Sheen’s ‘Violent Torpedo Of Truth’ Fails Big At Radio City

Fans: Late Start Compounded By An Uninspiring 45-Minute Show

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Charlie Sheen blasted his way into Radio City Music Hall on Friday night, but the mercurial former sitcom star didn’t quite give a “winning” performance.

It was just the latest chapter in the Sheen saga, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Despite a 30-minute late start there was a Big Apple welcome for Sheen on Friday night — a rousing standing ovation.

But the fandemonium was short lived. What was slated as a 90-minute show ended after just 45 minutes.

“I got kicked out once. I snuck back in and he sucked both times,” said Gene Cella of Selden.

“They were running around naked and booing and screaming. And it was horrible. For the money that we spent it was an atrocity,” Karen Kitrilakis said.

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“He was boring. He had nothing to say. He wasn’t … even his stories that he was telling about his hotel epics were boring,” added Christine Hayes of Ocean Township.

Sheen tried to entertain the crowd with stories of drug use and his sexcapades with prostitutes across the globe.

Loyal fans would not be disappointed.

“Broken foot, crutches and I am here to see Charlie. I love him,” Andrea Sobota said.

“Charlie Sheen delivered exactly what he said he was going to deliver. If these people have an unrealistic expectation then that’s up to them,” added Andrew Wright of Ocean Township.

“Seeing all the interviews and stuff, I thought it’d be fun. Turns out not so much,” Brian Shapiro said.

After lackluster shows in Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland, fans in New York said Friday night was like a broken record.

“No, no, not worth the money,” Sarah Stocker said.

“Charlie, you suck! You should have kept your day job,” Cella said.

On StubHub, general admission tickets for the show were going for $30 and if you wanted to rub elbows with the tiger-blooded warlock, VIP-access tickets were $42.

People who forked over $100 to see Sheen at Radio City may not be so happy to hear that more than 400 tickets could be found online Friday morning for as low as $40.

A second show is set for Sunday at Radio City. Over 800 tickets are still available – some priced at $33.50.

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One Comment

  1. Jesus Sucks says:

    I just bought a ticket because I was hoping he would kill himself at some point and I could sell the unused ticket on ebay.

  2. frakk001 says:

    I always figure if there are people stupid enough to pay for something like this, they get exactly what they paid for. No more, no less. These are exactly the same fans who, like the mindless mainstream press, will say nice things about him after he od’s. Press loves a good suicide. Gump said, “stupid is as stupid does.”

  3. Noogansd says:

    Who in their right mind would spend money to watch an addict commit suicide on stage? What bloodsucking idiots would want to watch Charlie Sheen self-mutilate, and pay their hard-earned money for it? These people are like the cheering crowds in Rome blood lusting for lions to shred human beings in the arena! Take a good look at yourselves, people–you are sick; you are ugly sick. You’re disgusting.

    1. ClownShoe says:

      HAHAHA….we are sick but you were sent here to log on to the internet to tell us that, thank you so much. I’ll be in the back banging your wife.

  4. ibquiiet says:

    I have a torpedo that will rest on your chin.

    1. mikeh says:

      some chick said it was a tiny mini sub..

  5. ussjimmycarter says:

    We love NY here in Minneapolis, because we don’t live there! Many of my friends have come from NY and have stayed. They were surprised that we don’t allow mattresses in the freeway ditches and such. We have plenty of arts and entertainment and we don’t have New Yorkers. Although, once you get to know them, the nicest people anywhere but it’s that up front tough guy persona that most of us find stupid!

    1. ibquiet says:

      They want to be the East coast Hollywood and do not
      have the IQ to pull it off. It has been their aspiration for

  6. Denise Andrews Luellen Wilkin says:

    This is a sad commentary. Charlie Sheen is a very sick person. He needs help and those people who paid money to go and hear a person going through an obvious mental breakdown got exactly what they deserve.

  7. Joe Carr says:

    He’s a loser baby!

