Sheen’s ‘Violent Torpedo Of Truth’ Fails Big At Radio City

Fans: Late Start Compounded By An Uninspiring 45-Minute Show

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Charlie Sheen blasted his way into Radio City Music Hall on Friday night, but the mercurial former sitcom star didn’t quite give a “winning” performance.

It was just the latest chapter in the Sheen saga, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Despite a 30-minute late start there was a Big Apple welcome for Sheen on Friday night — a rousing standing ovation.

But the fandemonium was short lived. What was slated as a 90-minute show ended after just 45 minutes.

“I got kicked out once. I snuck back in and he sucked both times,” said Gene Cella of Selden.

“They were running around naked and booing and screaming. And it was horrible. For the money that we spent it was an atrocity,” Karen Kitrilakis said.

PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen Through The Years

“He was boring. He had nothing to say. He wasn’t … even his stories that he was telling about his hotel epics were boring,” added Christine Hayes of Ocean Township.

Sheen tried to entertain the crowd with stories of drug use and his sexcapades with prostitutes across the globe.

Loyal fans would not be disappointed.

“Broken foot, crutches and I am here to see Charlie. I love him,” Andrea Sobota said.

“Charlie Sheen delivered exactly what he said he was going to deliver. If these people have an unrealistic expectation then that’s up to them,” added Andrew Wright of Ocean Township.

“Seeing all the interviews and stuff, I thought it’d be fun. Turns out not so much,” Brian Shapiro said.

After lackluster shows in Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland, fans in New York said Friday night was like a broken record.

“No, no, not worth the money,” Sarah Stocker said.

“Charlie, you suck! You should have kept your day job,” Cella said.

On StubHub, general admission tickets for the show were going for $30 and if you wanted to rub elbows with the tiger-blooded warlock, VIP-access tickets were $42.

People who forked over $100 to see Sheen at Radio City may not be so happy to hear that more than 400 tickets could be found online Friday morning for as low as $40.

A second show is set for Sunday at Radio City. Over 800 tickets are still available – some priced at $33.50.

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  • Nolan Carter

    According to the Daily Rash, before she died Elizabeth Taylor challenged Charlie Sheen to try and “out-party” her! Charlie chickened out….

  • Truth

    Google WTC building #7

  • Alice Polarbear

    Sadly, Charlie is living proof of what crack cocaine does to the human brain. I hope he goes into rehab. I hope it’s not too late for him. His father must be grieving.

  • nelson

    It couldn’t have happened to a finer actor.

  • hiway280z

    Kind of sad. No doubt the drugs have killed his brain. It is a matter of time before they find him somewhere dead on an over dose. Hollywood stars have so much money yet they live on drugs.I can think of so many better things to do with money.

  • GetReal

    HAHAHAHAHAHA……I can’t believe you people paid to hear that mental case rant at you……HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Mikey

    So what do all you “social conservatives” like to watch? The Grand Old Oprey, Nascar,, The Hour Of Power? Charlies head swelled and he tried to do something that just wouldn’t fly. He’s an actor, not a stand up guy. Get over it, you Hollywood haters. Personally, I think his show (Two And A Half Men) was the best and funniest and most well written show on TV in YEARS. Give him some credit. PS New Yoakas and Joizeyites are the lamest people on Earth.

  • Joe

    Why does anyone think actors have any talent? He was given all his lines by talented writers and producers.

