NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Fire departments are opening their doors this weekend across the state to recruit more volunteers.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sean Adams reports on the need for volunteers

As ranks continue shrinking, departments have become increasingly more reliant on volunteers, but that dependence is also becoming more difficult.

Mamaroneck Chief Chris Szymanowski said people’s lives are often too busy so they are less likely to volunteer.

“All the time we get that. ‘I love to help out, but my kids and work and scheduling.’ We’ll take whatever you can give us and we’ll work with you,” Szymanowski said.

The fire department in Mamaroneck will open its doors at noon on Sunday at the Columbia Firehouse.

Szymanowski said there are a million ways to help and volunteers don’t have to be the ones running into buildings everyday, but maybe a fire apparatus driver or an administrative position.

“It’s just knowing that you’ve made a difference in your community,” Szymanowski said. “You’re helping everyone out. Not only if they need you in an emergency, but you’re also helping them because of tax savings.”

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