  8. Bob Smith says:

    If the #1 show is no longer #1, who benifits???
    If the #1 band is no longer #1, who benifits???
    If the #1 actor is no longer #1, who benifits???
    If the #1 host is no longer #1, who benifits???
    If the #1 singer is no longer #1, who benifits???
    If the #1 attraction is no longer #1, who benifits???
    If the #1 comedian is no longer #1, who benifits???

  9. Robert says:

    Clint Eastwood, while making “The Rookie” with Charlie 21 years ago, and Martin Sheen, with the help of the his then still-living friend Carroll O’Connor (Archie Bunker himself), tried getting Charlie straightened-out, but obviously failed.

  10. Bil leingang says:

    I wonder if Martin Sheen is rethinking his liberal and loose way of raising children now. I bet he is becoming a bit more conservative as a grand father, but until we see him stepping to help his grand kids, lets just say it was a sickness, and not liberal parenting…

    1. Phil says:

      No, no reforming for liberals. Martin just thinks that he didn’t do a good job of getting his message out to Charlie.

  11. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Probably not the news that NYC scalpers were looking for– compared to the beating they took on the Friday tix it looks like they’ll be eating an even bigger bleep sandwich and doing even more epic bagholding with the Sunday tix after this.

  12. Rowdy Boots says:

    I just marvel at the people who actually thought buying a ticket to see this pervert was a good idea!

    MY GOD, ARE YOU PEOPLE STUPID? He is just another Hollywood Ego Gone Mad–they really do believe they are special and better than folks who are not famous.

    I wouldn’t trade one of my non-famous friends for a dozen of these dime-a-dozen “stars”.


  13. Dave in Sacramento says:

    Again, I have no doubt that the Sheen fans complaining most loudly about these “shows” also voted our current president into office. It only makes sense. AND REMEMBER: THESE PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO SIT ON JURIES, AS WELL AS THE RIGHT TO VOTE

    Makes you wonder about our society…..right?

  14. Don says:

    I think these comments are probably far more entertaining then Charlie is. And it doesn’t cost me anything for the entertainment. Thanks everyone!!!!!!

  15. Terry L. Walker says:

    I am flabbergasted that anyone would pay good money to see and hear Charlie Sheen. What in the world is so etnertaining about hearing about drug use and cavorting with prostitutes? I read some of the things he was quoted as saying when you couldn’t get away from Charlie Sheen news a couple of weeks ago. It made no sense whatsoever. It he weren’t a celcbrity, if he was your local town crank, standing on a soapbox in the local park, people would just walk by and shake their heads.

    Paying good money to hear him–well, the people who do so simply don’t have a life woth living.

  16. Git 'er DONE says:

    Normally one would be in jail and in detox. Who let him out ? He looks like his face is melting off…or is that just me ?

  17. smavo says:

    Reminds me of The Royal Nonesuch

    1. Terry L. Walker says:


      It is always a pleasure to see a post from someone who is conversant with literature.

      Though I suspect those who attended the Royal Nonesuch got more for their money than the dupes who went to hear Charlie Sheen.

  18. george says:

    You people that booed are fricken useless! What in God’s name did you expect? Go stick your heads in an oven and give us all a break.

    1. Phil says:


  19. John Svengali says:


  20. Barry says:

    I think maybe Chuck should put “Snookie” on the bill that way the public gets two
    loosers for the price of one.

    1. Phil says:

      ATTENTION: “looser” is not how you spell “LOSER” !!!!!!!! “Looser” will work only if you’re talking about one bolt not being as tight as another. It’s amazing how many “Loosers” are on this thread.

  21. HarlanR says:

    Most American males who are liberal (you can’t really call them “men”) want to live Charlie’s life. Conservative Men identify with Chuck Norris.

  22. liz says:

    Well now, everyone calm down. We’re talking about Charlie Sheen, not Charlie Rangel! Poor Charlie, he’s soooooo lost! He really needs to be rehabilitated. Where is his family, he really does so desperately need HELP! I feel nothing but sorrow about Charlie Sheen. Poor guy, I hope he doesn’t kill himself.

