L.I. Students Donate Passover Supplies To Needy Families

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Passover began at sunset on Monday and it was a very happy one for more than one hundred needy families in the Greater Five Towns area on Long Island.

A group of students from the DRS Yeshiva High School for Boys in Woodmere raised over $4,000 and packed supplies for Passover into 147 boxes. They rented a truck and donated the boxes to the Kol Ditzrich food pantry.

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Ellen Warshall, director of the pantry in Woodmere, said the donation was the largest the pantry has ever seen.

“We just had small donations. People bring bags in or they have food drives. Never this amount of boxes to this amount of families. It was amazing,” she told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera speaks with pantry director Ellen Warshall

Meals for Passover Seders can be expensive and many recipients of the good will walked away happy, thankful and very emotional.

“One family, she has nine kids. I gave her about 4 boxes and she was practically crying on the way out. She was so happy,” Warshall said.


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  1. Josh says:

    One family with nine kids is poor. Imagine that. Try having fewer kids.

    1. Jewpiter Rises says:

      Ok people, this is not a baby producing competition where everyone just spits out 5 or 10 kids at a time, without regard for Planet Earth. Why can’t people from all nations have 2 kids on Earth and the other 5 kids on some other planet, like Mars. Earth is the cradle of civilization, but one cannot remain in the cradle forever.

      1. Terraformers 3 says:

        The question is, will that be 9 future Astronauts, or 9 future merchants? Remember, it’s not about you, it’s not about me, it’s about the Galaxy.

  2. Rod in says:

    Even if jews have money, we will still take hand outs and freebies. It’s the jewish way.

  3. Gary Fales says:

    great thing to do. God bless them.

    1. Rod in says:

      Jesus was just another stinking jew too. So what’s the harm in one jew killing another jew?

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