Cortlandt Closing And Capping Sprout Brook Burnt Trash Ash Pit

CORTLANDT, NY (WCBS 880) – In Cortlandt, workers are stretching a black, plastic membrane across four million tons of burnt trash.

WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi: The Burnt Trash Will Now Be Sent Out Of State

After 25 years of ash being dumped at the 30-acre Sprout Brook Ash Pit, it is being closed and capped.

“It looks like a small mountain after… years of this ash residue being stockpiled there,” says town supervisor Linda Puglisi. “I am delighted for these residents of our community.”

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She says at the end of the year, the ash pit will look like a grassy hill.

But she says it will still be a reminder of waste.

“So, we wanna make sure that the environment is protected and that this is closed into perpetuity, which it is,” she says.

From now on, the Westchester County’s trash will be burnt and sent out of state.


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  1. baltbear says:

    the facts that 12 million tons of hydrocarbon was burned without recovering the heat energy b y cogeneration, and that thousands of pounds of recoverables will be buried under a gressy knoll is not an environmental victory of any kind.

  2. Jack Mayhoffer says:

    4 million tons of ash is way better than the 16 million tons of trash it would have been if it weren’t burnt. Puglisi is just another typical politician doing whatever she wants without knowing what she’s really doing.

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