    1. Phil says:

      You’re right, but it’s hard to feel sympathy when he’s such a conceited and immoral jerk.

  23. Joseph says:

    The publicity stunt has run its course. Everyone has moved on to the next outrageous tragedy. Charlie got his 15 minutes and pocketed his cash. Move along, nothing else to see here.

  24. 25th Amendment, Section 4. says:

    9-11 WAS AN INS!DE JOB !
    THANK you Charlie for saying SO.

    God’s law of Love & Justice will PREVAIL.

    1. 25th Amendment, Section 4. says:

      9-11 WAS AN INS!DE JOB !
      THANK you Charlie for saying SO.

      God’s law of Love & Justice is: W I N N I N G !

    2. Phil says:

      You must be right, since you used a bunch of CAPITAL LETTERS. Impressive.

      1. 25th Amendment, Section 4. says:

        Yes, you are correct.
        INVESTIGATE the 25th Amendment, Section 4.
        who use someone like Charlie, that has spoken the truth about them.
        God’s Love & Justice is: Winning. Start investigating at :

  25. sandiego1969 says:

    Let’s see here, people in Detroit and NYC boo the man off the stage and in Chicago people thought he was great. No wnder we have the president we do and they have the mayor they do.

  26. El Capitan says:

    NO the fact that’s it true makes it true.

    Ditto Southern Poverty Law Center

  27. Iby says:

    How can people be so cruel. It is awful to mock Charlie. If anything he needs
    real support . People went to this because they really want to check out
    and are curious about his present state of mind. That’s all. People should’nt
    ridicule others unless they walk in their shoes and none of us have, If you
    have nothing good to say about anyone then don’t say it at all. No one is perfect.

    1. Ben says:

      I agree . People are quick to check out the bad in others. But if it is something
      good about them they are’nt as anxious to comment. People are of jealous
      nature or insecure with themselves. They lash out at others. Must make them feel better about themselves. No one told them to buy tickets. If you don’t
      like him then don’t Go!

    2. Terry L. Walker says:


      You say “…if you have nothing good to say about anyone then don’t say it at all.” You follow that with “No one is perfect.”

      Isn’t there a contradiction here? Your last sentence, while true, dissed everyone.

    3. greyfox says:

      Hey Iby, your zipper is down and your “l” is showing. Loser or Liberal, your choice.

  28. Borat's Brother says:

    Based on previous reviews on this “Nonviolent Dud Torpedo of I’m laughing All The Way To The Bank With Your Money Traveling Dog And Pony” show, it just goes to prove how many morons actually live in New York City. If you paid anymore than .50 cents to see this, you deserved to get Scrued.

  29. Donnie Most says:

    If Woody had gone straight to the police, this would never have happened

  30. Anthony Perone says:

    Stupid….stupid…stupid…stupid…and stupid..(did I say ‘stupid?’) What does it take to get this creep off the stage? Charlie forgets that he survives on the dreams of ticket-holders. He needs a writer.

    1. Borat's Brother says:

      He needs a shrink!

  31. jt says:

    How the f&$% does an article about charlie sheen turn into a political debate? I am getting married to a woman i met in the Ukraine, and i am glad I am moving their to be with her. The way all Americans fight with each other is sad. This once great country will fall and become a Muslim country. I am just glad i will see it as an observer, not a resident. I am an American, and just reading posts of not only this article, but many others confirm my decision as right. God Bless and good luck

    1. Terry L. Walker says:


      First, congratulations on your upcoming marriage. I wish you much happiness.

      Indeed, we Americans fight with each other politically, and sometimes it is not civil at all. But–are you aware of what goes on politically in Ukraine? The U.S. political fights are tame compared to what happens there.

      1. Phil says:

        …plus Ukraine has a greater chance of becoming Muslim than we do. Their birth rate is too low to replace themselves, so they import Muslims from the Caucasus and Kazakhstan.

  32. MadCharles says:

    At least he knows who he is. Most actors played so many characters they have multiple personalities and haven’t a clue who they are.

