Palm Sunday Marks Start To Christian Holy Week

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week on the Christian calendar. Nicholas Dimarzio, the bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn, joins CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu to talk about events celebrating the day.

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    the old and senile head of a religious organization that pays no taxes..that tells you a failed carpenter knew the who is on drugs?

  • Rod in

    So when are the na ked choirboys going to be dancing around da po pe with flower pedals?

  • pugphan

    40 days of Lent. Many peeps have given up all kinds of little habits as a sacrifice-
    from donuts to smokes. Too bad many of us will return to them. Mehopes many will
    use the time away from butts to stay away from them… permanently! Think about it peeps you did it for 40 days, how can you really want to back to nicotine. Good
    luck in breaking the habit, make it an act of faith, and have a Great Spiritual Easter next week. smokersodysseycom

  • david slaughter

    sounds like you and i need to hook up.dude

  • D. Williams

    ^Immature comment dude!

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