Charles Barkley: I’m Sorry For Ripping Knicks’ D’Antoni

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Are we all witnesses to a new, more sensitive Charles Barkley?

The outspoken NBA analyst ripped Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni before Game 2 against Boston. Last night, Sir Charles made an about-face.

“That’s Mike D’Antoni, he’s always going to make excuses to cover his own a–,” Barkley said Tuesday night on TNT’s Knicks-Celtics pregame show. “And that’s why they’re going to have a new coach next year.”

Barkley delivered his apology to D’Antoni and Knicks president Donnie Walsh during Thursday night’s 76ers-Heat halftime show.

“I have a rule. I try to always be honest and fair on TV,” he said. “I screwed up the other night when I said something about Mike D’Antoni that wasn’t cool.

“I want to apologize to Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh . When you’re on television, you should never talk about someone getting hired or fired. That’s inappropriate. I made that mistake. I want to apologize personally to Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh. I’ve got a great respect for Donnie Walsh and Mike D’Antoni. I want to apologize. That’s all I can do.”

LISTEN: Joe & Evan: Did Barkley really need to apologize?

WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts weighed in on Barkley’s surprising apology Friday morning.

“I just think it’s a different kind of deal, what we do as opposed to what he’s doing,” Benigno said. “If he’s doing a show somewhere, a talk show, yeah, I’ve got no problem with him saying it. I don’t have a problem with him saying it anyway to be honest.”

Roberts was in total agreement.

“I just don’t think it’s that big of a deal,” he said. “I don’t even think it warranted an apology. It’s his opinion!”

So what should Barkley have said? The midday duo were happy to offer their advice to Sir Charles.

“Here’s the way the apology should have sounded,” Roberts said. “‘I want to apologize to Knicks fans. I’ve been irrational at times and I’ve been hateful at times. I’m sorry. I don’t like your team very much and sometimes that clouds my judgement. I apologize to Knicks fans.’

“That’s the apology! What does he need to apologize to Mike D’Antoni for?”

Did Barkley do the right thing? Sound off in the comments below…


One Comment

  1. Tor says:

    Sorry, but why do we ever need to listen to anything Charles has to say? He is DUMB….I mean not smart. I have heard him speak both in person, and on TV. Every time he opens his mouth, I find his attitude and commentary nothing short of really useless and even demeaning. In fact, I am offended as a human being listening to him.

    His NCAA and NBA commentary are both ineffective. His co-hosts seem to always be in awe of his idiotic discourse, and yet he stays employed. Why do the networks hire him? Again, my opinion, he is really dumb. In comparison, I heard Reggie Miller tonight, on the air, and he is smart; the opposite of Charles…

    I am petitioning for far less Charles, and far more smart.

  2. ermal says:

    charles barkley is a clown
    he doesn’t know what he is talking about

  3. Andrew Cheeseman says:

    I agree with Evan and Joe. No need to apologize for telling the truth. Knicks need a new coach, D’Antoni should go coach in the WNBA or something. His style doesn’t work in the NBA.

  4. Rick mcGuirk says:

    What’s to apologize for? D’Antoni let down the team in the closing minute of game 2. Barkley’s original comments were spot on. A heroic team effort was wasted by the coach.

  5. Eric Soley says:

    No he didn’t! I agree with the earlier, not tha latter! Is that how ur going to make it as a broadcaster?

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