  33. Lex says:

    I don’t know what people expect. The man looks terrible and has done things that would of killed any one of us. It’s a celeration of the illusion of entitlement. Even after you earn that dough and accolades, you can still be a has been. Being a has been isn’t that bad if you bough out with dignity and say ‘I did what I did and I did my best’ not ‘I am great and everyone else is lame. I’m still winning’. The first guy is a winner the other is an emaciated-looking old hack. People seemed to celebrate this guy for some reason.

  34. Joe says:

    Did you notice how BIG Sheen’s NOSE has gotten? It’s humongous!!! Does it have anything to do with snorting drugs? That guy needs a major nose job.

  35. John Storrs says:

    I guess he has too much money for his family to be successful in having him committed. Tragic-if he survives long enough to come to his senses he may die of embarrassment.

  36. D.B.Warchylde says:

    hey chico,
    i am a 9/11 truther, and a black man who is also jewish and a republican to boot. maybe you shouldn’t lump all of us in together. just because you will swallow anything you are spoon fed by himler’s minions doesn’t mean we can all stomach the tripe.

  37. John C says:

    Never be the actor his dad is.

    1. Borat's Brother says:

      He couldn’t be the gum on the bottom of his old man’s shoes

    2. Rowdy Boots says:


  38. Howard Ino says:

    Not too distant from now, we will probably hear an “Elvis” moment from CS.
    Who really cares about this pitiful loser? He will be but a sad memory of an almost great talent.

  39. Eagle in NYC says:

    Cardinal Sheen called.
    He wants his good name back.

  40. REDZONE says:


    1. greyfox says:

      P.T.Barnum not W.C.Fields, if your gonna say it get it right, Oh I forgot, you must get
      all of your information from the movies.

  41. kendra says:

    i still don,t get it if you ask me cause i only know about charlie sheen being a very good actor not a comidianne if that is what he is suppose to do..

  42. formerleewarmer says:

    why is this news?

  43. Willy Wong says:

    Anyone moronic enough to attend one of these happenings got exactly what they deserve. Sheen has attitude of a 7th grade loser and an intellect that’s way off the left side of the bell curve.

  44. eilspaul says:

    anyone who would pay to see this is just sick. the whole charlie-sheen-blitz in the media is sick. that people are eager to be entertained by the very-public mental breakdown of another person is disgusting to me. who ARE you people???

  45. John Galt says:

    If the ticket money had been donated to the Salvation army or some other charity, I would be smiling. Then again, the miscreants who paid to see the king of miscreants probably don’t donate to charity. What a circus!

  46. Ralph says:

    All wisdoms down through the ages is that misuse of Sex and drugs drags you down, and stars like Sheen are no exception because there are no exceptions.

  47. Joe Nemchek says:

    “Sheen tried to entertain the crowd with stories of drug use and his sexcapades with prostitutes across the globe.” LMAO. I mean, if you paid money for a ticket to see this guy, what else would you expect from him? His drug use and sexcapades with prostitutes are his biggest accomplishments in life.

  48. YES WE CON! YES WE CON! says:

    Say what you will about Charlie Sheen, but I bet he can produce his BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    1. Phil says:

      Short attention span? This thread is about Charlie Sheen, in case you hadn’t noticed.

  49. CommonCents says:

    Charlie is merely proving just how many FOOLS there are in America.

  50. AaronSch says:

    My family fled New York over 30 years ago. It was a cesspool then and it is an even bigger cesspool now. The east and west coasts of the United States contain the greatest number of morally bankrupt individuals on the planet. Anyone who believed that purchasing a ticket to see this junkie deserved exactly what they received: “Bupkis!”

    1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

      Agree completely. If you take North Korea, add sexual deviance and subtract the rights to eat trans-fat, smoke, drive, think, and drink sugared soda, you have NY. Looks like Alcalda Por Vida Bloomberg is gonna run again for his 2nd consecutive ILLEGAL term…yawn…

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