RYE, NY (WCBS 880) – When the winter winds howl, dog owners grab a towel and head to Playland Beach in Rye because it’s the only time of year when dogs are allowed.

Come April, the beach is off-limits.

But a grassroots group is petitioning Westchester County to create a little year-round doggie beach.

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LINK: The Official Web Site of the Petition

Russ Golden Summer would love it.

“She’s a labrador. She loves to swim. She’s a digger. She loves to dig in the sand. She chases the ball and then she’ll bury it for us,” said the dog’s owner.

Michael Brennan and Blue, his black labrador, are beach creatures.

“There’s not much more fun for her than throwing a ball or stick into the water and having her go retrieve it,” said Brennan, who has signed the petition. “We pay our taxes to be at this park. To let them run free, there’s no reason why we can’t have a designated area.”

Laura and her havanese Felix would love year-round access.

“Running and playing and all those good things. I have him on a long lead and he runs back and forth,” says Laura.

Non dog owners have some concerns.

“The excrement. They’ve had dog attacks, especially on [the] elderly and young children,” said one man.

Dog owners say they will be good neighbors.

They’re eyeing a small strip of beach on the south side of Rye Lake.

The petition has nearly 1,000 signatures.

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