Conn. Governor Joins Fight To Keep Student From Being Deported To Mexico

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Connecticut college student fighting deportation to stay in the United States is getting some high-powered support.

Governor Dannel Malloy has joined the grass-roots campaign to stop federal officials from deporting 23-year-old Mariano Cardoso, who is a month away from getting an engineering degree at Capitol Community College.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau With Sen. Richard Blumenthal

Cardoso was 22 months old when his parents left Mexico in search of a better life. They eventually settled in the Bronx. He now lives outside Hartford.

Cardoso said his dream is to become a math professor or civil engineer.

“Every part of it has been because I worked for it and my father worked for it,” he said.

However, Cardoso is in danger of losing everything because his parents immigrated to the United States illegally. In 2008, federal immigration officials discovered his undocumented status. Now he’s due to be deported within 60 days.

Cardoso’s case got the attention of Connecticut’s top leaders. In a letter, Gov. Malloy asked federal immigration officials to hold off on deporting him.

“We’ve made a substantial investment as a society in this young man. I’d like to see that pay off for us,” Malloy said.

The head of the state GOP said illegal immigration is a strain on limited resources.

“We can’t have illegal immigration continuing to punish state and local governments with millions of dollars of health care costs and education costs and public safety costs,” Chairman Chris Healy said.

As for Cardoso, he said if he is deported, he’ll find a way back.

“I’ll try to get back. I’ll try to find a way to come back…because there’s nothing that is waiting for me over there,” he said.


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  1. IMRP - CCSU says:

    Mr. Cardoso will be speaking TONIGHT (9/27) at Central Connecticut State University. All are invited to attend.

    1. ted says:

      Alipac getting a chance also? LOL.

  2. Mike Balog says:

    From an Old Conn. Yankee, USA BORN,.
    My Grandparents and their Parents came through Ellis Island. Legally. Their kids, My Father and his Brothers fought in WW 2 Against the Japs and Nazis
    to Defeat Them, so, Josh and the other Young LAW Experts. What Part of
    ILLEGAL do YOU NOT Understand? I worked my Way through College,to get
    a 4 yr degree in two years. And DID it. NO one Handed me anything in my
    AMERICAN life growing up. I Graduated from The Police Academy in CT. and
    UNH as well. The LAW is the LAW. The Current Governor Should be Impeached if He doesn’t Follow His Oath of Office to Support and Defend the
    U.S. Constitution and this Nation Against ALL Enemies FOREIGN or Domestic.
    Let this Kid Face the ICE and Immigration Judge in Court. LET the Judge Decide it They Would Grant him a Stay. OTHERWISE. Tell him you want to be
    an Engineer, and An American Citizen, then Join the U.S.Army Corps of
    Engineers and Serve Two Tours of Duty Overseas. Then you have EARNED
    Your Citizenship Papers. OTHERWISE BACK to MEXICO. Let the Educated
    Young People There Straighten out Mexico and Get Rid of the Cartels and
    the Corrupt Civil Servants and The Political Bosses. Why Should Our TAX Dollars Continue to Support Anchor Baby’s That is Why CALIF is going
    Bankrupt as well as Hospitals Closing Down by the US Mexican Boarder as
    the Illegals are Draining our TAX Dollars Wasted on Social Programs that are
    Legally Reserved for AMERICAN CITIZENS. Now do you Understand Josh ?

  3. The Facts says:

    Enough with the sob stories! All illegal aliens must be deported forthwith. What part of the word illegal do the self-styled liberal progressives not understand? This guy arrogantly tells us that he will again break the law by sneaking back to this country. Since when was amnesty and relaxation of our immigration laws a “reform”?

  4. Jim Phillips says:

    Deport the Governor or arrest him for treason…Obey the constitution or be hung..Got it yet?

    1. Jeronimo says:

      what the hell you talking about kid is more educated then you he would be a great asset to this nation moron!!!!!!! You should hang your self for those commits

      1. ted says:

        Jeronimo I have no problem with you and your pals putting in say 10% more of your taxes to pay for illegals and leave the rest of us alone to pay our bills, raise our families and contribute to things we deem necessary and worthy. You onboard? Seriously on board?

