Call Against Carmelo Anthony Has Knicks Fans Screaming ‘Foul’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Knicks were out to prove they could take down the mighty Boston Celtics. And for 47 minutes-and-change Sunday night, they did just that.

Leading 85-84, Carmelo Anthony was called for pushing Paul Pierce with 21 seconds remaining. The offensive foul set up a game-deciding Ray Allen three-pointer for the Celtics.

“What I thought and what they called were two different things,” Anthony said. “It is what it is. He called it, you know, it’s over with.”

“In my eyes, obviously I’m biased,” coach Mike D’Antoni said. “Tough call.”

Not surprisingly, Knicks fans were irate with the quick-whistled officials on Monday.

“When the referee impedes the game the way they done yesterday, it’s a shame!” said WFAN listener Omar from Newark.

Robert from Queens added: “I want to just say, when we come to the Garden, I want those same calls.”

LISTEN: Knicks fans vent their frustrations with Joe & Evan

The Knicks were just one shot from beating Boston, a behind-the-arc jumper from Anthony with time expiring. That’s enough for Joe in Smithtown, who says MSG faithful “have to stop looking at the negatives right now.”

“They played a valiant game,” he told Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts. “If they give this output throughout this playoff series, they could take this to six and possibly to seven (games).”

Though Benigno prefers to reserve the term “valiant” for something such as General Custer’s Battle of Bull Run, he thinks Knicks fans should stop blaming the officials and instead take a look at their favorite team.

“Let’s stop blaming the officials for this game,” he said. “The officials did not cost the Knicks this basketball game.”

LISTEN: Carmelo Anthony on the play in question

What’s your take on Carmelo’s offensive foul? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. Bell Toller says:

    Too bad this game can’t be appealed.

    1. Pete says:

      The foul on Anthony and the no call when he was fouled were the difference…reminds me of the way Jordan was allowed to put his hand on Starks but if Starkes did the same he got called for a foul….it’s all about the marketing…

    2. lawmsh says:

      It’s true the call against Mello and the non-call against KG were completely blown. D’Antoni got blasted for not getting Amare the ball but just because writers and people on TV/radio get paid doesn’t mean they know what they are talking about. If they watched the last minute or looked at a replay they could see the Knicks set up to get Amare the ball. Mello just kept it, didn’t even drive, and threw up 2 horrendous shots. Maybe the Knicks can overcome it but chances are his selfishness cost them any real shot they had at this series.

  2. daddydelight says:

    the fix was in target melo all night

  3. feemykitty says:

    All crooks the NBA. Commisioner David Stern.refrees. They should be investigated by FBI. Heavy gambling that’s going in this games and others full blown investigation should be coming. The NBA had a ref making crooked call but he lost his job by a through investigation made. There should be more shake down on NBA. All heads should roll.

  4. gera says:

    Hey knickerchokers stop acting like cry babies. you want to blame,how about that alyoop inbound your sorry team allowed before ray allen’s will never win anything with selfish marsnmelo

  5. linzhongmi says:

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  6. JP says:

    You all are missing the non-foul-call before the ball got to Allen. KG FOULED the guy who was guarding Allen by putting a moving screen. Happened in front of the referee and non-call. We just watched it in slow motion. It is a travesty. Why dont we pound on this. Please watch it. The game is hijacked from NY.

  7. Louie Buonaiuto says:


  8. dgt5855 says:

    I say it was “good acting” (A flop) by Paul Pierce and he sold it to the ref. It was a bad call and flopping adds an element of “WWF” to the NBA and takes away from the game. Until the league comes down hard on flopping, it’s going to be used against all players. That call changed the game!!

  9. dgt228 says:

    I say it was “good acting” (A flop) by Paul Pierce and he sold it to the ref. It was a bad call and flopping adds an element of “WWF” to the NBA and takes away from the game. Until the league comes down hard on flopping, it’s going to be used against all players. That call changed the game!!

  10. M.A.D says:

    This is the reason people go watch college games. The game was fixed!! its all about the c-a-s-h

  11. rsber says:

    It was a good call. Any objective observer would know that.

  12. Jeff says:

    Refs can NOT make a call like that in the playoffs with 20 seconds to go. The entire game changed on that call. Great shot by Ray, but the refs cant decide critical games. Worst call I have seen in a long time.

  13. Dominick Mezzapesa says:

    Too bad they did not give Melo a few T’;s because he would have shot better sitting on the bench. Just ONCE can Melo pass to Amare instead of launching another brick

    1. Jose Berberena says:

      probabaly cause amare wasnt open idiot

  14. Les says:


  15. lawmsh says:

    In game 7 of the finals last year Kobe was a brick layer. The Lakers stayed away from him when the game was on the line They showed you how coaching and unselfish “team” basketball can win a championship. Yesterday, Mello and the Knicks showed the exact opposite.

    1. Jake says:

      Actually they went to Kobe when the game was on the line. I don’t know what game you were watching. Every play the ball went through him.

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