Gov. Christie Calls For Peer Teacher Evaluations

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wants to empower teachers and liberate them, he says, from the bullies who run their union.

“Teachers…know that the system is broken, they know it needs to be fixed, but their voices are being muffled and silenced by the people who represent them,” Christie said.

WCBS 880’s Peter Haskell: Christie Says The Union Is “Completely Clueless And Universally Self-Interested”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Christie wants to empower teachers

Christie outlined his proposal during a speech at a Midtown forum on education reform Thursday. It was sponsored by the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank.

Christie said he has been holding secret meetings with teachers allowing them to help craft how educators should be evaluated bypassing any union input.

He is calling for public school teachers to be evaluated each year by colleagues in their districts.

Christie said teachers should be measured by classroom performance and student test scores adding that tenure should be merit-based.

“Those who are judged to be ineffective will get a chance to fix their problems and if they don’t they’ll be fired,” Christie said.

Christie said school districts should develop their own evaluation plans based on that framework.

The Republican governor has emerged as a national figure since taking office in 2010, in part for his harsh criticism of teachers’ unions. He says good teachers don’t need a union and most want a stronger voice in education reform than their union allows.

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One Comment

  1. Jimmy t says:

    The “Pillsburt Dough Boy” does not have a clue on how to improve education in New Jersey, But he is making a strong attempt to destroy education in this state,

  2. Auburn Dale says:

    With teachers evaluating one another, they’ll all get straight A’s.


    ask the bloated toad christie ..we will take pay cut when you take a fat cut and lose 150 pounds…the fat Republican..most of these reptiles are thin..why?

  4. Andy Carr says:

    REiTeach for America. It is time to slaughter this sacred cow. TFA’s, while most are well meaning stay at their “Inner City” schools for two years and then go to other careers. The main impact they have is to help keep salaries for teachers low, as there is an unlimited supply of frat boys and party girls to fill positions. I work in an inner city school that averages about ten TFA’s a year for the last ten years exactly one has stayed for a thrd year. And try to find one at work the day before the LSAT is administered. They are temporary workers used to keep salaries low; the definanition of a SCAB.

  5. jagdish says:

    I left office work and now am a teacher cause I hated evaluations. Yuck. Things r just fine thank you. Vote union yes! Tenure and sumers off – yeah!

  6. James says:

    Christie, what an ignorant you are !!! How in the world are you going to talk about teaching and the present situation within the public schools when you have never been a teacher. You have to put yourself in the shoes of many teachers in inner cities around NJ to better understand what is going on and what the real problem is. I am going to tell you where the problem is. 1) The problem is in the family of these kids. Fix the families, pass a mandate to educate parents how to teach and raise kids. 2) Teacher are heroes and deserve some respect. I challenge you to be a substitute teacher just for a day in Trenton, Camden, Patterson or any other poor city in NJ. Your view of education will change over night. 3) Money, computers, teachers evaluation, any kind of technology, nothing is going to change the public school in America if you don’t educate the parents first. What is it that Obama said many times:”My mother taught me and guided me through education”. See, this kids do not have that. STOP PICKING AND BLAMING THE TEACHERS, THAT IS COWARD AND IGNORANT.

    1. Cincy says:

      Sorry James, nothing could be further from the truth. Read Wendy Kopp’s latest book to learn how effective teachers have been making a difference for the past 20 years. It’s based on factual results from real teachers in the worst areas of the nation. An effective teacher CAN succeed regardless of the family situation.

      1. Sick of Christie says:

        Sorry Cincy, Wendy Knopp is a shill for the right wing nuts and she herself is a failed teacher. Along with the majority of her “recruits” who last less than 5 years and then hit the road. get YOUR facts straight. She and Blowhard Christie know NOTHING about the real job of teaching. Teaching is hard work and about halfthe people who start never finish. THAT is the truth.

