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Tony’s Table: Fettuccine alla Tantillo

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Fettuccine alla Tantillo (credit: CBS 2)

Fettuccine alla Tantillo (credit: CBS 2)

Tony-Tantillo-thumbnail Tony Tantillo
Tony Tantillo joined CBS 2 in 2000 as a food expert and contributes to...
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1/2 lb spinach fettuccine

2 tb olive oil

1/4 lb ground beef

1/4 cup beef stock

4 oz tomato paste

4 plum tomatoes, chopped fine

4 oz Italian parsley, chopped fine

2 cloves garlic, chopped fine

6 leaves basil, chopped fine

Ricotta salata cheese to taste

Prepare pasta:

- Cook fettuccine in a pot of salted boiling water for 7-11 minutes (follow package directions)

Prepare sauce:

- Coat a saute pan with olive oil and place over medium heat

- Add salt and pepper to taste to ground beef, then add to pan along with tomato paste and beef stock

- Allow to simmer until the paste liquifies and covers the beef

- Combine tomatoes, Italian parsley, garlic, basil, salt and pepper in a mixing bowl, then add to pan

- Stir ingredients together, cook 2 minutes, then add pasta to pan

- Simmer 4-5 minutes, then plate topped with ricotta salata or another cheese

(NOTE: Prep times can vary by equipment. Be sure to check that all ingredients are fully cooked.)

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