Babylon Supervisor Sounds Warning Of Missing Sex Offenders

BABYLON, NY (WCBS 880) – Babylon town supervisor Steve Bellone says two missing sex offenders in his town are evidence of the need for government re-examination for sex offender verification procedures.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs With Steve Bellone

“This is too important. We’re going to actually go out and we’re going to verify whether people are living where they say they are on the registry and we’re going to let the public know it,” says Bellone. “This is not something government can afford to get wrong, and, therefore I believe we have to have a much stronger system of verification at the county level than we have today.”

He says, “There needs to be a strong effort to make sure that we are verifying in this county where sex offenders are living and that they are living in the locations that they report on that registry and that, if they are not living in those locations, that we will know about and they will be put back in prison.”

Bellone says the number of missing registered sex offenders has actually declined in recent years.

But he adds that there is no room for error and when it comes to our children, we can’t afford to make mistakes.

Bellone is considered a possible candidate for Suffolk County Executive.


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  1. kendra says:

    there sex offenders they lost that right along time ago ….now they should never be trusted again until they are long gone and buried and i don,t care if there not comitting another offense hit should never be rendered as optional as long as they live amongust in this soociety or else they will rob these kids of there inocense and that is just wrong.cause that would be a life time of poain and suffering that these kids are going to go through…

  2. kendra says:

    this something that is very very serious for me as a parent they need to hurry up and find these people if you will or what ever you may want to call them …and fast or else i am not going to ever let my kids ever go out there again…cause now as parents we can,t let our kids roam around in there own backyards and that is very very sad…

  3. Rudy101 says:

    Because, Mr. Steve Ballone has NO evidence that the registry is actually protecting the public in any way; AND because the ONLY evidence that the registry is doing ANYTHING is that the registry strips a person of safety and/or security with inadequate due process protections AND because the registry was passed ex-post facto in violation of the U.S. Constitution; AND because the legislature is the sole body who defines what a sex offender is; AND because the legislature is able to add any kind of restrictions it likes, without due process and without a showing the laws will actually protect, IT IS A RIGHT to flee the sex offender registry and do whatever what one can do to avoid the registry.

    The registry is supposed to be a civil remedy and NOT a punishment. Can ANYONE show any civil outcomes that is legitimate?

    The sex offender registry actually makes the community MORE dangerous by making desperate outcasts unable to relate in any way to the community. The courts re-litigate evidence, illegally, and comes to a POINT TOTAL to determine supposed dangerousness. It does not matter if this evaluation does not reflect dangerousness (studies have been done to show the level system does not predict re-offense levels with any accuracy). A person is stuck for the rest of their life with this evaluation, whether it actually reflects reality or not.

    The registry is ONLY used to harass, threaten, banish, isolate and put fear into offenders. Nobody can show any other outcomes. That being true it is a RIGHT fo flee the registry and do whatever what one can do to avoid it. This can be done TO PROTECT THE COMMUNITY.

    Passing laws ONLY to strip safety and/or security and put people into jail for fleeing the tyranny is ILLEGAL, unconstitutional, and against international law.

    The solution is: A due process hearing where all evidence is taken into consideration and restrictions are based upon the individual if they do present a danger. When a person no longer presents a danger, the State can no longer regulate that person. THAT is civil.

    What you have created is a police state through legislative fiat. In other words, the registry has NO CREDIBILITY.

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