Coming back from break, Craig was craving a grape soda. He didn’t want Dominique to get it for him, not in an attempt to promote chivalry, but because Dominique had a rash on Friday. It was an allergic reaction, according to her, and Craig didn’t want to risk contracting the skin condition.

Then Pat from Brick called in and sparked a discussion on the questionable offensive foul called on Carmelo Anthony before Jerry “Rello” Recco delivered his first update of the morning.

During Jerry’s informative update we heard play-by-play calls from Knicks-Celtics, courtesy of both Marv Albert on TNT and his son Kenny on the MSG Network.  It marked the first time a father-son combo called the same playoff game, a landmark evening for the Albert family.  During the discussion Craig admitted to watching the game on TNT rather than MSG — and Boomer had a big problem with that.

LISTEN: Marv – Kenny – YES!!! (B&C 4/18)

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