situations to be happening. The students were not innocent and just as wrong to allow it to happen. I don’t care how old you are, I was tought morals and I was tought wrong from right and I was taught how to say NO! This isn’t peer pressure! NO ONE FORCED THEM TO DO IT! The teachers did not FORCE them to sleep with them. This is common sense and clearly neither girls nor teachers had it. Yes should the teachers have known better and avoided the situation, but clearly as most guys won’t react unless given the opportunity, clearly these girls weren’t sitting back and doing nothing they were obviously provoking the situation which led to what had happened.

      2. Rodin says:


        “People seem to be offended by facts, or what used to be called truth.” – Francis Bacon

      3. badman says:

        it doesn’t matter what would have happened outside a school-sponsored situation. these events DID take place in one.

        it would matter even less if the whole thing took place on Mars. Are you gonna argue that too?

        Frgging tired of morons, in their own world of fuzzy headed illogic, blithely making stupid arguments about matters that really hurt people.

      4. Unknown says:

        Yes in this case clearly it is being argued bc it is OUTSIDE of the states jursidiciton. Hurt people the only people that got hurt were the teachers and YES they did it to themselves so if they are found guilty they will suffer the consequences of their stupidity their own dumb decision. As for the females you mean to tell me their decision to sleep with them is ok, bc they are younger? So if a younger person decides to commit a crime than it would be ok bc they are young? They deserve to be expelled for their irresponisble behavior and stupid decisions. Tired of listening to morons who think they know everything when in reality the law has two sides. If your not going to hear both and make a decision then you shouldn’t be one to pass judgement. Law 101 jerk off.

  27. Rico Norstrom says:

    Of course i don’t know all the facts,, but these girls weren’t a couple of innocent virgins.
    If they had sex with teachers, they’ve already spread their legs for a few guys, thats for sure.
    It doesn’t excuse the teachers though.

  28. JJ says:

    If we are going to judge a group based on the actions of a human being, lets pick men! Let’s judge men everywhere not all schools, not all catholics. Stop the grouping.There are good people and bad people and that’s it. It was consensual but the bottom line is children are stupid and easily manipulated. These teachers are paid tax payer dollars and as adults are in a position to act appropriately or else! I know plenty of teachers who have been looking for work who would never engage in this behavior.

  29. Steve says:

    After reading about stuff like this, and about the HELL endured by Senator Scott Brown as a young person, I will NEVER send my children to sleep-away camp of any sort.

    1. Sam says:

      Steve, your kids don’t need to go to sleep away camp to have sex. These girls were of age of consent and willingly had sex with these idiots. They were not raped.

      1. repeat says:

        This comment below needs to be repeated because people keep mentioning that these girls were of age

        Innocent until proven guilty wrote

        That is a brain dead comment. So, it’s ok for a teacher to be having sex with a student as long as the student is over 18? You don’t see any conflict with that? You don’t see those students receiving preference over the others? LOL! Clueless. Try a boss having sex with a subordinate? Same thing. It’s called getting preferential treatment and taking advantage of a position of power. Glad you’re not a judge – or maybe you are – lol.

  30. Unknown says:

    “How about people start to evaluate their own children especially those in Catholic schools, lets be real most of those schools especially PC has a track record with how these girls behave and present themselves. I mean do you really think those “girls” are saints and that it wasn’t consentual? Didn’t one girl already admit to consenting to it. Sorry people, but innocent until proven guilty. I think it’s time people started to open their eyes and realize that it takes two. Clearly as a female if there’s something I would not want to do no one could force me to do it, they very well knew what they were doing. Grant it the men should’ve known better themselves, but they are not completely to blame. How about taking a look at how your daughter dresses even if in uniform, they enter those schools and all of a sudden the buttons are unbuttoned and the hemlines rise, who are you trying to kid. These girls very well know what they are provoking.”

    1. What? says:

      The Girls that you are talking about are HS students. These men are adults in charge. IF they can’t handle a girl in a short skirt that is one of their students, they shouldn’t be teachers. These men obviously don’t know the difference between right and wrong and have no will power.

      1. Unknown says:

        HS or not they know exactly what they are doing, I’m sorry I wasn’t an idiot at 17 or 18 I highly doubt they were. It’s one simple word NO they should start learning to use them instead of spreading their legs.

      2. pc1983 says:

        for the record the girls wear pants now…and they were not innocent. they knew exactly what they were doing – not condoning…

      3. A PC student says:

        the girls are now required to wear pants. no skirts have been worn at PC since the last school year.

        PC is still a great school!

      4. Rodin says:

        Do the pants have a fly to get into?