      2. James says:

        It is sad that you and Wendy Kipp are misleading people that does not have much knowledge about education. If it is true what you said, them why should we or Christie worry about education since you said “…….. effective teachers have been making a difference for the past 20 years. It’s based on factual results from real teachers in the worst areas of the nation”. That is BS, you and the such Wendy are wrong. If this is the case, bring the such teacher to Camden, Trenton and Newark, Patterson, etc and make the big difference. But I bet you can not, because statistics shows your false statements. Go to this website

        and you are going to see that rich counties and good families are the top high schools districts, but the last ones are Camden, Patterson, Newark, Trenton. Hey, where are your good teachers in these bad areas. STOP MISLEADING PEOPLE.

      3. Cincy says:

        “Teach For America continues to manifest excellence in education through their innovative and bold service model. Through Teach For America, we have hope for a stronger Nation, where every child may one day have equal access to the American Dream.”

        The Honorable Cory A. Booker
        Mayor, City of Newark

        “I believe America must secure its future through investment in our children and in their education. In classrooms throughout New Jersey, Teach For America has made dramatic improvements in the state’s most under-resourced schools, helping to ensure that our kids have access to a great public education system.”

        Jon Corzine
        Former Governor of New Jersey

        They’ve only been in NJ for a couple of years and are already making a difference according to these two.

    2. Cincy says:

      I don’t know who Wendy “Knopp” is nor whether she was ever a teacher or a shrill. I do know that Wendy Kopp was not a teacher….she went started Teach For America after graduating from Princeton. And the majority of the alumni stay in education as either teachers or in school administration.
      Sad showing of your ignorance when all you’re able to do is call someone a blowhard. Typical.

      1. Tom says:

        On the bright side. This man will never be our president!! 😀

  7. Andy Carr says:

    Evaluating teachers on test scores will lead to abandonment of challanging schools by experienced teachers, let us be honest, this a multi state attempt to remove education from inner cities.

  8. don linton says:

    I think all government officials are over paid and over staffed and if you have one term in office you get a pension for life that’s ridiculous. we need to cut down on government size we don’t so many congressman they have the best benefits and health plan going and don’t pay into social security or medicare but they want to cut this

  9. Mr Sam says:

    Does evaluate teachers also include the fact that with longevity the “good” teachers would also accrue longer paid vacations, time off, health and pension and higher pay? I wonder how much weight that would put into the consideration of hiring them. Oh, never mind, that would not come into consideration, there will be no union and ergo no time off or benefits. Good luck trying to get college students to aspire to the teaching profession. They’d be better off at WalMart.

    1. Cincy says:

      12% of all Ivy League graduates applied for non-union teaching position with Teach For America last year. Most were not accepted because the selection critieria is very strict. This non-union teaching position is now considered a premier job to obtain after graduation.
      What % of top school grads are applying for a union job? Time to wake up folks.

  10. MC says:

    I don’t understand his comment that good teachers don’t need unions. Why? What does being a good teacher have to do with whether or not you need a union? Maybe they are good teachers because the unions ensured that their class size wasn’t so big that it would affect their ability to teach. I can think of a dozen reasons why a good teacher needs a union.

  11. Mr Sam says:

    If performance is to be a requisite for public employment let’s put an easy recall system in place. Then we dump this buffoon and get a governor not a self proclaimed king. I guess he’s making this speech in NY because the people in NJ are tired of this anti union rhetoric. A thug is someone who refuses to negotiate and imposes their will without consideration of ramifications.

  12. Howie Sprague says:

    Woah! First things first. Let’s start at the top, who is going to evaluate Christie?

    1. tss says:

      They’re called voters…hello?

  13. Sam says:

    Public Schools in NJ are always at the top Nationally.Look at the DATA What is the Governors Problem? Inner city school results? That is a problem every big city faces! Does he realize that might not be the teachers fault!!!

  14. SBY says:

    Can we do the same for the Governor? Salary not based on degrees or seniority, but based solely on performance. If he succeeds or highly succeeds for 3 straight years, he can run for re-election. If he fails for 2 consecutive years, he would quit immediately.

    1. Torres says:

      Excellent, pretty good SBY, I was about to said that.

    2. Tom says:

      Totally agreed, I can’t believe people think he is some sort of savior for NJ. He’s just neglecting the middle/working class.

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