B&C Morning Show: Kenny Albert With Boomer & Carton

Kenny Albert is a busy man, a very busy man and also the son of a legend.  Like his old man Marv, Kenny has made quite a name for himself in the play-by-play business, calling just about every sport, including games for both the Rangers and the Knicks.

He joined Boomer & Craig this morning in the Allstate Studio and told the guys all about his hectic schedule, what it was like growing up with Marv Albert as his father, his tendency to sleep with his eyes open and his extra-large head.

Eventually they got into the Rangers and the Knicks, which was the real reason he made the trip to Manhattan in the first place…

LISTEN: Kenny Albert Joined Boomer & Carton (4/20)

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  • matt

    boomer’s ‘beard’ makes him look like a creepy kiddie toucher.

  • Rick

    How were they able to get Kenny on? I know that in addition to FOX with the NFL and MLB, he’s employed by MSG Network calling Rangers radio and fill-in Knicks TV, like Boomer and Craig now are with their TV simulcast. But the Rangers radio home, where Kenny is heard calling the games, is ESPN-1050.

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