Woman, 63, Found Murdered On Staten Island; Hubby Questioned

Sources: Text Sent To Son-In-Law -- 'Couldn't Take It Anymore'

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a gruesome discovery inside a Staten Island home on Tuesday that touched off a manhunt. The husband of the victim eventually surrendered to police.

His wife was found strangled in their home, leaving many wondering why.

Friends, family and rabbis leaving the 122nd Precinct on Tuesday evening had no comment. The precinct is where 64-year-old Arthur Rubin spent hours being questioned by detectives in the death of his 63-year-old wife, Eva.

The investigation is centered at the family home in the 200 block of Crafton Avenue in the Willowbrook section of the borough. Neighbors were stunned.

“I’m completely shocked, terrible tragedy. I knew the husband a little bit, one of the daughters. Terrible tragedy,” neighbor Adam Negnewitzky told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis.

Neighbor Nancy Shrem said Arthur Rubin was just at her house last week.

“I can’t believe it. He’s a very nice guy,” Shrem said.

The couple lived in the two-family house with two of their five grown children. Police said at around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday they were called after a son-in-law reported finding his mother-in-law dead. She had been strangled, found with choke marks on her neck.

Sources said the son-in-law received a text message earlier in the day from the husband, saying “I’m sorry… couldn’t take it anymore.”

Word spread among members at the family’s synagogue, Young Israel of Staten Island, as they arrived for evening prayer.

“Would just like to have an explanation, what happened?” synagogue member Norman Koller said.

Many said they know the Rubins well, as dedicated orthodox Jews. However, sources said Arthur Rubin took off and was missing for a time. He had been last seen leaving the home in the couple’s green colored, Hyundai Santa Fe SUV. Sources also said he may have tried to commit suicide before finally turning himself in to police for questioning, at the urging of a rabbi.

“It’s shocking. It’s hard to believe, knowing both of them, that something like this could happen,” Koller said

The medical examiner will have to determine the exact cause of death.

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One Comment

  1. DG says:

    I was shocked to hear of this senseless death. Why didn’t the husband speak to someone about their financial troubles instead of resorting to this act.

  2. david says:

    What a tragedy!. A community can only be judged by what happens generally and not the exception to the rule. It has been over 3,300 years since they have received the Torah and the amount of times such atrocities have occurred is truly minuscule. Moreover no lame excuses are given. They act accordingly-they are ashamed. I have worked with them for years and I am impressed.

  3. nyc says:

    Just could not take it ? Must have been a witch, but murder ? Why not just leave ? Never can understand all of this violence with couples. Now all lives are fudged up !

  4. C.J. says:

    Who is she?

  5. Ralph R says:

    I not shocked at all, anger and frustration comes in all shapes and sizes. As a society we must find an arena to deal with stress which is consuming all of us. Its not guns, knives or even hands. Its our minds and it comes from factors which must be contained otherwise the community will consume each other.

    Government cannot legislate human behavior but it sure can help alleviate many of life’s stresses.

  6. mm says:

    Psycho’s come in all persuasions…just because you come from a tribe who labels itself “chosen” a real laugh…does not denote sainthood..

  7. dennis says:

    hey Abner, before you start correcting others, I would check your own comments first. ‘they’ is not a plural, it’s a pronoun. and it does not necessarily indicate more than one, it can also be used to indicate people in general, the way that Nancy wrote ‘that way they don’t look like an IDIOT’ is perfectly correct.

  8. nana says:

    I am shock a Jewish man killed his wife! they assume to be so religious, the men are always praying , my oh my a dedicated orthodox Jew strangled his wife, shocking. this is the first time I am commenting so how is it that you claim I have duplicated.

  9. nana says:

    I am shock a Jewish man killed his wife! they assume to be so religious, the men are always praying , my oh my a dedicated orthodox Jew strangled his wife, shocking.

  10. abner says:

    Nancy, since you wrote the phrase, “…they don’t look like an IDIOT,” the plural “they” means “IDIOT” should also be plural

  11. Nancy Luna says:

    It’s a very sad story… But whoever wrote this story didn’t know how to spell scene… I think they should do a spell check before they actually put up on the web that way they don’t look like an IDIOT!!!

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