Report: Glenn Beck Leaving New York City

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers are doubtless fretting about the upcoming disappearance of an area icon.

Glenn Beck is going away. Not just from Fox News airwaves, but also New York City.

Beck and Fox recently announced their decision to part ways. The departure comes as increasing numbers of advertisers had abandoned his program, and his audience continued to slide.

Fox News Channel is headquartered in New York City.

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According to a report, Beck announced on his radio program that he’d be leaving New York City as he focuses on his next ventures. He apparently has sold his Connecticut home.

Photos of Glenn Beck’s New York City apartment made their way onto the web recently. They can be seen here.

How do you feel about Beck’s departure? Sound off in our comments section.

  • Trishe

    And why is this news?? Nobody cares!

  • Tricia

    God Bless and God Speed, only the hate filled left wing wouldn’t wish you the best. I will continue to listen to your truthful opinions via the internet.

    • chris

      I will miss Glenn Beck, he is honest and tells it the way it is. The truth hurts, but must be said. He ALWAYS said “do your homework”, if you did the research as I did he was right! Take care Glenn and know that there are millions of people who respect you and wish you well.

      • Rodin

        He sure stuck to his “do your homework” so he could concoct his stories any which way. LIAR, if there ever was one. Rabble (as in you two) rouser!

        There are “millions” of suckers”. That’s why his ratings dropped until not even Fox could stand him. Next, Sarah.

        “All religions die of one disease – that of being found out.” – John Morley

  • jessie

    Hoorah! Leaving NYC should just be the start. In fact,let’s all chip in and buy him a ticket to Mars. Then folks won’t have to listen to his incendiary trash talk.
    Have a great flight, Glen!

  • rick

    it is obvious most of you have voted for your living, why work if you can get someone to give it to you (this policy is killing us),Beck spoke up and it scares the heck out of the left (afraid we are taking away the free ride),and now look at them,on the attack,wake up people,you are addicted to hand outs,free stuff isn’t free,someone had to pay for it,we don’t need to be like the rest of the world,they need to be like us,if you don’t like it here then by all means go there,everyone should work ,everyone should pay taxes,if you don’t work you don’t eat,if you can’t work that is different,if you won’t work,you figure it out,fast,.responsibility is up to you not your neighbor.

  • Mhice

    Don’t let the door hit you “Beck” on your way out…

    Stay out of Florida..We have enough of clowns like you in this state…We don’t need more…

  • Robert A. Lively

    Beck…He has admitted to the View that he isn’t that interested in facts. He is a showman and spits outs whatever will get him ratings especially to those with narrow minds and viewpoints. He’ll walk away rich but at least he’s going away.
    Now if we could just put Rush out to pasture.

    • seymore

      Thank you on both counts

  • old nasty

    Hey Rodin! What the world really needs is no religion! Kills more people then anthing else in history and is still killing even more millions today.
    ( IMAGINE ! )

  • Vienna Joe

    Glenn Beck has driven many patriotic, middle class Americans away from the Republican party with his hatred of union representation for middle class workers, pensions, etc. The rich get richer while they attack the middle class.

  • Toni Rini Lucchesi

    BYE,,Don’t go away mad,, just GO AWAY

  • Shirley Cosgriff

    Those people that down Beck, have been so indocturnated with hate they couldn’t stand the fact he is right. They always resort to curssing or name calling. I would like to think he is leaving to set up his own tv station. I tape his show everyday except Fridays, I only want to hear him. Because of Beck and Rush and others I am able to hear between the lines. I pray for him daily that he will continue to keep us aware of the happenings in the world.

    • Rodin

      “Indocturnated”? Try indoct-RI-ted. Or “educated”, yourself.

      I’m glad you “pray for him daily” because, if you believe in “life EVERLASTING,” hell is today in the here and now, and that’s where he resides. Never mind the afterlife. Everlasting means FOREVER and FOREVER includes the NOW. He has no peace. He’s in living HELL.

