Devante Scott Arrested In Series Of Subway Robberies

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD say they’ve nabbed a Brooklyn teen who allegedly was targeting teenage subway riders throughout the city.

Devante Scott, 17, was charged with robbery, menacing, criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal possession of stolen property

Investigators said he was responsible for at least seven robberies in upper and lower Manhattan since February.

Scott allegedly followed his victims from the subway onto the platform or street before striking up a conversation and displaying a gun or a knife.

None of the victims, who range in age from 15 to 18, were hurt, but their iPods and cell phones were stolen.

Does this robbery spree make you more cautious by the subway or not? Leave a comment below.

  • Disappointed Individual

    It is absolutely bad parenting. Here is a kid that was so loving and so respectful that has gone wrong because he thought this type of behavior was the only way he could be accepted. A verbally/physically abusive mother and no dad around has caused this kid to turn out the way he did. When the person who births you no longer loves you and you have no one to turn to what do you do. I’m sorry that this kid had to go this route. So before you lock him up and throw away the key may be the parent should be locked up and make sure they can’t get out for turning a good kid bad. Shame on you, parent!!!!

  • kendra

    well atleast he finally got arrested like he is supposed to be and he wont do this to any1 else…maybe time in juvie will help him realize that you can not keep trying to intimatate people with your foolishness…

  • nathan

    The headline here is misleading and poorly written.. By naming Devante Scott it sounds as if he is someone already famous for something else etc. Otherwise, why is his name relevant to the headline? Ill ask again, who edits these pieces?

  • iggy

    devante? parents give their kids names like that hoping they will be famous someday. i guess devante worked.

  • Ms Ray

    I am very saddened to hear or read that you feel this way about Blacks in this State of New York. But I don’t think Blacks people have anything to do with the poor quality of Education. You will have to blame your politicians who don’t value education. They are always finding ways to cut the budget for education; instead of adding to the budget. Please, not all Asian are smart, and not all White kids are smart. If they had to dummy down test it wasn’t because of Black or Hispanic kids. Listen to yourself. Really

    I lived in Europe for 3 years, and they didn’t care if you were black or white, in their eyes many Americans are not that bright.

    And when were we Number 1 in Education? That’s a laugh

    Hispanic and Blacks are still the minority my friend (duh)

    Just look up the updated statistics. I’ve lived in many cities and countries, and New York is the most racist place in the country. Sad, don’t blame Hispanic and Blacks for low test scores or kids not learning Math and Science. They rather drink themselves to death or dying to party.

    Blame your country, for poor lack of concern for education. I bet you couldn’t tell me; “what are the three states of water?”

  • jh


  • E

    boy, do they start young1

  • LaShaun Bruggs


    Your a hump, plain and simple. That’s why you’re a target.

  • jack

    i agree this is a hate crime………blacks perpetually bully, taunt, and intimidate white people on a daily basis on the NYC subway and sometimes streets in Manhattan. How can anyone say race isn’t a factor?

    • ladymax

      You are just ignorant to make such a stupid comment like this. There are several blacks who do not display this type of behavior. Most hate crimes are done by whites. so there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You must be a racist pig.

    • Ms Ray

      I agree, and I like it when White kids don’t fall prey to this behavior. This is just sad, too sad

  • RP

    I have read comments people leave on other sites involving crimes and they always have to blame a race. We are ignoring the fact that young kids, whether Black, White, Hispanic or any other race are destroying their lives. Who is to blame? Is not the race but how we as parents bring up our kids. Teenagers these days need balance and structure in their lifes and as parents it has to start when they are young.

    • voiceofreason

      if you press an elevator button and 4 out of 10 times you get shocked,…… will you touch the button again? while the genetic make up of these individuals isn’t responsible, you simply cannot ignore statistics because it sounds nicer.

  • Acela Express 4151

    Another teenager looking for trouble! Get a job, Devante! You’re a disgrace not just to New Yorkers, but to the black community! Don’t make a bad name for yourself or your community.

  • Bell Toller


  • TruthInReporting

    Does any GOOD reporter know how many times he has been caught with stolen property prior to this?

  • nyc

    Glad they caught this young criminal before he got violent and someone got hurt !

  • Steve

    I do not understand some of the people who comment on this website.
    What is the obsession about skin color?
    Of the comments below, Peter is the only one I agree with.

    If the LITTLE FOOL punk that they arrested was specifically targeting white people, I’d be the first person to crack a lead pipe over his head. However, please don’t make stupid comments, Devenio, by insinuating that all black people are cretins (assuming that I’m not misinterpeting what you’re saying). Would you like it of someone said that “all Italian Americans” are in the mafia? That, in my view, would be an equally stupid comment.

    • Bernie Sanders

      all italians are lol

  • Peter

    Please lock him up and throw the key away!

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