  • Genius

    Exactly what is the real meaning of this tour? Can someone explain to me other than Charlie Sheen? I don’t see a reason or an obligation to attend any of his tours. His tour is plain GARBAGE. The merchandise he is selling is useless. Why would someone buy his stupid T -shirts and items? This idiot is also making a fool out of himself with the whole tour of torpedo or whatever the heck it is. The people from the cities that are pending show of his tour now know what they are expecting and they are ready to laugh at him (for being stupid and not funny), heckle him, and walk out of his show demanding their money back. They are going to make him look bad, especially on the news. I am sorry to say this but Charlie Sheen is not the man he used to be. Exalting himself (I am the powerful warlock), disrespecting people calling them trolls, using profanity on stage, talking about drugs, living and sleeping with young girls that could have been his daughters is not an example that others should follow. In other words he is not a good role model. He completely lost his job and this man can’t admit it. You get fired; you accept it and go on with your life. Not rant about it for eternity. It becomes annoying after a while. This describes someone who is mentally sick or is in drugs. He is in denial and perhaps what he needs is to get closer to God by start attending church, reading and learning from the Holy Bible and know the real truth. I doubt he would even do that.

  • psadie

    I thought that NYers were smarter than this. So Sheen sucked you out of money to watch him bomb. Well he is laughing all the way to the bank. WINNING.

  • NotChaz

    Anyone – ANY FOOL – willing to pay anything to this spew of putrid pantie waste is an utter IDIOT. This dolt needs not tweenie idolization, rather serious rehab. Or, as the Mask said, “Sorry! …dog was rabid, had ta put it down…”

  • rider83

    Charlie just highlights how many People of the trailer trash level really exist in this country!!

  • Sparky2

    Charlie Sheen is a product of what the NY/Hollywood media produced and promoted for years. A drug smoking, drinking, smoking, anti-Christian and far left Obama loving liberal. NY got what it deserved.

  • Reality

    When a has-been’s career falls, does it make a sound? Unfortunately yes – a very loud annoying noise.

  • Bryan

    The Idiots who paid to see a drug addicted sick individual rant and rave should boo themselves for having paid to see a train wreck.

  • Dan

    He should have listened to his father and got some help.

  • Wolfman Jones

    To the losers buying tickets to see Charlie Sheen, “get a life and stop enabling a drug and sex addict!”

    • Dan

      Excellent point.

    • Bryan

      Right on … these sick individuals paying him money to continue his march into further hell are just as much to blame.

      If no one paid and bought tickets, he’d get the message and maybe sober up. Instead they just enable his ego and just make it worse and then they complain about it, LOFL !!!

      You got what you paid for idiots. These NYer’s are too stupid to even understand it all

  • Irene Pearcey

    Come on people if we weren’t using the drugs and bragging about it the Mexican drug cartel would eventually dry up. It sickens me that Charlie Sheen, an avowed liberal has the nerve and audacity to brag about his drug use while hundreds/thousands of people die at the hands of the drug cartels in Mexico. Blood on your head and hands …duh losing…

    • Tony

      Excellent point, IRENE. Liberal hypocrites, like Charlie, always claim to be compassionate, but ignore the fact that they are contributing to death and mayhem in Mexico.

    • baldrnyu

      @Irene Pearcey You think avowed Liberals are against drugs? What planet do you live on? Liberal policies have enabled drug abuse, criminal coddling, mental cases walking and stalking the streets. Not to mention genocide on the Black Community through abortion subsidies and turning basic and higher education into political orientation instead of teaching critical thinking and creating truly educated individuala.d

      • Irene

        baldrnyu…my point exactly “compassionate” liberals extol the virtues of helping others, lifting people up from poverty…and they are the ones who support the very doctrines that keep others from rising up….welfare was/is nothing more than an attempt to keep people in their place….abortion is genocide by any other name….the Hollywood elite are very good at demonizing conservative America….from behind their gated communities as their illegal maids bring them another drink and they snort another line…..

    • greyfox

      Charlie Sheen is a perfect example of where the world of Liberal/Democrats is headed. Charlie is the quintessential Democrat, anything goes and goes and goes.
      If this guy had a coherent thought I would once again believe in God.

  • Wolfman Jones

    Charlie, just go home and get some counseling! Believe me, you need it!!

  • Robert

    What’s with the quotes by two different people from Ocean Township? Had the chamber of commerce in Ocean bribed the writer for exposure?

