NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Knicks were out to prove they could take down the mighty Boston Celtics. And for 47 minutes-and-change Sunday night, they did just that.

Leading 85-84, Carmelo Anthony was called for pushing Paul Pierce with 21 seconds remaining. The offensive foul set up a game-deciding Ray Allen three-pointer for the Celtics.

“What I thought and what they called were two different things,” Anthony said. “It is what it is. He called it, you know, it’s over with.”

“In my eyes, obviously I’m biased,” coach Mike D’Antoni said. “Tough call.”

Not surprisingly, Knicks fans were irate with the quick-whistled officials on Monday.

“When the referee impedes the game the way they done yesterday, it’s a shame!” said WFAN listener Omar from Newark.

Robert from Queens added: “I want to just say, when we come to the Garden, I want those same calls.”

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The Knicks were just one shot from beating Boston, a behind-the-arc jumper from Anthony with time expiring. That’s enough for Joe in Smithtown, who says MSG faithful “have to stop looking at the negatives right now.”

“They played a valiant game,” he told Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. “If they give this output throughout this playoff series, they could take this to six and possibly to seven (games).”

Though Benigno prefers to reserve the term “valiant” for something such as General Custer’s Battle of Bull Run, he thinks Knicks fans should stop blaming the officials and instead take a look at their favorite team.

“Let’s stop blaming the officials for this game,” he said. “The officials did not cost the Knicks this basketball game.”

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