N.J. Homeowner Finds Fox Pups Underneath Shed

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – A New Jersey homeowner found several Red Fox pups underneath his shed last week.

Paul Josling said he discovered the pups on his property on Van Holten Road in Basking Ridge.

At first he thought the hungry animals were baby coyotes, but animal experts informed him that they were baby foxes, believed to be two to three weeks old.

Experts said spring is the time of the year when homeowners should be on the lookout for baby critters on their property.

“Just about every wild thing out there is having a baby something right now. So we just ask people to walk their properties and take a look to see if you can find these spots before you dig into them,” Woodlands Wildlife Refuge expert Tracy Leaver said.

Animal experts said if you find baby animals, call your local wildlife department so workers can get them to a facility that can care for them.

  • bob

    Because we touched the little fox we rescued, the state euthanized it to test it for rabies. So, we learned the very sad way, don’t touch them or you doom them to death. Use gloves, etc.

  • Kari van Hoytema

    The sensible thing to do is wait until/ if Mom shows up…. The parents usually take very good care of their pups. A shelter or refuge should only be considered as a last resort.

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