Stray Cat Washes Up On To Governors Island

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – This cat’s got eight lives left.

A calico cat somehow washed ashore Governors Island.

“I saw the cat, I said, ‘Oh look a cat is here!,'” Leslie Koch, President of the Trust For Governors Island, told 1010 WINS. “Then you know, you scratch your head and you go, “Wait, I’m on Governors Island. How did the cat get here?’ So we’re all just kind of puzzled.”

According to the Governors Island Blog, the cat may have caught a ride on some flotsam after being swept into a river during the recent floods in New Jersey.

“It seems so normal but then you know it can’t be normal because there’s 800 yards of water between us and Manhattan and 400 yards between us and Brooklyn. So, a cat can’t wander in like they do in somebody’s backyard,” Koch said.

The unnamed cat is described as being “a little seaweedy,” but otherwise healthy and friendly.

“She seemed really happy when we gave her cat food,” Koch said. 

Though animals aren’t usually allowed on the Island, Koch said they have made an exception. The Governors Island Trust is hoping to return the cat to its owner.

“We’re enjoying taking care of the cat and hoping perhaps if she’s lost that someone might recognize her, or hear about her in case somebody lost a cat,” Koch said.

Unlike Mia, the Bronx Zoo Cobra, the cat has not taken to Twitter… yet.

You can help name the cat by clicking HERE.


One Comment

  1. kendra says:

    i think they should name her survivor since she survived that long trip from where she came from…and i really hope and pray she gets returned to its rightful owner(s).

  2. Fabio S Rhoden says:

    My second suggestion for the Governor Island stray cat would be “Noah” after surviving and coming from the flood.

  3. Fabio S Rhoden says:

    I would name the cat “Phelps” after the Olympic medalist Michael Phelps. A name that fits for he or she.

  4. Hawktail of thunderclan! says:

    is it a girl?????????????????????????????????

  5. Hawktail of thunderclan! says:


  6. Hawktail of thunderclan! says:

    I think it is a she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hawktail of thunderclan! says:

    I would name him/her Kindle because he/she looks like flames and ashes and that equals fire and to keep a fire going (Especially in a storm or in water!)
    you need Kindling!
    This cats heart and spirit where kindled and she made it all in one piece so I think his/her name should be Kindle!

  8. Hawktail of thunderclan! says:

    I would name her/him Kindle because she/he looks like fire and ashes and to keep a fire going you need kindling!

  9. Hawktail of thunderclan! says:

    Has any one seen a black cat w/ green eyes?
    What about a gray cat w/ white markings and yellow eyes?

  10. Jim Medeiros says:

    She should be named Salt Water Taffy or Salt Water Tabby

  11. Leona Fontaine says:

    I would name her Sailor.

    Also, is she available for adoption?

  12. Tree says:

    They should call her Madison, after Darryl Hannah’s mermaid character in Splash. How fitting would that be? 🙂

  13. Steve Pez says:

    I think the folks at Govenor’s Island should adopt her. (If she doesn’t have a family) She would be a very lucky cat to live there. I will donate the first can of food!

    Also, we should name her Trudy, after Gertrude Ederle, the 1st woman to swim the English Channel.

  14. laure says:

    I hope they are feeding her.. does not look like a great food source there! Praying this kitty finds a safe, dry home…..

    1. SELWYN GRAHAM MD says:

      I would like to have the cat if you do not find her owner. I would name her KEIMCHA PRONOUNCWD ( KEE-CHA)

  15. Angela S says:

    They need to make sure that she is put into a “no-Kill” shelter situation (with good Vet care) incase she isn’t found by her owners.

  16. paris.400 says:

    Oh, this cat is so precious! He or she needs some vet care and a nice rest.

  17. Debbie says:

    I hope her owners find her or that someone gives her a great new home!

  18. 2gruesome2b says:

    actually he was a competitor in the land’s end, uk to lisbon, portugal swimming race that started two weeks ago. it proves my thesis (which was turned down for my doctorate in animal manifestations of superior intellectual capabilities, if you can believe that) that while cats have a vastly heightened night vision, their sense of direction is no better than a drunken snail in a petri dish. he is a viking in spirit, indeed!

  19. Diane Ostrander says:

    I hope someone adopts or claims her.

  20. Sam says:

    She may look like a kitty, but she;s really an angel.

  21. Micha says:

    i want her!!

  22. danny says:

    Or she could have fallen off a boat in the harbor.

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