Maternity Store Offers Discount Only To Lesbian Customers

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – A maternity shop in Park Slope is offering a 10 percent discount to its customers—its lesbian customers.

Karen Paperno, of the maternity and breastfeeding boutique Boing Boing, said the sale is not a social commentary, but just a way to help her clientele, who she said is struggling.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg spoke with Paperno about the special sale

“Women make 77 cents on the dollar still. When two women are leading a household, they’re not making as much money as a married couple,” Paperno said. “They’re not making as much money as other couples do. They don’t have as much discretionary or disposable income.”

The neighborhood is changing, she said, and often times, the families with two women cannot afford to remain there.

“They are sort of what made it a great neighborhood and now they can’t afford to live here anymore,” Paperno said. “Last month, I wanted to bring back the discount for lesbian moms because that’s what Park Slope sort of means to me.”

She said don’t try to fake it if you’re not a lesbian.

“No one has tried to lie, and fooling around in college doesn’t count,” she said.


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  1. Bruce says:

    I am the owner of Downtime Lounge in Park Slope. Comfy couches, good music, laid back setting for locals. New offer – Monday – Friday – Hetero Sexual people get half priced draft beer and free popcorn. Proof of your sexuality will have to be proven at the door by our staff expert.(No Bisexuals allowed in this offer, our expert is good a smelling them out) Its my Bar, I can do what I want. Also, on Sunday its Lesbian Moms have to sit at a separate counter night. Now imagine if that was true, I’m sure all you people supporting this idiot store owner would have a different tone.

  2. sergio says:

    as a gay man, i approve this discount! well done!

  3. CEpictures says:

    Exjupiter, Now it should be raised to 15% discount for having to read your disgusting mentality regarding your fellow humans. You go to church? Of course you do. Perhaps a bit more attention should be payed to the actual message you get and not your twisted interpretations. regarding the child abuse comment, seems like the real child abuse occures when people who share your blind hatred “raise” young impressionable minds.

  4. hahaha says:

    She sees her male Co-Workers make more money than her. Umm, she is the OWNER of a boutique store in Park Slope, sure she obviously aint doing that bad with the current rents there along with her deprived clientele who have enough money to raise a family in Park Slope and shop at boutique baby stores. And Lesbian couples didnt make Park Slope what it is today. They are part of the large group of people that took it over from its original residents. Way to put a stain on equality lady.

  5. Bigoltroll says:

    Puh-leez – those of you whining about single mothers being left out of the discount are conveniently forgetting the vast array of assistance programs.that aren’t simply available – more like heaped upon them. What a bunch of greedy, entitled, welfare cow so and so’s……. can’t ever be content and live within their means, can they?

  6. says:

    First off, pay myth? Nope, it’s actually a fact, recheck your sources.
    2nd, it’s not dumb for business, it’s actually a BRILLIANT marketing move since Park Slope has a strong gay community and majority of straight people there support the gay community and their fight for rights.
    3rd, is it really discrimination? Don’t stores offer discounts to Mothers, service members, Students, etc?
    4th, lesbians should get a discount for just having to put up with some of the mentalities on here, “construction worker”? Really?

  7. No marriage tax! says:

    How does a lesbian get pregnant? Either through a medical procedure or they are not a “lesbian”. In the first case, they can afford to pay full price, and in the second, they do not qualify. This is stupid. Must be a slow news day.

    I do not care one way or another, recognizing same sex marriages is just another way to tax us. The government should be silent on the issue, same or opposite sex marriages. Who cares? Just don’t tax us!

  8. Sanford Hall says:

    maybe because the owner is Gay. Coward acts..

  9. Trishe says:

    If no one likes it, boycot the store.

  10. HooDatIS? says:


  11. Matan says:

    For all of you screaming about discrimination for not being allowed to take part in a sale…now you are starting to understand (just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit) how Gays and Lesbians feel about not being able to get married to our partners.

    1. your a joke says:

      Umm, comparing not being able to get married to not getting a discount a a trendy baby boutique in a rich neighborhood belittles any of your point and make you sound like an idiot. Now you know how it feels? I dont even shop there and support gay marriage. But, that is sexual discrimination and against the law.

  12. kstrange says:

    what about single mothers who have to go it alone?

  13. TomNJ says:

    I guess if my wife was pregnant, i would send her there with my sister and tell them to hold hands until after they have made their purchase. – lol

  14. WICCK says:


  15. Inequality says:

    Women make 77 cents on the dollar when compared to WHITE men. Women usually makes more than colored men.

  16. Auburn Dale says:

    Are we really supposed to believe that the store’s costs for lesbian couples are less than for straight couples? I don’t think so.

  17. kendra says:

    this store owner would be able to widen her clentel if she would broaden her sale horizons if should included every 1…AND NOW THAT IS A FORM OF BEING PREGIDOUS…

  18. cccc says:

    Silly because she is turning away about 98% of her customers who may have shopped there by denying them what she offers 2%.I will not be shopping here this is not right when I too could use the discount.I suspect there are far more straight single Mom’s who are either laid off and on unemployemtn than there are lesbian Moms out there.Good luck staying open with your ill thuoghts out ideas.

    1. AmericanCabbie says:

      Turning away 98% of her customers? The store is in Park Slope, mecca for Lesbian mothers. She’s playing right to her audience with a great big free publicity stunt, courtesy of 1010Wins. Her business will go through the roof.

      1. Exjupiter says:

        Not “Lesbian Mother”, rather a sexual deviant engaged in child abuse.

  19. Sarah says:

    So, how she she think people should proove they are a lesbian? This is blatant discrimination and she is proud of it! I am sure the proper agencies are aware of this now that it is on the news, so she should now pay her fine and be shut down!

  20. Airedale says:

    Sounds like description based upon sexual orientation. I thought that was illegal under SONDA (Sexual Non-Discrimination Act) in New York which was signed into law in 2002. Can you imagine the response if the store only offered this discount to straight women? Actually someone should report them to the New York Division of Human Right and or the New York Attorney General Civil Rights Division.

  21. Sandy Lester says:

    What a crock. The pay myth has been refuted dozens of times. This is pure discrimination. If I were pregnant I’d sue their ass.

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