  • Ben Der

    No sensible well informed individual would stay long with an ultra radical right wing commentator. Now is seems he’s lost his audience and there is no money for his rhetoric. Americans are not stupid and we are the most well informed country in the world if we but use all the information resources. He’s made his millions thru books and appearances but it’s all about the money. Have a great life Glenn Beck but I never lent you an ear nor even a penny.

  • Sunday

    Are you trying to say “must have went”? And how do you public, again? Please refrain from teaching people English when you have the unfortunate distinction of being corrected by a foreigner. That would be me.



    I thought Glenn Beck was a patriot. He exposed a lot of toxic people in the world such as GEORGE SOROS, OSAMA (BARRY) HUSSEIN OBAMA and numerous points of corruption in our Government. He showed us the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION and what it SHOULD stand for.
    He caused others to investigate falsehoods and I believe, was directly responsible for that investigation that Donald Trump caused that revealed Obamas name to be that of BARRY SOETORO; that Obama or Soetoro broke numerous Federal Laws while scamming us. I can’t wait for the Supreme Court to here this latest case.

    • nathan

      No wonder everyone you know including your own relatives hates you. Loser.

  • Chris Bauer

    What’s really sad is that the American people are so ignorant and have made themselves available to be so…..First of all, Glenn Beck is not religious. He believes in God, however, he is not religious, there is a difference for those who do not understand. Also, if you are one to do your research, as Glenn always states, instead of being so naive, you would realize that we are headed into a serious situation but most people are too lazy and too foolish and that’s why we are in this situation in the first place. People, come on….really? It will be a sad day when there are those that can say “you were told”.

    • Rodin


  • Rodin

    He’s toast and he knows it. Good riddance!

    • George

      Glenn Beck leaving NYC. Awesome news for NYC; The chances of getting AIDS just went down 1000%

  • Ted

    Probably leaving to escape the high taxes and obnoxious people of the area – can’t blame him for leaving the rotten apple behind.

  • lulu

    Happy Passover and Happy Easter. What the world needs now is love sweet love.

    • Rodin

      What the world needs is freedom from religion.

      • Kurt Bracke

        Your a bleeping idiot. Rodin what is up with life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is God that gave you the air you breath.

      • Sunday


        I don’t think your friend, the missing link (Kurt), likes you.

    • Rodin

      Sunday, whatever gets him through the night. I lost god and found peace of mind, self reliance and self respect. With it I LOST the fear of death. It was exhilarating! I wish Kurt half as much.

  • Debra Anne

    Of course he’s moving – he wants to run for public office.

  • None of Your Business

    Hey, Glenn: Drop off the face of the universe and take Palin with you.

  • Jimmy

    The new evangelists. Why can’t they all just go away.

  • splchk

    AN JERK ??? Must of went to AN publick school hahaha..mess

  • karma5230

    Thank goodness. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Rodin

      You mean “May the doorknob hit you where the Good Lord split you!”

  • nyc

    It is hard to believe how so many people can listen to out and out lies ! Happy to see him go. Just a negative voice ,with no positive ideas. Only there to make money !!

    • JD NYC

      Yet not one politician was ever able to prove he lied about anything. He challenged Obama by putting a hotline for him. Obama was never able to prove he lied. You should send your evidence to Obama so he could stop looking foolish and he can show that Beck lied. That is unless your making it all up. Are you a loud mouthed liberal who calls everyone a liar when you have no facts to support your viewpoint?

    • JD NYC

      Everyone with money is leaving NY. No state lost more people than NY in the last 10 years.

      • Rodin

        I left NYC because I couldn’t stand those moving in any more (and I’m NOT referring to foreigners, just those from west of the Hudson). Maybe, if all the “gentrifiers” leave, NYC will get back to being NYC and I’ll move back.

        Unfortunately, I doubt it. There’s no going back. I’m staying put.

      • nathan

        Please join them asap. Back to the trailer park where you were born.

      • JD NYC

        Born in Manhattan Nathan. How about you?

  • nathan

    Don’t let the door hit your fat azz on the way out.

  • idiotsrule

    Good riddance to an jerk. I’m shocked he lasted this long. Beside, he’s full of himself.

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