What’s Wrong With Yankees Captain Derek Jeter?

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Josh Beckett out-dueled CC Sabathia to lead the Red Sox to a 4-0 victory over the Yankees on Sunday night.

But the big story to come out of New York’s series loss to Boston was Derek Jeter’s lack of production.

“I don’t want to judge it too quick. It’s just not fair to the player,” manager Joe Girardi said after the game. “We know how resilient Derek has been in his career and we have to give him an opportunity.”

Jeter, batting .206 on the season, went just 2-for-13 this weekend.

“It’s nothing for a guy to hit .250 one month and hit .330 the next month, Girardi said. “You’re only talking about 100 at-bats a month. That happens all the time.”

After hitting .270 in 2010, one of the big topics this spring was Jeter’s new approach at the plate. Is the captain reverting to his old stance?

If hitting coach Kevin Long’s quotes from Sunday are any indication, it seems the new approach is out the window.

“It is more of what Derek Jeter has done for his whole career, yeah,” Long told Newsday. “Even from my standpoint, it looks a lot more like what he did in the past.”

Long added: “He started off doing it and then he said, ‘It is hard for me to think about that on every at-bat. I said, ‘You know what, I don’t want you to think about it every at-bat so he is kind of tapping and picking up. We’ll still monitor to see if he is going in or gets out of whack with what he is doing. For right now, I just want him to be at-ease with his at-bats and going up there and basically competing against the pitcher and not having to worry about his mechanics.”

Girardi wasn’t as straight forward.

“He hasn’t spoken openly to me that ‘I’m not going to do this or I’m not going to do that,'” he said. “There are going to be days when he goes back to that comfort zone. You try to get back on track and do your work. You have to remember how many at-bats he had one way and it’s not easy to change overnight.”

As for Jeter? He’s just tired of all the talk.

“I ain’t talking about it anymore,” Jeter said on Saturday. “I’m good. People made so much about it. I’m fine.”

He added: “I’m striding the same. Everything is the same. I don’t know what else to tell you guys.”

Will Jeter turn it around? Sound off in the comments below…


One Comment

  1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Before he was married and was just lovers with Alex Rodriquez everything was fine.I think he needs his bat waxed by Alex to start hitting again.

  2. Devenio says:

    bosox fan: I just reported you post! I dare you come on this fine website and use such dirty words! someone please wash this creations mouth out with soap.

  3. Devenio says:

    dfwt: What are you talking about? You on drugs or something?

  4. Devenio says:

    What’s Wrong With Yankees Captain Derek Jeter? Um, he’s a hundred and forty-two in baseball years. That might be the problem. Put a wheelchair out there with him. LOL.

  5. MCK says:

    All the way with what? Crawford is showing he can’t play under pressure…Ellsbury sucks…Varitek is done….Scutarro is Scutarro….Papelbum sucks….Lackey was done 2 years ago…..maybe Lester and Bucholz are not what everybody thought they were! The rest of that team looks like the Mets!

  6. l says:

    2-7 sounds like great start to me with fist pumping Beckett now with 1 quality start in the last 2 years

  7. Master Shake says:

    He’ll be fine. If his “slump” happened in the middle of June, no would bat an eye. Stop looking for things to complain about.

  8. jfk69 says:

    he wanted 45 million…he got it. Now i want answers or production.

    1. p says:

      how much of that was your money because I never gave him a nickel

    2. MCK says:

      You want answers? I’m sorry…do you sign his checks? What will you do if he doesn’t produce? Loser!!!

    3. Devenio says:

      jfk69: You gave Ol’ Jeter 45 million!?!?!? Wow! And just yesterday you were using food stamps to buy spam. Times they are a changin’!

  9. ED P says:

    I am not a Yankee fan But I think Jeter has proved his worth in the league. Maybe he is struggling right now or maybe he is on the decline, but I think he deserves the benefit of the doubt, and the Yankees owe him that much.

  10. Just Sayin' says:

    BTW has Rodriguez doing? You know, the big money man!

  11. Just Sayin' says:

    Jeter has nothing to apologize for. Boy is this a “what have you done for me lately” world, or what? Girardi, a loser as a player and a loser as a manager, should leave Jeter and his batting alone. Girardi has an issue with the Yankees because they platooned him when he played for them and now he wants to get back at them. He messed with Pasada and now he’s going to mess with Jeter. Anyone notice similarities here?

    1. MCK says:

      Girardi is a loser as a manager? Let’s see now….3 years he’s managed the Yankees! 2 playoff appearances….1 World Series title….2 wins away from another World Series appearance! Yup…he really sucks! Crawl back in your hole!

  12. seth says:

    and now the end is near!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. KW says:

    Jeter is a winner, he will rebound and have a great season.

  14. dabooch says:

    Inside/Outside swing, pushing the ball towards right, and using 1/3 of the field sure isn’t helping. Jeter’s swing allows the ball to travel further, now his reaction time has slowed a couple of ticks and the ball is by him. Jeter has a lot of long parts to unfold; when he’s going good the added leverage of his almost 6′-4” frame, gave him the added advantage to be as great as he was. Don’t worry he’ll figure it out.

  15. Derek4real02 says:

    April, bro.

  16. Jimmy says:

    He still has that intangible quality that makes him a winner and that is often more important than batting 300.

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