  • Tony

    I really don’t understand people sometimes. Why hero worship a drug user who cavorts with Porn stars? He’s a horrible human being. The guy is a Dad, yet he doesn’t seem to care one bit how his escapades will affect his kids. Yeah, sure, I really want to put money in that guy’s pockets. Sheen fans are Losers.

    • greyfox

      Americans worship celebrity, how else can you explain Obama?

  • robertv

    Whats scarier than a ranting village idiot? The people who would pay to see the ranting village idiot.


    Sheen is “WINNING!” as much as Obama.

  • Hank Warren

    Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  • Tony

    I love hearing that his shows keep flopping. If you paid your heard earned money to see this junkie, please paint a giant “L” on your forehead. I guess birds of a feather really do flock together.

  • John

    Then why’d they pay to see him??????????????

  • Serenity

    The biggest morons are the ones buying the tickets to see this POS! He is laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Yarner

    Who are the idiots that would pay to see this guy in the first place? Sounds like some people have too much time on their hands and not enough to think about.

  • william roberts

    Next we will hear that charlie and ed harris are lovers.

  • John

    Warning to regular users of this site: this article was linked to from Drudge Report. Expect highly moronic, hateful comments to follow, most of which will include some juvenile slap at Obama or Democrats despite the fact this article has nothing to do with politics.


    I like Charlie. But that is because he has great writers! On his own, without his props, writers and supporting crew –he is a train wreck!

  • Watchdog

    Charlie Sheen needs help and quick. He is calling for help and the dopes around him are using his insanity to make some money.

  • billcrawford

    Charlie Sheen and his minions of fans are nothing more then an ignorant mass on the radar scope of life, willing to trow away their money on a suckers bet. No group of people deserve it more than those that by into the Hollywood hype.

    Stupid is as stupid does, you all deserve each other.

  • jimford

    liberals are extremely ignorant, uneducated, low life morons. this is just more proof.

  • jt

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.”
    Thomas Tusser

    • billcrawford

      And a fool and our money is running for public office.

  • Terry Corcoran

    I can hear a better “Speaker’s Meeting” for free at my local AA Clubhouse….

  • kevin

    Only In New York they applaud Charlie Shummer and Charlie Rangel but Boo Charlie Sheen here we have a man speaking his mind what ever is left of it.. but the other two rip the city of new york out of $$$Million without one word from the Bias media.

  • Lee

    Hate to say, bottom line is Charlie won again. You boo’d him and he got your money. This is all about the money, nothing more. It is working for him.

  • Bummlims

    So much for “Winning”. Glad this isn’t a baseball game ending and assume the old saying for it.

  • John

    Warning to regular users of this site: this article was linked to from Drudge Report. Expect highly moronic comments to follow, most of which will include some juvenile slap at Obama or Democrats despite the fact this article has nothing to do with politics.

    • greyfox

      And the Drudge report qualifies how?

  • Emery

    How friggin stupid do you have to be to go see this ass on stage?

  • kevin

    charlie is laughing all the way too the bank .he is winning look how many suckers went to see him the people who don’t like him all must work for CBS thumps up Mr. Sheen job well done.

  • driveby_poster

    As long as Charlie got these sucker’s money, that’s really all that matters.

  • david

    why would anyone go to see this drug addicted idiot?

  • Rojo

    Sounds like a Andy Kaufman copycat

  • John Lott

    Where is his celebrity family? Not one word.

  • john

    Losers spending money to see a loser talk about his loser lifestyle. No surprise here.

  • Grateful Sober Alcoholic

    There is more entertainment within an AA meeting. And more wisdom. Also there are no dues or fees to attend.

  • Jason Morse

    Future Headine: Charlie Sheen WAS FOUND DEAD TODAY IN HIS HOTEL ROOM

  • Augie Dogie

    its always funny when a clown isn’t funny

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