Knicks’ Stoudemire: Celtics Can’t Deny Me; ‘Big Baby’ Davis Not ‘Tight’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — The Knicks came within 21 seconds of beating the Celtics in Game 1. After Carmelo Anthony was whistled for an offensive foul, Ray Allen drained the game-deciding basket for Boston — and New York found themselves walking into the locker room on the losing side of the ball.

Amar’e Stoudemire, Sunday’s star on offense, says the Celtics won’t be able to stop him in Game 2.

“I don’t think there’s anything they can do. Besides try to deny me the ball,” Stoudemire said on Monday. “There’s ways to get open.”

Stoudemire drained 28 points and snatched 11 rebounds in Game 1.

“It’s still the same old me,” he said. “The playoffs always bring the best out of me. It’s going to get even better as the series goes on.”

Stoudemire also ribbed Glen “Big Baby” Davis, who said last week it’s “not that hard” to defend the Knicks’ big offseason acquisition.

“I know Baby wanted to try to draw contact and draw fouls,” said Stoudemire. “His core is not really as tight as it should be, so I knew I (could) catch him off-balance from that.”

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  1. luis tex says:

    Stoudemire will take Kevin and big fat baby to school in game 2

  2. Jose Berberena says:

    BIg Baby is garbage if the celtics would nt ever had the big 3 he probably would have been playing in NBDL league

  3. Jose Berberena says:

    “I love people that maybe didn’t watch the game, because I went back when I heard that, and at the 2 1/2 minute mark he scored a basket, and we went to him almost every time up to that point. On the next play we came down we went to him, and that was at the 2 minute mark, and he charged. Then at 1:40, we ran a play for him. They kind of knocked him off of it and overplayed him, and that’s when Chauncey got hurt — and he had an open lane to the basket,” D’Antoni said. “You know, our guys can’t be robots. They’ve got to play. But every play that was called was for Amare.

    “They did two things well to snuff it out, one time we got Ronny (Turiaf) right to the rim, they got a block and Melo tried a 3, and he was wide open. So the team, the players, Amare, we were going to him. And I think it was four possessions after the last time he scored, we tried to go to him all four. Our team, we talked about it. They were great. They were trying to do what you should do.”

  4. Marcus says:

    Celtics in 4…Stoudemire is a joke! He is a 1-trick pony. Him & Melo will suffer years of no title…AT BEST he is a Harlem Globtrotter!

    1. Omar says:

      You are an idiot. When the Knicks take this to game 7, you will be nervously thorwing stuff at your TV and Knicks fans will be rejoicing knowing that it will be down to one game which both teams will have a shot at winning. I’ll be happiest with a Knicks series win, but will still be OK with the Celtics losing in round 2 since they won’t win squat this season.

    2. Jose Berberena says:


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