        The funny thing about this amnesty thing is politicians who vehemetly favor it are being called out about things like not granting voting rigths till 2016 and guess what…they walk away and do not answer people when asked. Hmmm, I wonder why. Is it really that they care for the person or the vote. Seems to me the vote.

  5. Jim Phillips says:

    I( betcha they could use you as a educated person in Mexico,to teach them how to become a real success in the world…Let someone else pay for you..Deport him now.

  6. gen says:

    uh so by that logic why can’t the law against robbing banks be dropped for my convenience or not paying taxes…what the hell…law is law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. jerseyjoey says:

    No ignorace for the Law, You as a Gov should know this, Now you reward the illegals, you are a traitor Pig and should be removed from office as such

  8. RIdiculous says:

    Capitol Community College has some explaining to do. How did they NOT know what was going on?

    1. Unsympathetic says:

      Colleges can only ask for a Social Security number, high school transcript, and immunization reports. They can only ask for more if the student applies from another nation.

    2. ted says:

      You did read what trickster said…they walk “thousands of miles” to get here so we all better lay off You simply cannot make this stuff up!

  9. Unsympathetic says:

    At 23, Mr. Cardoso is just earning a 2 year degree at Capitol Community College; he should normally have completed a 2 year degree at 20.

    If it takes him another 5 years to complete a BS in engineering, when is he going to get a job? He wants to teach in college??? He needs an M.S. and Ph.D. for that — he’ll be about 45 at his speed.

    He’s not a “kid” at 23.

  10. Josh says:

    You can come up with fancy terms for young Mr. Cardoso, whether that is “Anchor Baby” or “Illegal Immigrant”. The fact remains that he was taken to this country as a child and he has done nothing wrong. Additionally, he has invested his time in our university and wants to spend his life here. So why punish him for something his parents did? Makes no sense. The GOP again, should be ashamed.

    1. ted says:

      Josh…what about all the others who say the same thing? The story is an isolated person but you do realize millions waiting and tryin to do the same. Kinda like our welfare society we have now. Some very deserving some not too deserving. A tough situation but a situation that needs to be addressed. To say amnesty for all here that are illegal is kinda maddening even to you no? If so tell me how you aare goign to figure out who is deserving and who is not while at the same time telling people who came here legally “schucks you didn’t have to do that!”. Come on for once put your liberal mind at work! It is your mind set that should be ashamed. You are dividing this nation and creating a boo hoo nation.

      1. Unsympathetic says:

        Mr. Cardoso could have applied for amnesty; the US government does not care about his color or nationality any more than I do!

        He is, however, 23 years old, and has not applied for amnesty. He is eligible, because his parents brought him here. If he has not applied, that’s his problem.

        Ted, do learn how to spell and proofread!!!

  11. Wolf says:

    The immigration laws are so backwards. Go around Times Square or the bus terminal… many, many homeless, lazy illegal people here that do not want to work. They rob and stab people, use up our resources. They never get deported. Yet, a hard working man, someone who furthers his education to pay his own way, like the people who founded this country… they get bounced. Its backwards. And this young man was here since he was less than 2 years old. Why do we punish honest people?

    1. ted says:

      Wolf, unless you have a money tree that can pay for figuring out who is good and who is bad, aditionally you have a money tree that will pay all the class action suits legal Americans will bestow upon us (the ones who came here legally and sepnt the time and money doing it legally…which by the way what will you say to them…”Schucks you didn;t have to do that”!) I think you need to stop and think abotu what you say.

      I see no need to deport many people alos but I do also see the flip side of this madness. In my state alone 10.1 billion spent just for anchor babies support and that is simply insane.

      1. thetrickster says:

        Legal Americans spent time and money to get here legally? My great great great grandparents came over to Ellis Island on a ship from Ireland/Scotland and Italy. I’m sure they paid for their tickets on the ship and paid taxes when they were legal citizens but I’m also sure illegal immigrants spend much more time filled with hardship and more money to get here illegally than many legal immigrants. They walk a thousand miles sometimes to get here and very many die on the journey. Doesn’t sound like it’s a cakewalk to become an illegal in this country to me.

    2. ted says:

      Well trickster…yes people who come here legally now and past few decades do spend a hell of allot of time and money doing it legally regardless of your boo hoo’oing about others who don’t. Think out of the box and not with the crazy groups like la raza. I do hope the kid is taken care of by the way…but I also see the big picture. 11 million others waiting and our economy simply cannot substain that amount.