    2. Tori says:

      Unbelievable! What does the girls’ behavior or clothing have to do with the fact that they were violated? There is NO SUCH THING as PROVOKING a molestaion. Whether they consented or not, 2 TEACHERS committed an unthinkable act! How they dress? Are you even serious right now? Those girls could wear string bikinis and it would NOT give those “teachers” the right to have sex with them. That is SUPPOSED to be the difference between being an adult and child: the ability to act in the best interest of all parties DESPITE the heat of the moment. Whether or not these giels were virgins in immaterial. Otherwise, by that logic, only virgins can be raped? makes absolutely no sense! And insinuating that a person’s style of dress has ANYTHING to do with this is an insult to every victim of molestation or rape! By that flawed “logic”, all of Hollywood is just asking for it! By the way, “as a female” there are things that you may not want to do but could be forced to: It is called rape, and it is not the victim’s fault, ever. But it happens to millions of women each year. So let’s be clear: just because a girl may have low self esteem and be flattered by inappropriate attention, that does not excuse the CRIMINAL behavior of supposedly responsible adults! It is disgusting, and they should be prosecuted!

      1. jojo says:

        @Tori, in a perfect world I would agree with you. However, dress has alot do with how they are perceived. You dress like a tramp and act like one, that is what you will be perceived as. I am not condoning what the teachers did. They were the adults. They should be fired and never be able to work as teachers again. However, criminal charges, no way. As a parent I would never let my daughter go on a trip abroad with 2 mail chaperones.

      2. lutra says:

        Thank you, Tori. Well Said! and I think, ‘nuf said.

      3. Unknown says:

        No one said what the teachers did was correct, but lets face reality the way you dress has a lot to do with the way you act and uphold yourself. If you have the sense to sleep with a man 10 years older than you knowing he is a teacher, let’s be real you should NEVER sleep with a teacher there shouldn’t be a law that tells you that and same goes for the teachers they definitely should have known better. No one said they were RAPED, get your facts straight it was CONSENT! Who goes to say that it wasn’t the students instigating the situation? Like I’ve said before I’m not condoning the teachers behavior, but NO they are NOT 100% to blame. If these girls are held responsible enough to travel miles away from their homes, they should be responsible for their own actions and decisions. Clearly these girls had a hidden agenda in mind with this trip. No such thing as provoking a molestation? So when you “flirt” back or continue to mislead another to believe something that is truly not there that’s not provoking the situation? I’m sorry, but you yourself do not know the true details of what truly happened, so who are you to say that these girls are as innocent as they’d like to seem? Sure now that it’s out they will try to cover up for themselves, but it’s a little late for that. As for it being criminal behavior it would be criminal if it wasn’t consensual and endangering? They weren’t children their teenagers and WAKE UP! Take a look at teenagers these days, sorry to say but reality check there’s a show called 16 and Pregnant! These shows never existed until now clearly these girls are more experienced this day and age at a much YOUNGER age and 18 is practically 30 these days. Stop being so naive and get a clue these girls want the attention they like the attention and when they get it they all of a sudden think they can blow it up and get these men in trouble, if this was something was occuring during the school year why weren’t they complaining then and saying it made them feel uncomfortable?

  31. scotty doesn't know says:

    I love how people are bringing religion into this, when that has no bearing at all on what’s going on. Just goes to show how ignorant some people are.

    scotty doesn’t know, scotty doesn’t know, scotty doesn’t know now. So , don’t tell scotty cuz scotty doesn’t know, scotty doesn’t know….

  32. Aydie says:

    Whatever the school’s history is of teacher/student relationships, is it really any of your business to make a comment as ignorant as “they should be castrated” or “hang them.” Many of you are forgetting that these people have families! That is someone’s son, brother, nephew, uncle, what have you. Be a little sympathetic to the parents and families of these men. This is such a devastating and traumatic thing for a family to go through and all these comments and articles make it harder on them. Only one of those men had girls come out and say they had sexual contact with him, as for the other, nothing was proven and no girls have come forward. Don’t you people read anything other than the lies people blog? I hope this situation blows over and pray that these men can recover. There are bigger issues in the world, tsunamis, murder, war. Whoever is at fault, whoever is found guilty or innocent, whatever the outcome, my heart goes out to their families, truly.

    1. Question says:

      If these men didn’t think about how their actions would affect thier families, why do expect strangers to be concerned?

    2. Rodin says:

      This IS a public forum, ain’t it?

  33. Ronnie says:

    I am so sick of these sexual deviants polluting the true meaning of Christianity and Jesus Christ. It truly is a case of wolves wearing sheeps clothing inhabiting the church. Fortunately, the true meaning of Christ’s church will never fade away no matter how hard these evil devils try.

  34. Dan Te says:

    If this happened in Germany can they still be charged?

  35. Roy says:

    Kathy is a little overprotective,I wonder why?

    1. GG says:

      Yeah I caught that too. Any mother of a daughter tied to this situation would not be siding with teachers. She/ He seems like they might be linked to one of the guys in this story.

  36. Roy says:

    It must have been those Parochial School uniforms, they had no control over themselves………..

  37. LiberalsAreEvil says:

    This is for that idiot Story: You say Catholic people. Not all Catholic people are bad. You are disgusting for thinking you are so perfect. Do the world a favor and jump off a bridge, you filthy maggot!!

