NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The family of a Long Island women struck and killed by a Nassau County police car said they are suspicious of an internal investigation of the accident.

Sherry Lang, 64, was hit on Bellmore Road on Saturday night as she walked home. The fatality happened during heavy rain and when road visibility was bad. Police called the woman’s death a tragedy, saying she was wearing a hood that blocked some of her vision and that she ignored a light while walking into traffic.

Lang’s son, Brent, scoffed at the police’s explanation.

“Who’s saying this? I mean is it the officer who hit her’s word?” he told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

The family is skeptical about the police probe, partly because officers didn’t tell them who was behind the wheel until Sunday morning.

“It was not a hit-and-run, it was a police car,” said Howard Lang, the victim’s husband.

Now the family wants another set of investigative eyes and has hired accident reconstructionist Mike Archer.

“This is Mickey Mouse. This is a cartoon report,” Archer said. “There’s nothing we have that leads us to believe that this investigation is ongoing.”

Nassau Police, however, scoffed at the claim of a cop cover-up.

“We’re not like that here. I kind of take that as an insult. The bottom line is, our accident investigators, they’re going to do a thorough job,” Detective Lt. Kevin Smith said.

Lang’s husband of 41 years said he hopes that will be the case, but is suspicious that when police investigate their own “they’re going to try and look out for them.”

The family hopes witnesses will come forward to help them find the truth. The Lang family said it can’t imagine what the officer is going through but also said no one can know what they are going through.

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