  12. KPMc says:

    Yes… let’s deport the people who worked hard and have family members who graduate college while others, both legal and illegal immigrants as well as people who were ALWAYS citizens, continue to suck the government teat while having several generations living in housing projects and collecting welfare and foodstamps but never have nor do they ever intend on paying a single dollar in taxes.

    Yes… the immigration and public benefits systems ARE broken. This is not the way to fix them.

    1. Micha says:

      It’s true. I am very anti illegal immigration, but at the same time, we need more educated young men in this country like Cardoso. They are trolling college campuses for illegals, when they should be trolling the corners where they are getting picked up and social service offices where they are collecting gov’t money to pay their way…

      1. ted says:

        Micha,,,all ears…how about telling us how we can differentiate between good and bad, how about you explain to the people who chave spent the time and money coming here legally why they didn; thave to do that. Again i am all ears. I would love to hear some solutions that cost us americans nothign because right now we are struggling quite a bit to keep our heads above water in this nation.

    2. ted says:

      the old “its broken” BS. Instead of saying our gov’t is inept in securing our borders (what is maddening is these aholes are the gov’t!) and the boo hoo’ers are sayign boo hoo they are here now so let them stay yet we still have thousands waiting who filed paperwork, sepnt their money and time and they are put in back of the line.

      Tell you what, tell ahole politicians who favor “amnesty” that if indeed these illeglas become citizens they cannot vote till 2016…bet most politicians will nto pursue. They are so interested in votes now thye would say…”next vote getting issue”.

  13. old nasty says:

    Send his butt back where he came from.Illigal your gone,No exceptions!

    1. KPMc says:

      I wish we could deport people based on their inability to write a sentence despite being BORN and educated here.

      You are an embarrassment to the American education system while this ‘illegal’ young man is a credit to it. Go figure.

      1. ted says:

        Disagree with you KPMc just like the majority of your fellow Americnas do. Get it…the majority of Americans! Seems to me you are the one who is out of place here but liberals simple see no wrong with themselves.

      2. thetrickster says:

        The majority of our fellow Americans are hispanic and trying harder in school than those who were “born free”. I slacked off in school and I suppose it is because everything was always handed to me as a caucasian American and I never knew it to be worse out there.

        I agree with KPMc…. some Americans are truly an embarrassment to our education system– not illegal immigrants. They try harder and achieve their potential than most “fellow Americans”

      3. ted says:

        The majority of your fellow Americans are Hispanic? What country do you liive in again? LOL.

  14. HooDatIS? says:


    1. ted says:

      You going to call all the people who came here legally and explain to them why they didn;t have to do that? You going to explain how our money tree will grow more leaves? The kid does sound like a decent person but you gotta draw the line with illegal immigration ecause right now our gov’t can’t. If he does get amnesty what about the other 11 million (more liek 20 but I wwill go by liberal rags who say it is only 11 million).

  15. angry NYer says:

    we need immigration reform now!! this lad is much worthy to become an american and contribute to society than those legal residents or citizens who do nothing but commit crimes, drain govt money for benefits coz they’re too damn lazy to crack a bone and work.. stupid idiots!! now lets give these people like this guy a chance coz its not his fault to be illegal here..

    1. ted says:

      Explain immigration reform in your eyes…okay? Knock knock…you can mock your fellow citizens all you want but at the end of the day they are american citizens and this kid is not. If indeed just one kid needed help I say power to him but you are looking at a ton of people who are also waiting to see outcome of this. A tough situation I agree. If you ask me the gov;t is the ones who should be put in jail and deported allowing such nonsense in the first place instead of securing our borders. .

  16. FinallyCommon Sense says:

    Immigration laws are a mess and this case proves how necessary immigration reform is needed.

    1. ted says:

      Maybe you can explain what you mean about immigration reform! Anyone?!?

  17. Ariela De La Cruz says:

    There is no place like home…

    1. ted says:

      Kid does have a dilemna…love to see him be able to stay but what about the rest? You want blanket “amnesty”? What about all the people who have come here legally? What will you personally say to them? What about the pilfering of our medicaid (you want to contribute more to thsi cause or you just a mouthpiece) system, the burden our school systems have to put up with, etc.

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