  38. Extra Ordinary Larry says:

    I realize we don’t have all the facts, but they sure do look guilty from their booking photographs.

    One thing is for certain, they will both be physically and mentally abused while being held in the Bergen County Jail.

  39. story says:

    These catholic people are becoming disgusting now with this constant rape of young boys and girls. Good question why were there no parents on the trip? why were the chaperons men? I hope they each get 50 years in prison.

    1. Kathy says:

      My daughter happened to be on this trip and you have no idea as to the facts are. So you shouldn’t be so small minded and jump to conclusions.

      1. jerseygirl says:

        Does your daughter say this didn’t happen?

  40. JerseryGirl says:

    Paramus Catholic has had a history of teachers involved with questionable sexual events. It is a shame these 2 teachers were allowed didn’t act as they should which is to protect these young girls and not take advantage of them
    Anyone who doubts this story is true will see that when this goes to trial these 2 will be proven guilty.

    1. BW says:

      This story has been blown way out of proportion, it certainly didn’t happen the way it is being presented.
      The girls are not innocent and one was over the age of 18, the other two 17 and they are also about to turn 18.
      As for the girl from last spring she was over 18 at the time and the facts surrounding that are questionable.
      Do you actually believe everything you read is true and did you ever hear that people are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty? If you believe everything the way the press presents it then you really are naive.

      1. JG says:

        18 or not these teachers are not supposed to be having sex with Students! I don’t care what country they are in. Parents trust them to protect their children not sleep with them!
        As a mother it would scare me that I would have to worry that when my child gets to HS age that I would have to worry about them while at school or at school functions.

      2. Innocent until proven guilty says:

        That is a brain dead comment. So, it’s ok for a teacher to be having sex with a student as long as the student is over 18? You don’t see any conflict with that? You don’t see those students receiving preference over the others? LOL! Clueless. Try a boss having sex with a subordinate? Same thing. It’s called getting preferential treatment and taking advantage of a position of power. Glad you’re not a judge – or maybe you are – lol.

  41. JD says:

    They will be released and it will not go to trial as the acts happened in a country where the US laws do not apply.

    1. KB says:

      Thank you JD, I agree with you 100%.

    2. JerseyGirl says:

      It says another girl came foward and said she had sex with one of them last year. That was not during the trip to another country.
      “After the initial allegations were reported, another student came forward and said she also had sex with Sopel last year, authorities said.”

      1. Sam says:

        Should these guys be on trial? no. Should they be fired? yes. 30+ year olds having sex with girls in their late teens is very wrong and these guys should know better. However, the girls are no innocents in this and I am sure these guys were not their first. They were not raped. They willingly had sex. I am tired of 17 and 18 years olds saying they wer taken advantage of after the fact.

  42. Rodin says:

    Hey, if the perv priests can, why not join in the fun. Boys, girls, who cares?

  43. Cmon says:

    jersey cops have jurisdiction in Germany? Since when?

    1. Innocent until proven guilty says:

      If they return to U.S., they are subject to the jurisdiction of U.S. laws if they are a U.S. citizen or resident alien regardless of where the crime was committed. U.S. would need to seek extradition assistance if they stayed in Germany though.

  44. Big Nard says:

    I guess these guys were scrathing notches in their belts on this school trip. More to come. Wait and see.

  45. Unknown says:

    It’s sad to see how the news can twist a story without knowing the REAL facts.

    1. Rodin says:


      All “FACTS” are REAL. If they’re NOT REAL, they’re NOT “FCTS.”

      1. Rodin says:

        Sorry, “f-A-cts”. Rushing. My grandmother used to say, “Go slow, I’m in a rush.”

    2. John says:

      So what are the real facts? Do you have some inside information you wish to shair with the rest of us?

      1. Rodin says:



      2. Kathy says:

        I also would like to know when NJ cops started to have jurisdiction over Germany matters.
        The facts are the girls were not under 17 and were not forced to do anything.

  46. HARLEM GOING H.A.M. says:


    1. Rodin says:

      Who are they gonna mess with, old bags? Think.

  47. Daniel P says:

    What’s SHOCKING is that they are Catholic, and they had sex with FEMALES ! OMG !

    1. badman says:

      in the Catholic priesthood, having sex with women is referred to as “gay.”

  48. Surfin Bird says:

    guilty until proven innocent it seems.

    Don’t the police investigate these outrageous accusations?

    1. Rodin says:


  49. wayne says:

    Well at least there not doing young boys, this is a step in the right direction ???? if there under 18 ????? age of consent, then so what. ????? if not then throw the book at em . that will teach them, if they had done a young boy, the older priest would have protected them. and it all would haave been pushed under the carpet, ?????????

  50. Gregory says:

    Seems strange that there were no women chaperones or parents on the trip. Is this story only a partial account?

    1. Sam says:

      You are so right. I wonder why high school kids are going abroad on school trips with no parent chaperones. Seems strange.

    2. Anon says:

      There were in fact multiple female chaperones on the trip.

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