NJ Gov. Chris Christie Says He Wants Earned Tenure In Education Proposals

TRENTON, NJ (CBSNewYork / AP) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is sending proposals to the legislature that would change teacher tenure and evaluations and introduce merit pay.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney With Comment From Gov. Christie

“We do not want to see the elimination of tenure,” said Christie.

Christie announced seven bills on Wednesday. They include basing teacher evaluations equally on student performance and peer reviews and granting tenure after three years of effective evaluations. Teachers would lose tenure protections for ineffective ratings.

Christie said, “What we want to become is something that good teachers earn.”

1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reports: Christie Acknowledges That The Current System Is Broken

Christie also wants to get rid of the last in – first out policy for firings and pay.

“This is a profession where there are no rewards for excellence and no consequences for failure. We need to end that,” said Christie.

In addition, Christie said he wants to get rid of the practice of moving bad teachers around to different schools.

LINK: Proposal Details from the Governor’s Website

The Republican says 104,000 public school students in 200 chronically failing schools deserve a new approach to education.

Christie has been talking about education reform for months. Most of his proposals will require approval from the Democratic-controlled legislature.

There is no word yet which legislators will sponsor the bills or on whether they’ll be put up for hearings.

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One Comment

  1. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:


  2. APb says:

    The only thing Christi wants is not to be late for dinner!

  3. jerseyjoey says:

    Christie Is doing just fine, been years of bleeding out of the jersey tax payers in the name of education, property taxes are a shamed slap in the face for all. Unions are no longer for the good of the worker but for the good of the unions coffers and its high time not just teachers but all gov workers fess up some money out of thier fat azz wallets and pay that whole whopping terrible 11% for the health insurance, ghee Aint that just horrible they have to pay a little, as for tenure , its time to sht can it all together, what company in these times offers that kind of job security, none do thats how many. They should be thanking God they have it so easy.

  4. Spare me says:

    A study of teacher salaries shows the average pay for New Jersey teachers is $63,154, and the median salary is $57,467. – If they worked a full year they would earn just under $70,000.00. Also don’t forget all the time they get off during the year – Winter Break Spring Break and holidays 1/2 days snow days and sick time.

    A teacher in the Ramsey school district told me my daughter was having trouble in school. I asked if she can stay with her until 3:00 and help. She said yes but it would cost me $80.00.

    Tell me teachers care.

    1. BrooklynBlue says:

      And you don’t seem to care that the teacher’s time isn’t free. You EXPECT her to stay extra but not PAY extra? Sorry, but slavery was done away with a long time ago.

      1. Spare me says:

        It’s not free when they are paid to be there until 3:00. I think my $11,000.00 property tax bill covers that extra 30 min.

    2. Mary Valls says:

      I live in Ramsey, as well. I remember just a few years ago Teachers refused to write letters of recommendations for H.S. seniors as a retaliatory action because they did not have contracts. They call that being a “professional”? I call it shameful to hold students hostages to a labor dispute that should be resolved amnongst “adults”. NJ Taxpayers are subsidizing the “teacher welfare state”. Yes, Teachers do care, about themselves and preserving their perqs, pension, salaries, 100% subsidized healthcare, etc. “Teachers make a difference” they tell us. Yes they do, a big difference to my pocketbook!! You go Christie!

  5. Richard says:

    The abuses that existed prior to the inception of tenure laws ia what provoked the passage of tenure laws in the first place. Just this week, the new NJ Commissioner of Education extoled the high ranking of our schools compared to the other 49 states. He emphasized the failure of schools in the urban districts. Teachers can not solve deep-rooted social, economic, and the rest of societal problems. It is akin to blaming failing and bad policemen for the high crime rate in these cities. While we are at it, let’s blame the doctors and hospitals in the inner cities for the cost and the failings of the health care systems in those same cities. The teachers’ retirement system pales in comparison to the early and lucrative benefits of the police retirement system. When will the governor take that group on as vociferously as he has the teachers? Do they not belong to a very powerful union?

  6. Jess Sayin says:

    It’s the durn teachers that are bankrupting us! Not the CEO’s whose salaries have risen over 300% in the past dozen years, or the banks with their seedy lending and foreclosure practices, or the corporations with their offshore accounts and teams of accountants working day and night to avoid paying their fair share, or the uber wealthy with their tax loopholes, or three useless wars. Nope it’s the schoolmarms–they have been plotting to overthrow the American economy all along. Why else would they chose such low-paying jobs? It’s a plot I tellz ya.

  7. william sinclair says:

    Tenure means a teacher cannot be fired without due process. Every worker in America should have tenure. American workers should not be fired without due process. You shouldn’t be fired because you’re Hispanic, or vote Republican, or say you don’t like the governor. Your employer should have to show you’re a bad worker, not just point the finger and say ‘your fired’ because he doesn’t like your face.

  8. ricky says:

    My child goes to a private school and it cost me $3600.00 out of my pocket and yet it cost $10,000 for a kid to go to public schools. My child far exceeds anything that the government produces at less than half of the expense…Money is being wasted and furthermore I still pay taxes for public schools. Quit the whining and do what is best for the children for they are the ones who are going to pay for this mess the government has got us into.

  9. william sinclair says:

    It’s not about education. It’s about a deficit created by the policies of politicians who are contolled through funding to pass laws promoting the transfer of wealth from the American working class to corporations and the wealthiest class. They want your money. .

  10. Gregory says:

    New Jersey’s politicians are engaging in magical thinking. Gov. Christie is simply trying to save the state from fiscal disaster. Perhaps the best thing to do is to move and take your money with you, if the state’s fiscal crisis is ignored. Note: even New York State was able to enact a budget and deficit reduction plan.

    1. william sinclair says:

      I don’t live in New Jersey Gregory. But your governor, and the corporations that feed him have to take responsibility for the fiscal crisis. Stop blaming the middle class.

  11. RJ says:

    Experienced teachers in my town make over $100K for 10 months work and can retire with a pension after 20 yearrs.. talk abou t gold-plated

    1. Jess Sayin says:

      What school district are you referring to? R-2 LaLa Land???

  12. jon says:

    NJ teachers make alot more than who? They don’t make more than the average salary of people in the private sector with equal education (who, even though you may discredit college degrees – the rest of the world does not). Do they make more than.. fry cooks – yes sure, they should.

  13. Jon says:

    @Alejandro Arango
    I’m not in a union – Christie is one of the single worst governors in the country. There’s not a single policy he’s put in place which hasn’t hurt the state. All his education policy encourages is the best teachers to avoid the most at risk students since it looks at test scores to determine if the teacher is doing a good job or not. How do you compare a teacher in an upper middle class area, with involved parents and state of the art equipment – to a teacher in low income area, with uninvolved parents, outdated materials. That teacher may be head and shoulders a better teacher – doing more to “save” students in a bad environment than anyone else could possible be doing – but they’d get the blame because the system is based on test scores.

  14. THOMAS DONOVAN says:


    1. Tony says:

      Do you think you just get tenure by showing up? After 4 or 6 byears of college you then have to then manage a classroom for 3 years during which time you are placed under scrutiny by multiple supervisors. All for $45K…$45K for one of the most important jobs in the country….get Christie out of office NOW! How about have him go on a diet …think of how much lower the food bill at the governors mansion would be.

      1. eric says:

        NJ teachers make A LOT more than that and don’t forget about the schedule and holidays.
        Don’t tell me about the 4 years of college either. College is not difficult or torturous. It was a lot of fun and a great place to spend time before you want responsibility of having to earn a wage.

    2. monday says:

      Thomas Donovan-It’s You’re, not your. I see who is educated.

    3. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:


  15. Alex says:


    Thank you for giving me my first good laugh of the day!

  16. Bob says:

    This idiot needs to go. Keep blaming the unions. A teacher has a horrible pension and gets no respect. It’s time this bozo puts more pressure on the parents than on the teacher. Maybe he should introduce merit pay and a evaluation system on parents!

    1. abolish public sector unions says:

      You need to do your research. Go to seethroughny.com and search teacher pensions. You will be either jealous or livid.

      1. Bob says:

        Don’t believe everything you read. Add Sanatation Engineers as well as police and teachers are ALL on the lower end of the totem pole.. Are you a teacher? What other profession requires multiple tests and a masters. If you’ve taught well past 5 years, you still are paying off your loans. Id like you to spend a year in a classroom. I’d love to see Christie in a disguise and be a teacher for a year. Teachers can’t retire until they complete 25-30 years, make phone calls at all hours, make lesson plans, buy supplies, buy posters, drive in all kinds of weather and if you teach in NYC; rarely get snow days, get observed many many times, deal with behavior issues with both parents and children, grade 120 or more papers (120 test papers, 120 writing assignments, fill out 120 grades and comments) , send out progress reports, sit in meetings, and then when this is all done for 6-8 hrs a day during the week; TEND TO YOUR OWN FAMILY. Senority system is in all jobs and they also have last in first out. Lets not forget the idiots in the banking industry who destroyed the banking industry. The WAMU CEO killed the bank yet walked away with $23million. Some teachers don’t even see top salary until they work over 20 years. Yes, if you make $100,000 before 10 years, then the salary system should be changed.

        Lower the salaries for starters; especially for teachers who are making $150,000 or more as well as the superintendants. Get those people who double dip as well as those bafoons who build mansions and hardly pay any taxes. If these politicians would grow a pair and raise taxes; the budget holes every state is in wouldn’t be as bad. They won’t because they don’t want to be voted out. How does a state recover or get out of the red by laying off more and more people. Christie is just looking to stake a claim and have his bloated head get bigger! He’s such a bully! Unions are the blame is such B.S. It’s just another excuse in Christie’s brainwashing playbook. He will go down as the man who destroyed education just like his neighbor to the east.

    2. Sher says:

      I (somewhat) agree….instead of blaming “bad teachers”, let’s blame the bad parents which is where the real problem lies. Teachers can only do so much with a child that does not get the needed support/discipline at home. One undisciplined/disruptive child can ruin the education process for the entire class and teachers have no real control. I beleive that teaching is one of the most important yet underappreciated jobs in this country, and I doubt that anyone enters the teaching profession based simply on the “money”.

  17. phil says:

    The Governor is an imbecile; he needs to be recalled.

    1. Alejandro Arango says:

      Only to the unions, to the rest he is what they have been waiting for. Glad it’s finally happening all over the country; little by little we will be able to reclaim our country from the unions 

      1. Jamey says:

        Al: Do you know what percentage of America’s labor force belongs to unions? Go ahead, take a guess.

        A little over 11% And you claim that they control the country? What about huge corporations that control policymaking by holding jobs hostage? Maybe that’s where you should start looking for answers, rather than just peeking under your bed for the union bogeyman.

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